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I finally got Deepest Sender to work again. It involved messing around with my profile settings in Firefox, deleting DS, reinstalling it, swearing a lot, deleting it AGAIN, and then finally deleting all record of DS off of my firefox profile, then reinstalling.


Everything tech wise went a little pear shaped all at once, too, and I want to give serious thanks to Darren from Bad Wolf Software for going round and round with me through email to figure out what the heck was going on with my PageFour software, which is an awesome word processing program that lets me have seven different fics open and in progress in one single window. And yet, for some reason, it was refusing to acknowledge the fact that I had more than one notebook, and i had to search and find every single story in progress. NOT COOL. But with Darren's help and a LOT of uninstalling and reinstalling and looking through settings and files, it is now FIXED.

Which means that NaNoFinito (my get-off-my-ass-and-finish-those-fics plan for November) is officially a GO. I still need a master post for that, and if anybody else wants to play, I'd love the support and cheerleading.

ALSO! [ profile] yuletide noms are coming up! We're only getting to nom three fandoms this year, and holy crap I just don't know. I've decided on two, but the third? NO FUCKING CLUE. [ profile] anenko and I have had several conversations about it on tumblr, and GAH, I just dont know!

One is definitely Wedding Wars, which is a very cute made-for-tv movie from 2006 starring John Stamos as a gay man who goes on strike for gay rights. Sean Maher (Simon Tam from Firefly) is his partner, and they are just SO ADORABLE I can't stand it. And there is no fic for it. Anywhere. I'm begging you, GO DOWNLOAD IT.

(CHEEEEEEESY video, but it's all I can find.)

I've more or less decided on nomming Long Love Letter as my second, which is a very very weird, futuristic jdrama that involves time travel and giant telepathic spiders. And who doesn't love telepathic spiders?

(This MV tragically lacking in giant telepathic spiders.)

And then, MAAAAYBE Dare Yori mo Mama. Which is a weird jdrama about reversed gender roles with CANON GAY. MAYBE. Because the world needs more Pinko-san and adorable boy kisses.

(Yeah, no mvs. At all. Have a cute pic!)

Or maybe something else. Hana Kimi tw? PGSM? I have no idea...HALP.
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Fanfic is defeating me. I have this fic I've been working on (Glee, Kurtofsky), and...they wont do what i want them to do. and if im not looking at it, then i can rewrite the scene, but every time i open the doc, i end up stuck again. gah. it's one of those issues where it's going in a completely different direction than i want it to, and i cant seem to make them cooperate.

why do fictional characters have to be so attitudinal? and stubborn? DAMMIT BOYS, STOP BITCHING AT EACH OTHER AND BE ADORABLE. *glares*

Also on the fic list:

1) Burt reads some very educational pamphlets. Carole is..supportive. And by supportive, i mean, dirty minded.
2) Kurt derails Karofsky's post kiss discussion prior to the death threat and invites him for coffee. Plot not included, but..i want it to go somewhere. but there are so many random series-of-coffee-date fics that im kinda reluctant to attempt. maybe there is a bakery close by. they could bond over cupcakes. or something.
3) in order to feel safe enough to come back to school, Kurt insists Karofsky get therapy. They end up in couples counseling. there would be a lot of bickering and it would be adorable and so therefore i will never successfully write this. maybe i should throw it up on the fluff meme, just so someone else might see it and get inspired. rah.

I am stuck and therefore, i shall leave you with the fact that i should most likely not ever be left in charge of any child. especially my own, because this is what brandus and i do for fun:


Mar. 12th, 2011 09:12 pm
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Ok, how did I not know that Bumlets (Dominic Lucero), Specs (Mark David), AND Dutchy (Ivan Dudynsky) were ALL on Nick's awesome show "Roundhouse?"

I knew Bumlets was, but seriously, I had NO IDEA about Specs and Dutchy.

I feel like a bad fan.

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So, now I'm on tumblr, DAMN YOU ALL who've been posting about it. I don't need any other ways to waste my life on the internet, and yet HERE I AM DAMMIT.

I haven't posted a damn thing yet, but expect randomness. And probably a lot of Glee, seeing as that's all I'm focused on lately.

Tumblr, JESUS. What's next, Twitter? Am i going to waste my life TWEETING now?


also, [ profile] anenko, that is totally the Beelzebub anime you have posted, isnt it? WHERE WOULD I FIND THIS WONDERFUL THING?
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A little bit ago, I saw that [ profile] dangermousie had posted a trailer for the new Korean drama starring Stephen Colbert's nemesis, RAAAAAIN.

I clicked it, as I quite like Rain, for all he is utterly ridiculous, and watched it in open mouth glee.

Because, you see, it looks like it needs to have an 80's action movie/MacGyver theme music playing in the background.

And because I am me and [ profile] literarylemming is lemming, I immediately showed it to her to see if I was imagining things.

And so, I am proud to present to you, the Runaway trailer. As backed by MacGyver and cheesy 80's action shows everywhere.

M would like you to know that this required almost no recutting or major editing. Which makes me laugh harder then I can explain.

If you would like to comment on what an awesome thing she did, you can comment HERE. And please do, as we do so like to know that we aren't the only ones who are completely unhinged.


Aug. 1st, 2010 06:54 pm
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In less than 16 hours, there will be an event like no other that has happened before.

In less than 16 hours, [ profile] rinalin, and [ profile] literarylemming, and myself will descend upon Las Vegas, to partake of its' food, see its' sites, marry someone off to Elvis, and also spend too much time watching Asian boybanders do incredibly dumb things. Most likely extremely late at night.

This is the very first time all three of us will be in the same place at the same time with the same agenda*, to hang out and giggle and run around and scare people with hyperactivity and weirdness.

I will attempt to reign in some of my natural impulses.
-I am going to do my VERY LEVEL BEST to stay out of any gangster cars, and will attempt to not volunteer to drive said gangster car when it belongs to someone I have never met. (I PROMISE, RINNY! I DO!)
-I will attempt to share my laptop with others similarly addicted to the internet, but any injuries inflected while they pry it out of my hands are, of course, accidental.
-I will attempt to call both of them by their real names on occasion, so long as they realize I sometimes can't help it, particularly while annoying excited.


*Slightly different agendas, actually. Mine is called "Brainwash Rinny with Big Bang" and "OMG M!!!!!" Not sure what they are calling theirs.
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I am working on a vidding project, which involves me skimming a great deal of source materials for the clips i want, and WHY did I decide to put Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in this vid?

I just watched the bubble of love for the 3rd time in a row, and i've only gotten through 4 episodes! i love this show SO MUCH. it's like candy! or pringles! you cant watch just one!

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This is a dream I had a while back, that I just found in an email to [ profile] literarylemming and [ profile] rinalin, which I am posting here because it (and my brain that came up with it) still makes me boggle.


Very weird.

Want to know what’s weirder? Last night’s dream. In which I was involved in a competition to win Sho’s hand in marriage.

It involved scaling poles and searching the ceiling. I was in second place. And then his mother is there while the person in first place did…something, and we all sat around and watched inside a crowded store. And his mother was smiling at me, and emphasizing how the person who won would be the one who FOUND THE RING.

And there, behind me, was the ring. One of the plastic, adjustable wedding rings you buy at Michael’s to use on wedding favors. And then the first place girl said something about BOTH rings, so I’m hiding the one I have on my finger (on my ring finger, and beside it on my middle finger is my actual engagement and wedding ring, but that didn’t occur to me that it was weird) and looking around frantically for the second ring, and I found it TOO, so I won.

But nobody seemed particularly happy about this, and Sho was very polite, but I got the feeling he thought I had stumbled into it and wasn’t really interested in marrying him, but he signed me a very nice card about how it was his fault that he had misplaced the ring.

Let me be clear that, as far as I knew, he was in no way disappointed that he would have to marry me, he was disappointed that he thought I didn't want to marry him but was going to feel obligated to.


what about you? Any entertaining dreams lately?
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Yeah, I've got no excuses, except I've been thinking of how to do this since the very first time I saw this stupid show. Also, this is what is generally on to keep the child out of the kitchen while I'm making dinner.

Title: Holding Our World Together
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: I don't have all the letters I need to spell G-O-O-D B-Y-E.

Nothing's better than a letter. )
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Hi, so I'm supposed to "help out" by signing for a Deaf family tomorrow at the rec center, and instead of practicing or going over what I'm supposed to sign, I am instead watching videos of people signing songs on youtube and FREAKING OUT because this is a family who is, you know, FLUENT in ASL, and I am COMPLETELY NOT, and I can't even figure out half of what these people are signing even though it's to the words to the song and HI FREAKING OUT I WANNA CALL AND WIMP OUT.

The reason the rec center asked is because i approached them about teaching Singing Time classes so if i suck what will i do and the family is fluent and im going to make an idiot of myself and i hate everything so im going to go take a xanax and try to go to bed. But if i take a xanax NOW, I still have to be up in 6 hours and what will it do to me all day tomorrow? I need my brain to finish translating and going over signs and gah i hate EVERYTHING. What was i THINKING? I can't do this!

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Taking a page out of anenko's notebook, here's a slightly obsessive spreadsheet of manga reading.

I have so much more to add, but figured if I linked it, I might actually finish inputting stuff instead of getting distracted by rereading Usagi Drop.

Also, I plan to split my asian list of DOOOOM up and post it as a spreadsheet, too. It will make it easier to figure out if I've downloaded it or bookmarked it and to keep track of what I want to watch, too.
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Things I am looking for, oh mighty flist:

- Nicholas Teo singing "Little Turtle" from Smiling Pasta
- S.H.E.'s Boom Boom Boom (actually, anything S.H.E., but that song in particular)
- Big Bang stuff - i have a random assortment of songs, but...i need more
- G-Dragon stuff, because i need help omg
- MBLAQ, because they're hilariously lulzy
- clearly, i need more asian ladies on my playlists. please to be helping? i like upbeat stuff. I like S.H.E. and 2NE1, if that helps at all.
- anything else you want me to listen to for whatever reason

Otherwise, what I have been doing:

I got sucked into Big Bang a couple of weekends ago. I blame [ profile] uisceros and this post primarily. I can now recognize almost everyone 95% of the time.

I find G-Dragon alternately hot and 12. it's disconcerting.

It makes me grin like an idiot every time T.O.P. spells his name in a song, and I think it's "Always" where they say, "Bang 'em," but everytime I hear it I have to laugh and clap my hands in sheer joy.

I downloaded some icons. i was looking for G-Dragon, but ended up with several of Young Bae. um..oops? So, if you have links or whatever to additional icons of Big Bang awesomeness, please to share.

also, send help, i cant stop listening to Garu Garu GO! and the Japanese version of Baby, Baby.

I watched You're Beautiful, and while the first several episodes were cringe inducing in entirely too many spots, once the show really got going, it was fairly awesome. it's crack, of course, because HELLO, it's a show about a nun crossdressing to join a boyband, but there is also a lot of sweetness and a lot of truth underneath the insanity.

Tae Kyung is amazingly wonderful, completely uptight, totally anal, and a SERIOUSLY good guy underneath all the repression and mommy issues. i really liked that he never denied his feelings. yes, it took him a while to figure it out, but once he got that he did like her, he didn't avoid it. and there wasnt any of the "I WILL DENY OUR LOVE TO PROTECT YOU" from either side, which was awesome.

Mi Nam/Mi Nyu was as dumb as a brick for a while, but once she started sticking up for herself a little bit, i liked her SO much more. and i could wave away a lot of her stupidity by her being very sheltered and joining the convent as that seemed like the most logical place for her to go.

the fact that all three of the guys loved Mi Nam/Mi Nyu was annoying as crap, but mentally it has lead to happy places where the real Mi Nam and Shin Woo experience porn in several ways, so hey! it's all good! the real Mi Nam was pretty fucking awesome, too, and I loved that how they did the reveal! I wish we had seen more of him!


again, additional icons would be lovely. links?

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Here's what i've done in February and half of March, so far, not including things like work, sleep, stare blankly, and read Percy Jackson:


Drama K.O. - 37 complete episodes in 5 different shows, all Japanese.


Sleeping Bride - a boy finds a girl sleeping in a hospital, and the nurse tells him she's Sleeping Beauty. He comes regularly and tells her, "Wake up, I'm a prince," and kisses her. And then one day she wakes up. Very sweet.

The Great Happiness Space (Tales of an Osaka Love Thief) - documentary about a host club. Fascinating! By the end I felt for everybody, both the hosts and their clients.

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea - Voldemort has only seen this is Japanese, and has absolutely no problem telling me what is going on and who everyone is. Adorable!

My Neighbor Totoro - my kid fell in love with it in English, but I could only find the subbed online. He doesn't seem to care either way.

Saigo no Yakusoka - Arashi's SP where they are all stuck in a hostage situation. Very entertaining, and I honestly wasn't expecting the twist.

Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari - short SP where Sho plays a guy who tries to discover a talent for music through magic candy. Worth it for seeing him molest lollipops.

Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru - Sho is a yankee who in the first fifteen minutes has set a teacher's hair on fire and removed one of his own toenails with a knife. Based on a true story.

Kamikaze Girls - I love Ichigo and her complete inability to leave Momoko alone. Was wildly disturbed when I discovered Momoko was in Yatterman as the dominatrix who really just wanted to be a housewife and have babies.


1/2 Prince - wip
The first crossdresser in virtual gaming. Wonder how long it will take everyone else to find her out? Enjoyable.

Aishiteruze Baby - complete
High school boy tends to small child - a trope to which I am very very weak. Cute, but the ending isn't very strong at all.

Dengeki Daisy - wip
Daisy is the name of someone on the other end of her text messages, and the only thing she has left after her brother dies. Far more interesting and entertaining than it sounds. Our girl has guts, and she's willing to protect what's important to her.

Koukou Debut - complete
I tried. I did. And [profile] princess_dexter says I should try again, but omg i can only stand so much stupid. I liked it until the kiss, and then I just wanted to hit her in the head repeatedly and shriek "WHY ARE YOU AN IDIOT?" Also, I am sad to say that the boy doesn't do much for me. Will probably try again after I've read everything else in existance.

Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare - wip
A maid with a deadly weapon: a mop. This is a weird one, but I'm interested to see where it's going. He's got secrets, and I want to know them!

Kingyo Sou - complete
HELLO I LOVE THIS PLEASE READ NOW NOW NOW. A girl falls in love with a deaf taiko player, and it's this beautiful story. This is the first time I cried WHILE READING MANGA. There's one scene where she is SO upset, and she's turning her face away from him while she's crying and talking, and he's desperately trying to see her face so he can figure out what she's saying, but she doesn't want him to, and he doesn't understand and OMG MY HEART. Beautiful and hopeful and a very sweet love story.

Suki-tte Ii na yo - wip
Good thing he likes unusual girls, seeing as she just kicked him in the face. Very realistic, it feels to me - deals with sex and relationships and our protagonist is not your typical shoujo girl. No cheerful smiles in the face of adversary here! She's blunt and withdrawn and kind of bad tempered, and he likes her because of it.

SOLD OUT - complete
Save yourself some time, and just punch yourself in the face. She goes to buy a dress, the salesman compliments her, she loudly declares she loves him and then the stalking commences. MINDBLOWINGLY STUPID. Comes with the quote: "I'LL FOLLOW YOU LIKE A GOLDFISH'S POOP!"

Special A - complete
Another dense heroine! But this one I don't actually want to hit repeatedly! She's been competing with him since they were kids, and she ALWAYS comes in second place to him. Hilarious and silly, with random bonus gender bending in later chapters! I find him very adorable, as he's been in love with her forever, but 1)he never confesses, and 2) she's as dense as a board, so when he does, she tells him he's her best friend. Plus, I really like the fact that she is capable! She is smart and athletic and can do amazing things.

You're My Girlfriend - complete
short work from the Special A mangaka. She has good intentions, but always seems to say the absolute wrong thing. He can't resist giving girls makeovers. Together, she thinks he's gay and he just wants her to have friends! Fun and silly.
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After School Nightmare is a manga that is mind fuckery of the highest order, AND IT'S AWESOME!

Mashiro is a student in a high school, and he has a SECRET. He finds out from the school nurse that he has to take a mysterious class in the basement of the school in order to graduate. This class involves trying to find your way out of your own nightmares - in order to graduate, you have to find the key. In the nightmare, you appear as you truly are - so why the hell is Mashiro wearing a SKIRT in this dream?!

HINT: This manga involves slash, het, and femslash. ALL OF THEM INVOLVE MASHIRO. )

Also, hey look, I made some icons!

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Hello! It's my BIRTHDAY! I am THIRTY ONE! That makes me OLD! And yet, I have cookie cake, so who cares?


*flaps hands gleefully* I am now a certified instructor for Signing Time, which is a series dedicated to teaching children American Sign Language through songs and awesomeness. WANT TO SIGN WITH YOUR KID? I WILL TEACH YOU! And! If you ever desire to buy Signing Time products, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF TOAST, order through that link! It is a seriously awesome program, and i am RIDICULOUSLY excited about getting certified!


Mucho thanks for the birthday wishes, my darlings! *blows kisses*
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Thank you all for your kind words about my last post. I refuse to answer comments, because they would consist of flailing and blushing and blurted thank yous, so... I appreciate the support big time!

In other news, i have signed up to help tag wrangle at the Archive of Our Own, which should be fun, except for the fact i have no idea what im doing. so, naturally, i signed up for fandoms already.

Here's what I've got, although there is some confusion over Beezelbub...which I put my name on, and now anenko's name is there? I dont care, I just wonder how it happened...
Regardless! The List!

W Juliet
Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Green Rider series
Perilous Gard
Benny and Joon
Bulletproof Monk
Drop Dead Gorgeous
Hairspray (2007)
Pikanchi Life is Hard Dakedo Happy
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Hana Kimi-tw
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Proposal Daisakusen
The Inside
Yoiko no Mikata In my own defense, 1) i had no idea i signed up for so many, and 2) many of these have maybe 5 fics, tops. So, Im not as crazy as it seems at first glance. Maybe.

I AM going to do a fandom roundup, but playing with AO3 has reminded me i need to finish uploading my fic from all my OTHER roundups, so I will get to that shortly. There is a sad lack of fic from 2009, but on the other hand, there have been picspams out the wazoo! Im clinging to that thought and the vague hope i have that one day i will rediscover my writing mojo. Or at least start feeling fandomy about things. Right now the only thing im watching is Little People, Big World on netflix streaming, and no, im not going to fic that. oh, and Hoarders. Im watching that, too.

Anyway! I am uploading the rest of my crap to AO3..slowly and painfully, and omg why do i have so many FICS? and why do so many of them reveal the fact that I can't spell?!

Quick yuletide reveal!

I wrote 1 full length fic, and 2 madness fics
-Mostly Harmless for [personal profile] kadnarim. Young Wizards - request involved wanting something set in winter, but instead of thinking HAPPY CHRISTMAS FIC! I decided to strand them in a cave and try to kill them off. Look, we all have hobbies, mine are just WEIRD, ok?

-A Girl's Best Friend for [profile] hele. Breakfast Club, set the Monday after. What would happen with Claire and Bender?

-In Silence, Coming Home for [profile] jan_levine. Fionavar Tapestry. Dave and Kim after coming back home.

I wanted to write more madness fics, but then i noticed that all of them were sounding exactly the same, so i stopped. i really wanted to write one where Wednesday Addams burns down the gym the night of her prom, but it didn't happen. Although the idea still amuses me.

I also GOT several things! It was all very exciting!

OK. Upload fics. Edit. THEN figure out the whole tag wrangling thing! And hope that they send me directions at some point...

Oh yeah, and celebrate my birthday tomorrow. :D


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