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I'm making awesome life choices and posting this from work, where there is currently a three year old kiddo clinging to my leg while I ignore his weeping and wailing because i am SO MEAN and make him stay at the same center for 10 minutes instead of letting him run from center to center dumping things onto the floor.

AND, seeing as I've discovered I could get on dreamwidth, but not lj,,or AO3, I am rereading things from when I actually wrote things.

which at this point means that I'm rereading Wingtip and longing to actually finish it. Sometimes I think I should just write whatever is in my head regardless of whether it connects to the rest of the fic just so it's DONE, because I hate leaving Birdy and Jayne just hanging.

Part of this is due to the fact I am avoiding like real life crazy right now. My mother in law died. That's the short version. The long version includes her being missing, found in the hospital, released from the hospital without anyone telling us, and then dead four hours later when we authorized the cops to break in to her house. As my father in law died 2 years ago and my husband was an only child, I'm sure you can imagine how well all of this is going over. Especially because she had no will, nothing prepared, and was being audited by the IRS for ten years of back taxes. IT HAS BEEN AWESOME.

Otherwise, I'm hiding under the covers at my house when I can and reading Teen Wolf fanfiction. I've only seen 4 episodes, but that has no effect on the crazy amount that I ship Sterek. Stiles is pretty much tailor made for me - sarcasm and snark with a woobie center? SIGN ME UP. And then there is Derek who is pretty and shirtless and full of angst. It works.

*pokes at lj* I feel like this thing is dead. Anyone still around? What are you feeling fannish about? Who are you shipping? Any awesome fics or vids? For anything?
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Dearest Yuletide writer,

HELLO I LOVE YOU, YOU'RE MY FAVORITE. *beams in unholy glee*

I've been playing in yuletide for several years, and i LOOOOVE it. You can see past Dear Yule Goat letters in my yuletide tag.

Copying and pasting from past letters:

I love solid characterization more than ANYTHING else. I love plot, I do, but the characters are what do things for me. I love character vingettes just as much as I love long epic fics that encompass 50 years and 7 different planets. Don't be afraid to write something weird - if the characterization comes through and I can figure out where they are coming from, I promise that I will be over the moon about it.

I love gen, het, and slash. I like gen just as much as I like porn, and I love stories about people who stumble their way to happiness. While I adore angst, I tend to be more focused on the happy for yuletide. If the angst bug hits you though, go for it.

I love banter. I love snark and snappy dialogue and people who tease each other because they know each other and know all the buttons to push. I love quiet introspective pieces with no dialogue and only in one character's head. I love...many many things. Whatever you write will be lovely.

And in specifics!

Darkest Powers - Kelley Armstrong
Chloe Saunders, Derek Souza
I really would love something from Derek's pov when everything in the trilogy is going down. Chloe is a whole lot of strong packed into a tiny body, and I can't help but wonder how Derek keeps being surprised by her - by her not backing down from him, by not running away or being grossed out by his change, by refusing to let him bully and yell at her. Simon, Rae, and Tori welcome but not required.

I would love Derek fighting his feelings for Chloe, knowing Simon was interested in her, that she SHOULD like Simon, but here she is, following him into the woods, not turning away when he's changing, not yelling back when he yells - but still standing up for herself, and constantly putting herself in danger. The best thing about the series for me is how feminist the books are, and I would love for Chloe to keep that, even if it's from Derek's pov. Simon or Aunt Lauren's view of their relationship set after the series would also be fun. I have SO MANY things I'd like to read in this series, and it all revolves around Derek and Chloe.

Wedding Wars (2006) - Shel Grandy, Ted Moore
I love this movie and I love Shel and Ted. I think anything with them is adorable, and there is NO FIC ANYWHERE, so I'd be thrilled with anything really. I'd love to see their meeting, Ted freaking out over moving in together, the siblings introducing their significant others, or their wedding planning and wedding. Maggie and Ben and/or Shel and Ben's parents are welcome but not required.

Shel and Ted are too cute for words, seriously. Fluff and adorableness and banter and sniping, YAY! I have to admit that I'm much more interested in Ted and his emotions and reactions to Shel and either their first meeting/first dates, Ted's nervous breakdown over moving in together, or the insane awesomeness that would be Ted watching life as he knows it go up in smoke as Shel cheerfully plans an entirely too over the top wedding.

Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu
Pinko-san, Kamon Akira
The rest of the drama bored me to tears, but these two left me grinning like an idiot. Things I would really really like includes their first kiss - does Akira have moments of gay panic? I'd also really love some non-smutty fic about their first time together - Pinko-san fluttering nervously in the bathroom getting pretty while Akira panics in the bedroom, set possibly after their ceremony and arrival at the peach farm. Or after fic, set on the farm, where Akira tries to get used to the life and to Pinko and his flamboyance and other's reactions to him/them.

Yep. In a nutshell! Akira might have accepted his feelings about Pinko, but how did he get to the point where he's comfortable kissing Pinko in front of his family - how did they even get to the point of a commitment ceremony? Did Pinko-san refuse to let Akira go without it?
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I nearly missed the announcement that yuletide sign ups opened today, and then i panicked and went through the entire list to see what I wanted. Here's what I have as POSSIBILITIES.

Things I could conceivably write, some of which I will probably offer based on the sheer insanity of me thinking i could write it:
-Chronicles of Prydain - Lloyd Alexander - I think I could handle Doli. Or Gurgi.

-Constantine (2005) - I love this movie

-Finding Nemo (2003) - did i tell you about the time i accidentally read Gil/Nemo smut fic and scarred myself for life? Good times.

-Footloose (1984) - Ariel is so deliciously fucked up. Seriously.

-Gokusen (TV 2002)

-Grease 2 (1982) - I'm a co-oo-oo-ol rider.

-Into the Woods - Sondheim/Lapine

-Mei-chan no Shitsuji (TV) - I just..keep trying to make a fandom.

-Nodame Cantabile - NODAME! CHIAKI! MINE!

-Push (2009)

-Roswell (TV) - So long as it's Candy. Or Lamptrimmer. Or Stargazer, I guess.

-Willow (1988) - "I dont love her, she kicked me in the face!" And people wonder about the development of my love of snarky ships.

Stuff I would sell body parts to read:
-Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu - Pinko-san and Akira's first night together. OMG THIS NEEDS TO EXIST.

-Darkest Powers - Kelley Armstrong - Chloe is constantly tougher than Derek, even though she's a foot shorter, too nice by half, and he's a freaking werewolf.

-Hook (1991) - RU.FI.O

-The Pacifier (2005)- Lulu and her best friend through the years

-Pitch Perfect (2012) - LESBIANS! The shower scene writes itself!

-Talents Series - Anne McCaffrey - TIRLA DAMMIT - Knock Knock Motherfucker

-Wedding Wars (2006) - insane awesomeness that would be Ted watching life as he knows it go up in smoke as Shel cheerfully plans an entirely too over the top wedding.

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So, is randomly deleting anything with "mature" content. Which includes cussing.

If you've gotten deleted, are worried you'll get deleted, or are just tired of it's shit, I have an invite for Archive of Our Own (AO3), which is an archive run by fans for fans.

Leave me your email address if you want it, and I'll send it your way. First to call gets it.


Jun. 1st, 2012 10:54 pm
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While I was walking, I was thinking Glee, as I do, and then I veered Firefly-ward, which, as I do, and suddenly there is an AU in my head where Kurt is the brilliant mechanic who still loves pretty clothes, Blaine is the doctor who is on the run, and Puck is public relations. I haven't figured out where everyone else fits in, although I think Mike as the pilot and Tina as a warrior woman work ENTIRELY TOO WELL.

I would rather stab myself than have Schue or Finn be the Captain, Rachel could be the Companion, maybe...And who would be River? DECISIONS.


May. 13th, 2012 10:19 pm
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I've lost my mind and am finally doing something with the cafepress shop I've had since 2005. Unfortunately, the FAQs are crap. It SAYS you can pick from templates for the store, BUT WHERE THE HELL ARE THE TEMPLATES? And can I honestly only choose one design per tshirt? Like, if I want design A on this specific shirt, i can't do that same shirt with design B?

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Forgotten about ficlet that was posted in anenko's comments in DECEMBER that I promptly lost.

Title: Same Time, Same Place
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Summery: You would think that being psychic would pay off in situations like this.

Everytime they've ended up here, something happens )
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Title: Hold the Frame
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Spoilers: through Furt
Summery: The Kurt Hummel School of Dance gains an unexpected addition.
AN: This would never happen. It's not plausible or logical based on Karofsky's freaky actions in Furt. But I really wanted to see Karosky speechless and kinda wanting, and I really wanted Kurt to be a bitch and take advantage of the fact Karofsky can't do anything nasty at this point in time. And then they had to have feelings and ruin all my fun.

This is your dance space, this is my dance space. )

I win.

Apr. 5th, 2012 10:05 pm
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Today I had a job interview for a new teaching job next year. Somehow, the words "dildo" and "vagina" both occurred during the conversation. BEST INTERVIEW EVER.
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Job hunting sucks, and yet, i cant seem to find the energy to care all that much about being non-renewed. maybe this means my meds are working properly. or that i just dont give a fuck, idk. the father person randomly offered to pay for me to go back to school, which would be cool if i had any idea what i wanted to do.  i've always been interested in library science and being a librarian, but i dont want to go back to school for something i feel like i dont know enough about. any librarians on the flist who can talk to me about it?

i want Glee to come back. there is nothing on to watch/fangirl. I miss writing. I have no motivation to do anything. maybe my meds ARENT working.

i've been watching Yamapi's Route 66 trip, which is seriously kind of awesome, in a very understated way. Pi speaking English and encountering random people and eating his way across the US. it's amazing. He has one suitcase, plays with glowsticks alone in his hotel room, and stays in many strange places. Also, if i walked into the laundrymat and saw this, i think I would die:


The other caps I have no excuse for, except pretty.




Also, I am completely bored with all of my music. Suggestions? Links? Anything?
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Thank you thank you thank you for the kind soothing words the other day. Things still suck, but I've hit somewhere between so-stressed-i-cant-eat and are-you-fucking-kidding-me-with-this-bullshit?

In other news, I've decided to retire from teaching to become a professional Angry Feminist. That way I would be paid to yell at people for their bullshit. I think it sounds AMAZING.
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Whining and frustration and word vomit under the cut, all real life crap.

bleh )
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I'm writing! ...sort of. I mean, I have put words down onto paper ( do you phrase that in computer language?), but they're teeny, and they've only been posted on tumblr, and are pic or gif inspired. Regardless, I share so I don't have to go searching for them later when i weep about how i havent written anything in over a year and i should quit fandom.

Both Glee, but whatever.

Sexy and I Know It inspired )

West Side Story, Krupke, handcuffs )
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Tumblr is broken, and all I can figure is either Glee was really fucking awesome, or really fucking sucked, and fandom brought down tumblr. Again.

Which sucks, because i was at play practice and usually the download links go up on tumblr first, and I NEED MY GLEE DAMMIT.

Someday, I'm going to write a survival guide to dealing with Glee. I love it, but it's crazymaking. It becomes easier when you embrace these facts:
1. Everyone on Glee is an asshole. No exceptions. Not even Burt. (Ok, maybe Burt.)
2. Continuity is for suckers.
3. RIB will pee on everything you love.

Now, to find a download!
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I've been browsing through the festivids' master archive, and I have found so much lovely goodness!

The Goonies - Retropactum

Kamikaze Girls - Power of Two

Legend - Light and Dark

Mulan - Bloom in Adversity

Ninja Assassin - Soft Boy
(Warnings for violence)

Willow - You May Be Right

There's a lot more awesome over at the comm, so go and watch!
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For various reasons, I haven't done a yuletide reveal post yet. I usually do my year in fandom wrap up and my yuletide posts back to back, but as my active participation in the creative side of fandom has been nearly nonexistent this year, that ain't happening.

instead, I'm listening to Disney covers by Asian artists, and I'll leave you with my yuletide fics.

To start, the lovely [personal profile] anenko, to my absolute non surprise but absolute joy, wrote me Long Love Letter fic - Step Forward. I had THOUGHT it was her, because 1) no one else has watched LLL. Or cares. and 2) She didn't ask me to beta or look over or anything. Which almost always happens. I'm seriously thrilled by the story and by the fact she wrote it for me.

For the main collection, I wrote The Smallest of Things for slipsthroughfingers, which is a Push story about Nick and Cassie and settling into a life together. It kinda straddles the lines between family and more than friends, I think. Or i tried to make it. I kinda like how it turned out.

When he comes back to wherever they're living at the time, she's generally sprawled out over the sagging couch with her legs in ripped tights tossed over the arm rest and her markers all over the place. When he's there with her at their current little crap hole of a hotel, she's constantly talking, shoving her drawings in his face, and leaving the bathtub tile splashed with weird colors from her experiments with hair dye. When he takes off for a while, she's yelling after him to pick her up something to eat and for god's sake, Nick, duck when the lady with the fish smiles or don't turn left after dinner, dumb ass.

I did write one little story for Madness, because the prompt couldn't have hit one of my childhood OTPs any harder.

With Mortal Hands, I'll Build a Castle for Katarik is a Care Bears ficlet about Dark Heart adjusting to being human and all those pesky feelings that come with it.

It was..strange to have a heartbeat. And skinned knees and runny nose and emotions, of all things.
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my yuletide fic is Long Love Letter and it is AMAZING. Step Forward, all about Nishi and her prickliness and how she's dealing with Otomo's declaration that he's going to take care of her. I love it, I adore it, I have ideas of who wrote it...

Regardless! It is awesome and this is my public THANK YOU EVER SO YULE GOAT.

I wrote one fic, which has gotten a couple of comments and some kudos and my person seemed to like it so yay. And one madness ficlet which got exclamation marks from my person and a couple other comments and so kudos so things are going swimmingly.

I've had barely any time to wade through the archive, and I think I'm in the L's at this point, so I'm getting there. No chance at ALL to look at madness, but I'll get there.

Otherwise, we bought a house and are in the process of moving in, so my brains are toast. No internet, 1 working toilet, and then the Dark Lord broke the shower door, and both Voldemort and Brandus are puking today. GAH.

I fucking hate what lj did to comments, so come comment over at dreamwidth if you want. You can always comment at either!


Dec. 21st, 2011 10:47 am
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We're closing on our new house in 2 hours.

Yuletide is due tomorrow.



Dec. 14th, 2011 08:46 pm
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Not yet started. Canon not reviewed. Notes not made. Thoughts vague and unformed.

I am rapidly approaching threat level: BEARS.
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In time honored tradition, I pulled open a blank doc to start working on my yuletide fic...and promptly got two different fics in Fic That is Not My Yuletide started.


I suppose I should be thrilled that I'm writing at all, seeing as this year I think I wrote one or two little drabbles on tumblr and that's it for fandom contributions in 2011.

I was planning to do more, like, work more of those things, or review canon for yuletide or something, but instead i seem to have pulled a muscle really badly in my shoulder and with the combination of muscle relaxer and tylonel with codeine, I can't do anything other than sit. Everything is processing really slowly, but at least I haven't broken down into tears like i did earlier, because i couldnt figure out a way to lay down that didn't involve pain and gagging and crying. All of which don't help when you've got a muscle in your back that affects the ease of BREATHING.

So. *drifts mentally* I can't even focus on this. it's taken me a ridiculous amount of time to type this and fix a whole bunch of typos and mess. Like, an entire phrase was missing more than once.

I think I'll have cookies for dinner. Cookies and codeine. Yum.


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