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Title: Have Dessert First
Author: alianora ([ profile] aliaspiral)
Rating: NC17
Spoilers: Written in the Stars
Summery: Well, we all wanted the smut between Sniffy’s and the music list. Have some. Non graphic.
Written For: [ profile] genevieve719, as a VERY late gift for being generally fabulous. :)

she had that look on her face. That really innocent look that meant she was either about to do something really outrageous, or already was. )
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Wow, its been a while since an episode follow up fic has attacked quite so quickly..i havent seen anything on my flist about this ep, so im not sure if people hated it or people just dont know what to think.

i liked it. ill post more in depth later, but for now, have fic while i have falafel.

Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Title: A Stacked Deck
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: Twenty-One is the Loneliest Number
Summery: In her head, Lorelai had stopped babbling after, “Your drink is disgusting.”

if i have that line wrong, please let me know. )
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I had actually started and gotten halfway through another entry for the Lukesmut ficathon. And then, i got stuck. I couldnt figure out how to get Luke and Lorelai naked from where they were. So, im sitting there, glaring at it, and a playboy bunny hops into my lap and chirps, in Rory's voice, "my mom isnt wearing underwear!"

so, here we are. i still intend to finish my original entry at some point, so stick around for more porn!

Also dedicated, with much adoration, to my favorite stalker, [ profile] genevieve719. Congratulations on graduating!

Title: Not Underwear, or, Panties Optional
Author: alianora ([ profile] aliaspiral
Rating: Hard R/NC17
Spoilers: Kiss and Tell
Summery: Fantasy sex. Lukesmut entry.
Written For: Dianora, who requested Luke/Lorelai and a Star Wars reference. Im not sure what happened to the Star Wars ref, as I had one planned and everything…but..i DID give you smut!

dont sit on any cold benches! )
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Hi. So, i have learned a lesson today.

Lesson being, one shouldnt watch over half of Gilmore Girls season two, and then immediately start watching season three.

seriously, ive watched over 8 straight hours of Gilmore.

This, is not a bad thing. but it does lead to the inability for alia to do ANYTHING until she has gotten plot bunnies out of head. and the best way to do this is to write it. and eat cookies while writing. lots of cookies.

and frighteningly, this is only one little plot bunny. i have an Emily bunny, and a couple of random Luke/Lorelai-ish bunnies. and too much time on my hands now that i have a NO JOB.

So, have some fic!

And! be prepared for more fic from more random fandoms later! *cough*Bulletproof Monk*cough*

So. um. yeah. to the fic!

Title: Broken
Author: alianora ([ profile] aliaspiral)
Rating: PG
Summery: Luke has always fixed it when she is broken.
Spoilers: Teach Me Tonight through Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days

he left the gun and took the cannolli )
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Title: All the Things He Can't Remember
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Summery: She lied. And he cant forgive.
Spoilers: based on Lorelai's lying in Women of Questionable Morals, and promos of the Luke and Chris confrontation later this season.

All the things he cant remember )
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part one is..somewhere down there. *waves vaguely* im still kinda working this out in my head, so its still a work in progress.

Patti stands up. Chapter Two )


Nov. 15th, 2004 11:22 am
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Well, one fic idea down..or at least started. non beta'd! if anyone would like to beta, please go right ahead. im not even sure this idea makes SENSE.

Standing Up for Luke Danes )
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im slightly concerned, as the two lines challenge page is down..but its done, so im posting it, and emailing the link, and hoping for the best.

its Gilmore Girls! and im sure that this Tuesday will probably completely blow all my theories out of the water, but dammmit, i think this would be funny. ill post this to when i get a chance here tomorrow or so.

Title: Shaking in Her Shoes
Author: alianora ([ profile] aliaspiral)
Fandom: Gilmore Girls
Rating: PG13
Characters: Luke/Lorelai
Summery: Lorelai, Luke, and the perils of dating. And shoes.
AN: Thanks for the beta, Kara!

This is beginning to feel good, watching you squirm in your shoes. )
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Another Gilmore Girls plot bunny attacked. I had no choice in the matter. But this one is Lorelai, and is, of course, a missing moment. cause thats what i like to write.

Cheeseburger in Paradise )

now, i have decided that i know why im writing gilmore girls fic NOW, when ive never written in the fandom before, and havent written ANY fic for umm..over a year. and thats all roswell fic. and i have lots of those.

so, im writing gilmore girls, specifically because i cannot write my damn [ profile] remixredux fic. i cant. i really cant. i currently have maybe 200 words. and thats counting the headers.

now, the remix is a hellishly cool idea, and i was really excited about it, because i get to play in someone else's sandbox for a little while. and because it would open me up to writing in some new fandoms. ones that i like, but have never tried writing in.

i sign up, say that i would love to remix roswell, harry potter, or xmen movieverse. i know i said movieverse, because i went back and checked after i got my assignment.

the person im remixing? not movieverse xmen. at least, not that i know, because we havent actually been introduced to the character she is writing about! and Logan? would not go for someone who wears that much yellow, mmkay?

whats even more annoying is that she only has a couple of completed stories to choose from to remix. and so im struggling with a story i dont fully understand, because i dont really know the character, a story i dont like, because i had only this one and a bad parady of Rocky Horror to choose from.


why, oh why, didnt i remember to list roswell first as what i wanted to remix? i got all giddy, because loki (of "Not Even the Rain") is also remixing, and wow, wouldnt it have been cool to remix one of hers?

and then i get worried, because i write roswell too, and what if shes remixing something of mine? which would she choose? would she think it sucked?

and see, chances are, shes not anywhere near anything of mine, roswell or not, so im giving myself hives over nothing.

anyway. rant over. please return to your regularly scheduled insanity, and i will return to procrastinating on my remix by writing gilmore girls, and uploading things to and at some point, i really need to add this new stuff to the Spiral.

but feedback for "Cheeseburger in Paradise" would be lovely, if you want.
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So, im sitting at my comp, desperately trying to get anything useful done, like homework, or my [ profile] remixredux story, and im attacked by a plot bunny.

i dont even know WHY. its not like ive SEEN the first season of Gilmore Girls in a while. but here it is, in its random, unbeta'd glory.

Luke cleans out his closet )


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