May. 21st, 2011 07:58 am
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Apologies for not posting much recently, words aren't coming easily to me. I'm not even answering my email if i can help it. i've been hanging out a lot on tumblr instead, because pictures are easy and reblogging is easy and liking something is easy. words are hard.

which is frustrating, because i have 2 incomplete Kurtofsky fics, a Burt/Carole thing floating around my head, and I want to write little Samcedes ficlets from Prom Queen and Funeral and bits and pieces of other stuff. Like, Mercedes cutting Sam's hair.

But. Words. Words are ok, more or less, but stringing them together is currently pretty impossible. and i am frustrated.

in other news, we are yet again discussing moving. but brandus refuses to commit to a PLACE and is just like, we'll move! then we'll find jobs! and then an apartment! and im sitting here going NO. THIS IS NOT HOW THINGS WORK. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE ON A HIRING FREEZE?

so. any thoughts on Colorado or Washington state would be helpful.

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Fanfic is defeating me. I have this fic I've been working on (Glee, Kurtofsky), and...they wont do what i want them to do. and if im not looking at it, then i can rewrite the scene, but every time i open the doc, i end up stuck again. gah. it's one of those issues where it's going in a completely different direction than i want it to, and i cant seem to make them cooperate.

why do fictional characters have to be so attitudinal? and stubborn? DAMMIT BOYS, STOP BITCHING AT EACH OTHER AND BE ADORABLE. *glares*

Also on the fic list:

1) Burt reads some very educational pamphlets. Carole is..supportive. And by supportive, i mean, dirty minded.
2) Kurt derails Karofsky's post kiss discussion prior to the death threat and invites him for coffee. Plot not included, but..i want it to go somewhere. but there are so many random series-of-coffee-date fics that im kinda reluctant to attempt. maybe there is a bakery close by. they could bond over cupcakes. or something.
3) in order to feel safe enough to come back to school, Kurt insists Karofsky get therapy. They end up in couples counseling. there would be a lot of bickering and it would be adorable and so therefore i will never successfully write this. maybe i should throw it up on the fluff meme, just so someone else might see it and get inspired. rah.

I am stuck and therefore, i shall leave you with the fact that i should most likely not ever be left in charge of any child. especially my own, because this is what brandus and i do for fun:


Mar. 8th, 2011 08:51 pm
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So, Glee..

Feb. 22nd, 2011 10:18 pm
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....what did I just watch?

No, really. I feel lost and very confused. What did I just watch?
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This is totally gratuitous self-amusement fic here. I dont even know how my brain works.

Title: Cretins and Masochists
Author: alianora
Fandom: Glee
Spoilers: Pics for Superbowl ep
Pairing: Kurtofsky
Rating: R for language
Summery: "Kurt," Blaine said slowly, "Did you just agree to go out on a date with the Neanderthal?"

Kurt vaguely remembered seeing Dave grin and smack another player on the ass, and maybe that's what set him off. )
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Title: i've tasted blood and i want more
Author: aliaspiral
Fandom: Glee
Rating: PG13/R
Spoilers: 2.06 - Never Been Kissed
Summery: "No," Kurt said sharply, shoving Dave again with his hands still locked around the jacket. "You do not get to threaten me. You do not get to scare me anymore." He leaned closer, his face so close that Dave could almost taste him again. "We will do this my way."
A/N: title from Toucha Toucha Touch Me

Tell me what you want. )
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One teeeeeeny tiny spoiler under the cut!

still Puck and Rachel? JEWISH. )
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Turns out my lj is currently all Glee, all the time lately, and I'd apologize, but who cares?

...there are some WEIRD people in fandom, y'all.

I mean, i LOVE fandom - it's half the reason i watch shows as obsessively as i do, but there are some people that go WAY BEYOND what i think about shows.

(are upcoming songs a spoiler, btw? cause if they are, LOOK AWAY!)

A clip from the "Christmas" ep (and hi, Glee? i just wanted to remind you that two of your main characters are Jewish. Just..throwing that out there), featuring (IS THIS A SPOILER? I DONT EVEN KNOW) Blaine and Kurt's SUPER SUPER cute duet, "Baby It's Cold Outside," (which you can see here, if you want) was crossposted to the Kurtofsky comm (yeah, i ship it. in both the wrong ways and the right ways. by which i mean, i find the whole thing entirely fascinating, and dont trust the three different shows that Glee is to handle it in any decent manner), and i made the mistakes of reading the comments.

....dude. if you are SHAKING AND CRYING after watching that clip, shaking and crying because you are that upset about Klaine happening/possibly happening/existing anywhere in any 'verse, YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK INTO PROFESSIONAL HELP.

I dont mean that in a rude way, I swear. Hell, I have professional help, too! Just...you know...not over a SHIP.

Shaking and crying? Really? and then others are going on and on and ON about how they totally aren't flirty in the vid (I see some flirting, oh yes), and .....then going into how Kurt is being such a tease in the song and i'm thinking....really? Did you even LISTEN to the lyrics of the song he's singing? Where he is kinda supposed to be TOTALLY TEASING? *facepalm*

it gets weirder when you end up in the glee kink meme and keep running into artie being horrifically murdered or murdering baby ducks. i...i dont even..y'all. Really? (also? the obsession with Santana having a penis really confuses me. I guess because..strap ons exist for a reason? Santana probably likes her vagina? Idk.)

I have to stop reading the comments to stuff over at the kurtosfky comm, AND i'm no longer going to even try and look at the fyeahgleesecrets tumblr, because everyone hates everyone, and i was involved in the Roswellian ship wars, and im not dealing with that shit, kay?

I mean, seriously, all of the secrets are: THESE TWO ARE HORRIBLE TO EACH OTHER and WHY HAS THE SHOW FORGOTTEN US?*SOB*, which I can handle, but the catty comments about how horrible the ships are for each other REALLY get on my fucking nerves.

See, for me? Glee is a welcome wagon of shipping. the kids switch partners (i refuse to talk about Will and Emma because I dont like the taste of disgust and rage), and date each other and break up with each other and date someone else SO MUCH that who the fuck cares? YOUR SHIP IS CANON SOMEWHERE. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some Puckleberry, and cheered like a HYENA for the little we got this past ep, but i also like Finn/Rachel AT TIMES when they aren't tearing each other down.

I think Sam and Quinn are cuter then puppies and kittens, but I also still want Finn/Quinn because they had a good connection, and Puck/Quinn because they were AMAZING together (the baking totally won me over last season) and have a baby, and I want Sam to come out as bi and date Kurt. I think Kurt/Blaine are ADORABLE, but Kurt/Karofsky has SO MUCH POTENTIAL FOR AWESOME STORYTELLING! Artie and Tina were darling, but Tina is so HAPPY with Mike, and my asian boy fixation just wants him to have as much screen time as possible. Plus, Artie/Brittney? WORKS in some bizarrely sweet way.

Got that? So I am a Finn/Quinn, Finn/Rachel (on occasion), Puck/Quinn, Puck/Rachel, Sam/Quinn, Sam/Kurt, Kurt/Karofsky, Kurt/Blaine, Mike/Tina, Artie/Tina, Artie/Brittney, Brittney/the world shipper.

So yeah. If there is a ship in Glee, I PROBABLY SHIP IT TO SOME ACCOUNT. So maybe it's just that I dont get the full emotional feeeeeeelings of betrayal and horror when Blaine does something cute and Kurt beams adorably at him, but dude. Back off. Shaking and crying over the SUGGESTION of a betrayal of your ship should probably equal more prozac for you.

Pass me some, while you're at it.
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My father in law died yesterday morning - before Brandus could get there to say goodbye.

I'm torn.

Part of me wants to analyze in great detail the man's life, explaining my feelings and why this sucks and is a relief.

The other part of me is writing porn for Glee.

So, that's my life right now.

My father in law is dead and I have porn.
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-Glee needs to do a Weird Al episode. Yes.

-I need to stop listening to nothing but Glee music.

-Why does the Glee "Christmas" album ignore the fact that Puck and Rachel are both very proudly Jewish? The episode better address it, or else i will have words.

-i have read almost every piece of Kurtofsky fic in existence, and i am SOBBING because i need MORE. Y'all, i've even read the really creepy (and not creepy in a well written way) rape-fantasies that exist on the Pit. I feel dirty. And also, needy.

-I kinda want to write the fic where Rachel can't get to Broadway because she's INSANE, and no one hires a Diva until she's proved she's worth the effort. and then my brain quickly turned to pondering if Rachel would go as far as to audition on the casting couch, if you know what i mean. i mean...she's done other things that show how ruthless she can be, but she be willing to sleep with a director for a part? Hmm.

-my father in law is finally getting serious about dying, and will be gone in a few days. i am avoiding the issue right now.
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I have just now this very minute discovered that while lj is blocked at work, dreamwidth is NOT. and seeing as how my dreamwidth posts automatically crossposts to my lj, this could mean bad bad things for my flist.

...depending on how often i can make my children sleep at rest time, i mean. otherwise, i have no time to sit down, much less type.

so, a list of thoughts, because lists work for me.

1. GLEE. I am feeling like i might could write fic. this is exciting and terrifying, as i havent exactly been writerly for the past two years or so.

2. speaking of fic - i have 2 ficlets i am about to finish up that have been sitting in my googledocs for...um..well, a long time. one is You're Beautiful, and one is Gokusen. Gokusen might or might not go anywhere.

3. i have yet to do more then stare in delight at my yuletide assignment. i can TOTALLY do it, and i shall, and yeah, like i need an excuse to review the canon for this one. *hops happily*

4. i hope everyone who celebrates Ritual Sacrifice with Pie Day had a fabulous one. the rest of you, i hope last Thursday was awesome. (speaking of, i totally need a Ritual Sacrifice with Pie icon)

5. is the Wishlist Meme making the rounds this year? I've only seen one post for it so far, and im trying to decide if im going to type one up or not. i might be too lazy.

6. i found a new awesome movie obtaining place. i might have obtained a clear dvd quality screener for that new movie out now about that one guy who has that scar and fights the other snakey looking guy. just saying.

7. speaking of that guy with the scar, OMG I FINALLY SAW DEATHLY HALLOWS. it started a little slow, but i really really enjoyed it. also, the Ron/Hermione. And anything with Ron, 'cause he was hilarious frequently. also, I saw Gabrielle at the wedding! I was looking for Charlie, but did not seeeeeee him. i firmly remain a Charlie/Gabrielle shipper, even though I'm one of five people who ship it.

8. I've been capping Glee, as I want icons. I can't really find Glee icons i really love, and i find it troubling.

9. I have *thoughts* about last week's Glee, but i will spare you. for now. *leers*
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THOUGHTS ON GLEE! Under the cut due to spoilery nature if you haven't seen the last two eps - it's about Kurt and, you know, things.

you can't always get what you want )
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1. Holy yuletide drama, Batman! WHAT THE HELL. Seriously, if you dont like AO3 and are mortally offended by how they are choosing fandoms this year, DON'T PARTICIPATE. Geeze. People keep complaining that this one anime fandom is being included when, for the record, WE DONT EVEN KNOW THAT. It's on the list, yes, but they've already told us (and told us and told us and omg) that they have to go through and double check.

Plus, one of the people who is making the biggest stink about this fandom being included is because she has a problem with the source material.

*headdesks repeatedly*

2. How to blow the mind of a 3 year old: In the middle of a crying meltdown that is quickly approaching epic size, quickly tell your child you have something very special for him. Then "catch" something in the air, tell him to open his hand, and give him an invisible ladybug. The child will then spend the entire ride home examining his empty cupped palm intently, trying to see the invisible ladybug.


3. Glee. Oh...Glee. What can I even say about this week's ep? *grimaces* i just..i dont even know sometimes.
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In list format, for your enjoyment. With more cussing then anticipated.

1. I desire SPN/Gilmore Girls crossover fic. Because you have to know that the exact same thing that attracted CuteDean to Rory would attract Sam to Rory. By which I mean, her ability to lose herself so much into a book that she didn't notice a fight going on right in front of her. I know I've read one or two; but I want MORE. I want fic where she's normal..er..not involved in the supernatural bullshit, and Sam wants both her and that and yes.

Any links to whatever you've read would be awesome, regardless.

2. I keep meaning to sit down and do some massive Thinky Thoughts posts about Glee, which is a show I seriously cannot figure out and gives me an eye twitch, because nothing is consistent from one ep to the next. Included in these thoughts:

Rocky Horror - this episode HORRIFIED me. and not in a fun way. I have no problem with anything the kids did, but it was all focused on Schue, which bores me, and omg how creepy can he BE? As a teacher, he creeps me the fuck out with how he acts AT SCHOOL. Toucha Toucha Touch Me was FABULOUS except for my horror that they were doing this AT SCHOOL and he has no issues being "sexy" on stage in front of a bunch of teenagers. It's the same reason I love the mp3 of Toxic, but cannot watch the performance again. It's just ...creepy.

Rachel - how much is personality, and how much is it desire to please, and how exactly do her dads treat her and how does her varied heritage play into any insecurities she has? Also, she'll never make it on Broadway.

Sam - I am torn. He's so freaking CUTE with Quinn, and I don't want her heart broken, but dammit, i want him to be Kirk's boy! I WANT I WANT I WANT.

Artie - obviously knows NO ONE ELSE in a chair, as regardless of how frustrated I get with Glee's portrayal of the other characters and the complete lack of awareness over wheelchair manners, I came to the conclusion that he also hasn't schooled the others in wheelchair manners. Like: GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CHAIR ASSHOLE, I CAN PUSH MYSELF. And THIS IS A MALL, IT HAS AN ELEVATOR. INSTEAD OF DOING THE SAFETY DANCE, I WILL COME *WITH* YOU TO GET YOUR FUCKING PRETZEL.

Also, I really want fic where he gets hooked up with a Murderball league and (pardon the pun) starts standing the fuck up for himself. I can picture it, but I don't know enough about Murderball to be able to write it, I think.

Puck - is awesome. The end.

3. I've watched some dramas, but haven't had thinky thoughts about them. except i loved Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and how they resolved it. Also, I desire drama-based fic. Also also, at various points I shipped Shina with every main character. He had chemistry with EVERYONE!

4. I cannot stop watching kpop boyband videos. Send help and hot Korean boys in eyeliner!

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Dear Glee,

I love you. I hate you. You give me a headache.

Last week, you sucked and I hated almost everyone.

This week, you were...kind of awesome.



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Title: The Tenth Time
Author: alianora
Fandom: Glee
Rating: R, for Puck's mouth
Summery: Prompt from the [livejournal.com profile] puckrachel drabble meme, part 2: During her four years of college, Rachel moves nine times. Puck is recruited to help every single time.

She collects fucking unicorns? For serious? )

Dear Fandom

Oct. 2nd, 2010 01:21 am
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I have story ideas, and I want to know why I cannot locate fics that are written about these things! HELP ME OUT.

Glee, and almost all about Noah Puckerman )
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It makes me SEETHE every time I see someone pushing Artie. EVERY.FUCKING.TIME. And they do it ALL THE FUCKING TIME.



Apr. 13th, 2010 10:29 pm
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People I hate in tonight's Glee:

People I don't hate in tonight's Glee:
-Puck and Quinn, probably because we barely saw them so they didnt have enough time to piss me off, and because when they danced in the background to Give You Hell, she petted his mohawk, and it was adorable.

-Emma might also not be on the hate list. Maybe.


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