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I am working on a vidding project, which involves me skimming a great deal of source materials for the clips i want, and WHY did I decide to put Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in this vid?

I just watched the bubble of love for the 3rd time in a row, and i've only gotten through 4 episodes! i love this show SO MUCH. it's like candy! or pringles! you cant watch just one!

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I started gibbering when i saw the amazing hotness of Aiba in [ profile] topazera's [ profile] sparklehole post of his solo of Pikanchi. SERIOUSLY. GIBBERING.


side view of Aiba. He has one arm stretched out and his hair is blown back from the wind/dancing Aiba's face, looks like he is snarling close up of Aiba's face and collar bone, faded coloring Aiba looking to the side while dancing. Faded coloring
Aiba flying in on wire, no text Aiba flying in on wire, text says Peter Pan Aiba flying in on wire, text says Flying

Comment and credit, etc. If you have any further suggestions for text for that last one, please give. Im still not completely satisfied with it.
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Here's what i've done in February and half of March, so far, not including things like work, sleep, stare blankly, and read Percy Jackson:


Drama K.O. - 37 complete episodes in 5 different shows, all Japanese.


Sleeping Bride - a boy finds a girl sleeping in a hospital, and the nurse tells him she's Sleeping Beauty. He comes regularly and tells her, "Wake up, I'm a prince," and kisses her. And then one day she wakes up. Very sweet.

The Great Happiness Space (Tales of an Osaka Love Thief) - documentary about a host club. Fascinating! By the end I felt for everybody, both the hosts and their clients.

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea - Voldemort has only seen this is Japanese, and has absolutely no problem telling me what is going on and who everyone is. Adorable!

My Neighbor Totoro - my kid fell in love with it in English, but I could only find the subbed online. He doesn't seem to care either way.

Saigo no Yakusoka - Arashi's SP where they are all stuck in a hostage situation. Very entertaining, and I honestly wasn't expecting the twist.

Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari - short SP where Sho plays a guy who tries to discover a talent for music through magic candy. Worth it for seeing him molest lollipops.

Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru - Sho is a yankee who in the first fifteen minutes has set a teacher's hair on fire and removed one of his own toenails with a knife. Based on a true story.

Kamikaze Girls - I love Ichigo and her complete inability to leave Momoko alone. Was wildly disturbed when I discovered Momoko was in Yatterman as the dominatrix who really just wanted to be a housewife and have babies.


1/2 Prince - wip
The first crossdresser in virtual gaming. Wonder how long it will take everyone else to find her out? Enjoyable.

Aishiteruze Baby - complete
High school boy tends to small child - a trope to which I am very very weak. Cute, but the ending isn't very strong at all.

Dengeki Daisy - wip
Daisy is the name of someone on the other end of her text messages, and the only thing she has left after her brother dies. Far more interesting and entertaining than it sounds. Our girl has guts, and she's willing to protect what's important to her.

Koukou Debut - complete
I tried. I did. And [profile] princess_dexter says I should try again, but omg i can only stand so much stupid. I liked it until the kiss, and then I just wanted to hit her in the head repeatedly and shriek "WHY ARE YOU AN IDIOT?" Also, I am sad to say that the boy doesn't do much for me. Will probably try again after I've read everything else in existance.

Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare - wip
A maid with a deadly weapon: a mop. This is a weird one, but I'm interested to see where it's going. He's got secrets, and I want to know them!

Kingyo Sou - complete
HELLO I LOVE THIS PLEASE READ NOW NOW NOW. A girl falls in love with a deaf taiko player, and it's this beautiful story. This is the first time I cried WHILE READING MANGA. There's one scene where she is SO upset, and she's turning her face away from him while she's crying and talking, and he's desperately trying to see her face so he can figure out what she's saying, but she doesn't want him to, and he doesn't understand and OMG MY HEART. Beautiful and hopeful and a very sweet love story.

Suki-tte Ii na yo - wip
Good thing he likes unusual girls, seeing as she just kicked him in the face. Very realistic, it feels to me - deals with sex and relationships and our protagonist is not your typical shoujo girl. No cheerful smiles in the face of adversary here! She's blunt and withdrawn and kind of bad tempered, and he likes her because of it.

SOLD OUT - complete
Save yourself some time, and just punch yourself in the face. She goes to buy a dress, the salesman compliments her, she loudly declares she loves him and then the stalking commences. MINDBLOWINGLY STUPID. Comes with the quote: "I'LL FOLLOW YOU LIKE A GOLDFISH'S POOP!"

Special A - complete
Another dense heroine! But this one I don't actually want to hit repeatedly! She's been competing with him since they were kids, and she ALWAYS comes in second place to him. Hilarious and silly, with random bonus gender bending in later chapters! I find him very adorable, as he's been in love with her forever, but 1)he never confesses, and 2) she's as dense as a board, so when he does, she tells him he's her best friend. Plus, I really like the fact that she is capable! She is smart and athletic and can do amazing things.

You're My Girlfriend - complete
short work from the Special A mangaka. She has good intentions, but always seems to say the absolute wrong thing. He can't resist giving girls makeovers. Together, she thinks he's gay and he just wants her to have friends! Fun and silly.
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Eps originally watched: 0/11

Technically, this shouldnt really be a part of K.O., but I watched it during the month of it, and I marathoned the whole thing in 3 days, so I'm counting it. Plus, I've been meaning to watch it, so it totally counts.

I really enjoyed this drama! I mean, there is TONS of plot!
four guys flexing bare chested. Yum!
Very important, life changing plot.

But more than that, it's an actual real love story that feels natural. Naoki and Riko have one fight in the entire series, and the whole thing isn't a series of completely avoidable misunderstandings that just require TALKING to fix. Plus, there is actual physical contact, and physical affection, and a couple of fully functional families! It's like it's not even a drama! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

That said, cuteness, under the cut.

Love makes you strong )
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Eps originally watched: 3/9

I honestly thought I had seen more of this show - at least 5 episodes, so I was expecting to be able to rip through the rest. Unfortunately, I opened ep 6...then ep 5...then ep 4..THEN double checked to make sure I had actually seen ep 3.

I wont lie, this was a difficult show for me. It was hard to me to watch more then about 10 minutes at a time until after ep 6. Nino's character is total fail and dork, and not in a fun way to me. Yamapi amused me, as did Oguri Shun and..the other guy, whose name I don't recall. So, there are our four main characters (not counting Chie), all of whom are 17, and who are (according to rumor) THE LAST FOUR VIRGINS IN SCHOOL. The entire plot revolves around their attempts to lose their virginity.

Nino...Nino is not my favorite. I find it hard to see the character behind the little RAT BASTARD that I know Nino really is. So Im generally constantly expecting him to go back to being an evil little ferret that he is in real life.

Overall, it's not the best show if you have an embarrassment squick. One of the major plotlines is Shou (Nino's character) being in love with his teacher..and his teacher pretty much leading him on for the first several episodes. I cringed A LOT.

But finally, this happened:

and i VERY GRUDGINGLY admitted that it's possible i had a twinge of sympathy. maybe more than a twinge. I MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN TEARY, OK?

So, if i wanted to hide through most of this drama, what DID i like about it?

The boys. They're adorable in their stupidness, in all honesty. And they are good friends. They're very close.

VERY close.

VERY VERY CLOSE. And yes, that IS Nino and whatshisname staring at Yamapi's penis.

What else did i like? Chie. She's adorable, and she's strong. I had issues with her final storyline and how it was handled, but her, i loved.

Stand Up!! K.O.'d!

Next: Long Love Letter
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I can't even..begin to tell you the insanity that is Yatterman. I can't explain it. I definitely cannot explain this SCENE, except that it exists, and even though I've watched it multiple times (this scene, not the whole movie), i am still boggled.

To start with, I watched Yatterman for one main reason:

Do you blame me? Look at his LIPS.

I knew going in that it was A) a kid's movie, and B) based on a earlier Japanese anime. The key part here is KID'S MOVIE. Everybody got that?

Ok, onward!

really, do not blame me for any brain breakage )
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- [personal profile] emothy has put together an AWESOME drama fic resource - DORAMA DIRECTORY - links to as many fics based on dramas as could be found. i can EASILY lose a few hours reading everything linked here.

- [ profile] ladycleo2001 made a fabulous vid for my beloved Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Hopefully, she wont mind that I embed it here (and if you do, ladycleo, please let me know), but go and comment on it here

- [ profile] princess_dexter wrote me a Mei-chan ficlet in my comments forever ago, and has YET to post it properly, so Im giving up and linking to it here, because it's AWESOME and needs love.

Read it HERE!

- ALSO ALSO speaking of Mei-chan, [ profile] dorama_watch is taking nominations for the next thing to watch HERE, and picspams are being encouraged. I HAVE ALREADY NOMMED MEI-CHAN. What kinds of picspams would make you want to watch it? *ponders*

- and, as always, should you want to go to a place that will add to the ever growing list of asian doooooom, [ profile] rainscene is here for you. she pimps ALL KINDS of dramas and movies, and your social life might never recover, but MAN, is it a fun way to go!
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I just finished watching Dare Yori mo Mama, which is a family drama. It is MUCH different from my cracky dramas, and there were parts of it (ok, many parts of it) that I fast forwarded through.

It caught my attention after [ profile] darkeyedwolf posted a pimp for it at [ profile] rainscene, and proclaimed that not only was there gender role reversals - Mama is a big shot lawyer, Papa stays home and takes care of the house, big brother is a sweet, kind, compassionate hairdresser, big sister keeps getting fired for punching her bosses in the face - there was CANON GAY.

I went in for all of this, and while some parts of the gender role reversals annoyed the heck out of me, i was really in it for the gay. Because gay? Japan? WHAT?


spoilers for the whole series and caps of the final )
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We're on a brief picspam hiatus at the moment, due to the fact ive been in GA and away from most of my discs and dramas and episodes and movies and the disturbingly large list i have of things to watch. BUT! I will be back in NC tomorrow, and will commence annoying you with such things as:

-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Nephrite - All Too Human
-Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Losing the mask
-Full House the kdrama: 3 attempted proposals
-Hana Yori Dango: Makino punches things. And Dorkface. And a bear.
-Proposal Daisakusen: Manga cafes or pushing taxis


I might also do some Roswell picspam, because ive only seen one Candy focused picspam so far. everything else has been Max/Liz, and that doesn't fly for me.

Anyway! While i was in GA, i managed to make my kid some felt food for the kitchen he is getting for his birthday (WHICH IS ON THE 23rd, HOLY CRAP VOLDEMORT IS TURNING TWO. BRACE YOURSELVES), as well as actually finishing watching Proposal Daisakusen, which ive only been watching at a snail's pace for the past several MONTHS. and probably the only thing that prompted me to actually finish it, and push past the fear of Kenzo making a complete idiot out of himself was the fact I currently have a crush on Yamapi.

..a tiny crush. teeny. it's miniscule. It's not like Ive bothered my friends into sending me NewS mp3s, or that's ive downloaded four different live versions of Daite Senorita or anything...*cough*

Really, it's nothing. It has nothing to do with Pi's hips, or his emo hair, or HIS HIPS, or anything.

Regardless of my issues, ProDai is a little slow to get started - it's not boring, but it draws you in. It's...gentle, is how [ profile] literarylemming put it, and we'll go with that.

the fact that it involves a fairy and time travel is an added bonus to the Yamapi cake, but it is honestly very good. I enjoyed it tremendously, even though i had to take breaks sometimes - mainly due to my (never fully realized) fear that Kenzo was going to embarrass himself RIGHT THERE ON SCREEN IN FRONT OF ME, and i'd never be able to look him in the face again.

...or something.

I was very hesitant going in, because it is about a guy going back in time to stop the girl he loves from marrying someone else. that..squicked me. but they handle it so's always little things he does, making her smile at this time, wanting to be the first one to wish her happy's not creepy.

and it's very heartfelt and moving and i totally cried through the entire episode eight. I COULDNT HELP IT. HE WAS SO SAD AND WITHDRAWN AND HE LOVES HER SO.

So..a vid might be in the making. maybe. i have new software, and i have to learn how to use it. a learning experience! that's what it is!

Other then that, I started watching Love Shuffle tonight, and wow, am i going to love this show! it isnt enough that it has Tamaki and Shota in it, NOOOOO, it has to be FUNNY and CLEVER and then throw in a little HALF NAKED SHOTA and DRIPPING WET IN A WHITE BUTTON DOWN TAMAKI. mmmmmmmmm. seriously, it looks insanely fun, and im shipping everyone with everyone regardless of gender. Maybe it will end in a big orgy!

other then that, i might not have a job next year because teaching is screwing me over YET AGAIN! this time, it's because they gave me until June 2009 to complete 6 hours of course work. Which would be fine, only ONE of the classes i need isnt available in the summer, and OH YEAH, they didnt tell me which ones i needed until Jan 14. Which, again, would be fine, but the 14th was the cut off for SPRING semester. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THESE CLASSES HELLO? the head of HR called me. she told me i could always reapply next year to get a pure sped job. wow! that's just what i've always wanted! a reason to go back on prozac!

Fuck it. I'm raising llamas.


Mar. 21st, 2009 10:53 pm
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Mei-chan no Shitsuji episode 8!

Best plot advancing fist fight in the entire history of the world, y/y?

GOD, put Hiro in a suit with shiny pants (SHINY PANTS!) and have him be all smooth and charming and eager to serve your every whim, and i am all over that, but THEN to take all that smooth confidence and have him LOSE HIS SHIT and i am all over that WITH A SPOON.



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Ive lost my mind, people. Seriously.

I just finished watching Waterboys 2, which was adorable and silly and just as goofy as you would imagine a drama about a boys synchronized swim team would be.

I though, awww, Yosuke and Eikichi are so adorable! I should find out what else they've been in! They're just darling.


Aren't they slashy cute and sweet and innocent looking?

So. Yeah. They're also in Rookies, I just found out, and all I knew about Rookies, I learned from a [ profile] rainscene picspam.

So, here's what Yosuke and Eikichi look like all grown up and HOT and WET and MUSCLED UP.


Needless to say, I'm downloading Rookies.

...I also found out that the Waterboys series doesnt go Waterboys the movie - Waterboys 2 the drama. NO, I missed an ENTIRE season of this silliness. Starring Eita. And there's a final movie. Starring Eita.

Needless to say, I downloaded those, too. because i need more boys in tiny swim suits synchro!

And then [ profile] rainscene pimped yet more crack to the masses, and so now I have ten episodes of a show where Tamaki Hiroshi has a deer talk to him and has, I hope, a completely inappropriate relationship with a schoolgirl, AND a movie about Korean ghosts who sing musical theater. or something.

this is on top of the movie Antique, which is about hot gay boys and a bakery, Arch Angels, which looks to be crack of the HIGHEST order (eyeball grenades wtf?), Invincible's Rocket Penis and Shan Bao's Boobs, Ohno in Uta no Oniisan, and the rest of the asian list of dooooom.



Yes. YES, that IS a boy pulling down the tiny, leopard print swim suit of another boy.
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A question: is "Nanny 911" or "Supernanny" streaming online anywhere where I could watch and watch and watch? Brandus hates Supernanny like barbed wire, but I am unable to look away.

We both started out working with seriously fucked up kids in a residential treatment center for kids with emotional and behavior issues, which, from what I can tell, is why I love it and he hates it. I like to watch crazy children and remind myself that it's because the parents have no fucking idea what they are doing. Brandus gets ANGRY about how stupid people are and begins to froth at the mouth.

Good times!

I..just checked out the ABC website, and it would like to know if I would like to turn in an application for their hit show, SuperManny. I..have no idea what this is, and whether Im screaming with laughter or cowering in fear. Also, I can stream eps there, but I am morally opposed to streaming from the actual network. Or something. Really, id prefer something like hulu, only with Supernanny (or SuperManny too, possibly).

Ive also been entertaining myself with the slashy slashy goodness adorable story of boys doing synchronized swimming in Waterboys 2. This is the drama set after the movie, and the adorable gay boy who is in love with Chiaki-sempai is back as a teacher and he is the most effeminate thing ever, AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING JAPAN. Really, it's an excuse to watch adorable boys in tiny swim trunks get wet, hug, strip each other down to their undies, and occasionally WHOOPS lose their suits in the pool.

I am halfway through the fifth episode, and the current synchro team and their darling gay coach come out to compete in what they come to find out is a girls synchro naturally, they somehow get their hands on makeup, girls suits, and sparkly hair things, and i am forced to pause the episode while I cry with laughter at them. I will screencap and share it with you later, because HEEEE.

Also, I spend my freetime dreaming up ways adorable gay boy coach said goodbye to Chiaki-sempai. Ill give you a hint, they start with him getting bent over the starting block of the pool, and end with PORN.

I never said I was right in the head.

Ive also downloaded My Girl, so [ profile] princess_dexter should be happy, and am downloading Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and watching on ep 5 of Uta no Oniisan. And Invincible and Shan Bao Mei has supposedly had the next two subbed eps up on torrent, so I am hopeful a direct download link will follow shortly. I NEED BOOB JOKES DAMMIT. Why does everything Im interested in watching right now have to be IN PROCESS? It is much easier to watch a show when the whole thing has already aired AND been subbed and I can glut myself on it at will.

Also, if you want drama pimping, you should be checking out [ profile] rainscene. [ profile] darkeyewolf has taken it upon herself to share the goodness of many many dramas, and just as a taste, the Hana Kimi pimp post, which is full of sparkles deep thoughts andnaked boys thoughtful commentary and many hot droolworthy PLOT ADVANCING pictures of Oguri Shun half dressed. And just as much crack as you could possibly want.

But, it is a dangerous, dangerous comm. My list of doooooom keeps getting longer and longer with all the cool things the get pimped that i wanna SEEEEE. She even makes the soul destroying ones sound awesome!

I still can do no more then flail about Nodame Cantabile, and Im still a big slacker who hasnt posted about the many ways Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is awesome. This should probably be remedied.

But first, I have to see if my adorable slashy boys make convincing girls in swimsuits.

ETA: They failed miserably when one of them lost their falsies in the pool. Whoops! No breasts! And hey! these girls have PENISES!
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Hi! My name is alia, and I am completely in love with the live action Nodame Cantabile!

I inhaled this drama. I watched 7 eps on Saturday, and the others, including BOTH two hour specials, on Sunday.

I have now read every fanfic i could find on, have gone through all of [ profile] anenko's delicious recs, and am now so desperate for more that i am actually reduced to reading the manga.

I DONT LIKE MANGA. it makes me twitch.

and yet, here I am - READING MANGA.

god, it's the Hana Kimi thing all over again. I READ THAT WHOLE ENTIRE MANGA FOR FUCK KNOWS WHAT REASON, SEEING AS THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE TIME I WANTED TO HIT THINGS. but hey, Sano in handcuffs for absolutely no reason other than to give me good dreams kinda made it worth it.

so far, all i have to say is Nodame is much cuter live, and Paper Fan looks...a hell of a lot like himself.

I want to squee and flail about things from the live action, but i cant, because im REWATCHING IT. in between pages of manga.


AND! I found out they are doing TWO MORE SPECIALS. but i have to wait MONTHS for them. *weeps*

I also want to lick Chiaki all over, but that's to be expected.

NOTE TO SELF: Research musical terms for porning purposes.
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I am LOVING the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, which I wasnt expecting! But then the drama part of my flist kept talking about it, and posting caps, and squeeing, and really, if you promise me that the female protagonist kicks the male lead IN THE FACE during the first two episodes, YOU TOTALLY HAVE MY COMPLETE ATTENTION.

It has a very different feel then the jdrama - or maybe Im projecting, because I know the story. Hmm.

Anyway, in the jdrama, Domyouji comes across as PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL. He beats people up while screaming with rage! He knocks down one of the bitches! He is REALLY trying to get Makino to just GO THE FUCK AWAY. F4 seems more afraid of him..or at least unwilling to make him angry. His woobification takes a while. I didn't fall for Dorkface until ep 4, when he's in the rain and he's waiting and then I began to flail and HAVENT STOPPED YET.

In the kdrama, Jun Pyo is just..a bully. He's a BIGGER bully then the others, but he's just a bully. And just because he's bored. I havent seen him hit anyone yet, and Ive seen Jandi smear him with ice cream and kick him in the face! Instead of giving her a makeover to make her GO THE FUCK AWAY, he gives her a makeover to tell her she can be his SECRET GIRLFRIEND and he'll totally say hi to her in private. Because he can tell she's in love with him. LMAO FOREVER. His friends? LAUGH when they see a girl half his size school him WITH HER FISTS. When he declares she must be in love with him, they crack up! They think it's hilarious to see him get taken down several pegs. I already love him! He's a total dork! He has no social skills! He has NO IDEA why on earth Jandi wouldnt like him!

I already love this show, and Ive only seen two episodes!

It doesnt hurt that Jandi (Makino) is AWESOME. Girl is hardcore, and I love her for it. She doesnt even want to BE at this stupid school! *glee*

I need icons.

Soon, I will write up a post about why my head hurts SO FUCKING MUCH from beating it against a table while watching Why Why Love (HINT: THE END HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE BEGINNING. OUT OF NOWHERE), but why Mike He and his hair continue to charm me, and why Kingone REALLY needs a drama where he gets the girl already!

Also, soon, I will write up that epic post about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and why i have no shame at all in admitting i love its silly, goofy, world-ending wonderfulness! *spins in glee* (Hint: Sailor Jupiter is hot. Mamoru is hot. Turtle guy is too cute for words. Serenity blows shit up!)


Dec. 20th, 2008 07:15 pm
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My favorite scene so far in this stupid show?

"Ah..a bird."

*cries laughing* and right after she accidentally told him she was Sailor Moon, which, by the way, both of them are ignoring just as hard as they can!

really, my favorite thing on earth is to see cool guys suddenly become wildly uncool. it makes me SO HAPPY.

really, i think this is why i love asian entertainment. the cool guys usually end up being wildly dorky somehow, and this fills me with glee!
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Oh, Japan. JAPAN. can we discuss some things? about how and why you continue to break my capslock and destroy my dignity? and why, exactly, did you create something as cracktastic as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? AND WHY DO I CONTINUE POSTING ABOUT IT?

Why does Sailor Mars get SHAFTED? She's wearing PUMPS, and the other girls all get to wear cool shiny BOOTS. but nooo, Mars, who can LIGHT YOU ON FIRE, is wearing cute little high heels! perfect for kicking off in a fight!

Why do i think about these things?

Also? she thought turtle guy was Tuxedo Mask, but Im busy shipping turtle guy with Amie-chan. Because i can. Also, i KNEW that Tuxedo Mask would figure out who she was before she figured out who he was. And it's fate. Also, the other guy's plush turtle backpack is being filled up with life energy.

And currently? Usagi is about to compete in a competition - where she has to do her best IMAGINARY UNICORN IMPRESSION. to this end, she's wearing hooves.

if she wins, she gets a fabulous prize of a plushy unicorn! and an autographed picture of singer chick.

let me say that again.


Japan, you are SO VERY WEIRD.
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omg *crying* they just beat the bad guys by singing karaoke! she got stuck in the bear costume and couldnt transform! the actual bad guys do nothing but stand around and try to look pretty!

You win! You win, Sailor Moon! ILUVYOUFOREVER.

and i laugh EVERY TIME Tuxedo Mask shows up, because his mask fits SO BADLY. and then the bubble! a PINK bubble! and she's SINGING, and he is smiling at her like an IDIOT, and i love how very very dumb she really is! *cracking up*


PS. if this show ends up making me want to watch the freaking anime, i am NEVER speaking to [ profile] anenko and [ profile] princess_dexter AGAIN. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.
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Hi, my new job officially starts tomorrow.

Ok, so, technically, ive been working for a week and a half, but i have STUDENTS tomorrow. PreSchool students. With disabilities.

I still need to do lesson plans, i still have furniture that hasnt been removed from my classroom, and I have no plates or snacks.

I would panic, but I am soothing my soul with dramas.

Today, I have watched:

Proposal Daisakusen - episode 2
Ken might just be the biggest idiot on the face of the planet. Luckily, he seems to be doing it in an adorable way. But, seriously, he thought Rei was pissed because she loves coffee milk. You are DENSE, boy. I do really like how this is going, though. He's trying to make her smile, picture by picture, and changing things in little ways. I like it. Not something I feel the need to marathon at the moment, but it's very sweet.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - episodes 1 and 2

Why Why Love - episode 1
You know, KingOne is very pretty. It's too bad he just cannot compete with the power of Mike He and his hair. I CAN already tell you that everyone in this drama is going to need to be punched in the face at least once - Im psychic like that. And it's going to be so CHEESY. But, Mike He! And his hair! And he is already pretty much completely adorable in his jerkish way. And Rainie, of course, is lovely. Also, she's very spunky, which I approve of, and she has a female friend! Admittedly, female friend needs to be punched in the face, but, female friend!

PS KingOne pretty!
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Ive watched two minutes of the first episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and I can already tell you that i am going to eat this up like CANDY. The plush cat falls ON HER HEAD and is stuck!

*crying with laughter*


ETA: OMGCRYING the first monster fight and she goes grand jete-ing and twirling down the ramp and i am NEVER GOING TO STOP LAUGHING LMAO FOREVER. and Tuxedo Mask thinks he is JUST.SO.SMOOTH and he's hilariously awkward IN A MASK AND A CAPE and omg i am going to love every second of this crack, arent i? HER PIGTAILS ARE ANIMATED! *cant talk for laughing*
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Title: Comedy of Eros
Fandom: Hana Yori Dango
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Domyouji and Makino can't get something as simple as basic biology wrong, can they?

Domyouji, I think..I think I'm ready for us to go to the next... )


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