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Hi! Today has SUCKED! I got stuck in a meeting down at the county office, and then spent 20 minutes on the phone with a guy at the alternative licensing center trying to figure out why my HR department told me to call him, because HE certainly had no idea!

And yet? HE WAS THE MOST HELPFUL PERSON I HAVE TALKED TO TODAY. he was lovely! i explained the whole situation - i didnt get my teacher's license until MARCH, because the licensing people kept requesting more and more paperwork from us, and refused to believe that i REALLY DIDNT NEED TO TAKE ANOTHER DAMN PRAXIS TEST FOR THE LOVE OF TOAST, so in MARCH, licensing sends me my cleared SpEd license, and a provisional license in preK.

i need two classes - a total of six hours, to clear my provisional license. Ive known this since Jan 15.

here's where it get's tricky.

registration for all classes in ANY college/university IN ANY PART OF NC closed on Jan 15.

the licensure department insists that i have to take all six hours before the start of the 2009 school year.

only one of the classes i need is offered during the summer! GEE THAT'S HELPFUL!

So, per the reccomendation of the lovely man at the alternative licensing center, i just spent the last four hours online combing through FIFTEEN DIFFERENT COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY class offerings for the summer, looking for any class that MIGHT could be considered to be the class I need.

he told me to email me, and he would get me permission to count it as the class i needed.


and it only MIGHT work. i have my fingers crossed. or else, i am so not kidding about raising llamas. im going to move in with [ profile] alitria, and we'll raise llamas that spit acid to sell as perimeter guards.

..she didn't know that until she read it here, BUT IT'S TOTALLY A PLAN.

Anyway, enough bitching. You know what sounds like fun? Besides the fact that Free Cone Day was at Ben and Jerry's today, and Free Cone Day is always a DAMN GOOD DAY.

what sounds like fun to me is [ profile] dorama_watch, which involves watching dramas actually WITH OTHER PEOPLE. like, on Tuesdays, we're going to watch Nodame Cantibile! On Sundays and Thursdays, we're going to watch Love Shuffle! And then? WE WILL SQUEE. TOGETHER. LIKE IT SHOULD BE. Suggestions for the next two shows havent been opened yet, but we're starting the fun on Thursday.

come and play, because if this stupid thing with school doesnt work out, im going to drown myself in dramas, and ill need some people there to keep me sane.

..well, as sane as i get anyway.
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I am tempted to cap and icon Boy Meets Boy, a dialogue free Korean short film about adorable gay boys, but am currently resisting.

it is adorable, except for the WTF random chick with feathers who sings about the dangers of picking guys up off the streets. NO I AM NOT KIDDING.

if you're thinking about it, i saw it at *MYSTERY COMM* and at jdramas, and i would recommend not wasting your time with the directors cut, as it increases the WTF singing!feathered!chick to THREE random songs.

Also, after having Brandus wave the dell catalog around in my face and then getting an email about a sale for president's day, i did my part for the economy and bought a brand new laptop. HOLY CRAP Y'ALL. Madmartigan is almost 5 years old, and he is in sad shape - the keyboard is missing so many keys i have a USB keyboard that sits on top of it that i use - the rubber feet are all gone - the casing over the hard drive is broken away, as are other pieces of the external case...poor Mad. *pets him soothingly* I wibbled and thought and double checked my savings account, and i had the money. And y'all, Madmartigan was EXPENSIVE. And I basically at least doubled RAM, tripled hard drive space, doubled processing speed...for a quarter of what i paid for Mad. if i had waited, the price would have gone up nearly $300 when the sale was over. the money I saved is going to go towards upgrading my Photoimpact software and getting a licensed copy of Page Four. *purr*


She (yes, a she - I dont know her name yet, though) should be here in a week or so. WHEEE!
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I havent been posting, because I basically took a break from all drama watching for the past two weeks or so. The last thing I watched was ep 5 of Invincible Shan Bao Mei, and I would have totally watched more of that, only I can't find more completed subbed eps anywhere, so no more boob jokes for me.

I did watch a couple of things..Hell's Kitchen, Bones, Mulan, and High School Musical 3, so you see, i DO still watch stuff in English!

The best was Mulan, and Ive been reading Mulan/Shang fanfic since, but even though it's about China, IT IS STILL IN ENGLISH SO IT COUNTS.

Today, i watched the first ep of Nodame Cantabile, and Im already in love with it. Not to mention that Chiaki is already totally in love with Nodame, he just doesn't realize it. but he gives her these incredibly fond smiles when she does crazy stuff, and he cleaned her house and cooked and told her that next time he would cook her something better, and then he washed her hair and I died while he was drying it. I really did.

it might sound weird, but i would have been totally happy for it to end at the end of ep1. with him looking at Nodame fondly while she spun in circles or wore a tea cozy as a hat, or whatever other insane thing you could think of. this wont stop me from watching on, but really, just him coming to a place where he's more at peace with himself, and where he totally love Nodame and takes care of her, even though he denies it - that makes me happy.

In other American news, Im attempting to upload all 13 eps of The Inside to THAT ONE COMM. I managed to fuck up my post twice, so Im crossing my fingers that they arent going to send this one back to me, too. if anyone is interested in the links, let me know, and ill post them. if you HAVENT seen The Inside, it's a creepy procedural crime drama featuring an awesomely fucked up main character and Adam Baldwin as an FBI agent named Danny Love. I adore it, although i suggest you dont watch it in the dark when you're alone, as you might wet your pants. "Declawed" creeps the ever loving fuck out of me, for one thing. and then there is the Ponyman, and the fact that he's a pedo and is only know as the Ponyman should tell you several things about him and how creepy he is. gah.

also, ive come to a theory about my tendencies towards dramas and which ones i like the best - based solely on how long it takes me to start porning up the show in my own mind.

For example: Why Why Love, Mike He's mullet and Rainie - still no mental porn, and no desire to do so. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - I believe I was porning Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon having public secret identity sex by ep 17. You'd be amazed at what a cape can cover.

must think more on this theory.
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Ive watched five eps of Invincible Shan Bao Mei, and am completely enjoying it.

1. It is made of crack
2. The current plotline is the size of Shan Bao's boobs
3. Nicholas Teo has a smile that can cure cancer

[ profile] princess_dexter expressed interest, and when I mentioned the rocket penis, SHE REALLY NEEDED A PICSPAM.

This show is nuts, y'all. Dont go in and say I didnt warn you. I cant even judge if it's a GOOD show. it just amuses me, and it involves boobs. YAY BOOBS!

the deadly flat chested ghost! )
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Things I do not need to do:

1. Cap Why Why Love for the purpose of showing how Mike He KILLS me with the faces he makes

2. Cap and icon Hana Kimi tw

3. Cap Invincible Shan Bao Mei to show off the crack and the tiny rocket pasted over Nicholas Teo's crotch in a naked picture DAMN YOU [ profile] princess_dexter.

4. Download any new show

5. Make a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fanvid to "Everyday Superhero," WHICH I FINALLY OWN IN UNPROTECTED FORMAT

6. Start watching anything right this second, as it is time for bed
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Two things about this post!

1) We're still all about Asia, here!
2) I watch too much weird tv and movies for you to trust my taste in ANYTHING.

that said!

Last night, I watched a movie called Butterfly Lovers, starring the lovely Wu Zun..actually, that was the whole reason I downloaded the movie. I knew it had Wu Zun in it.


So. To review.

This is Wu Zun:


Anyway, now that we are all on the same page, let's go under a cut and discuss Wu Zun and why he should never leave home without a sword and a gaping shirt EVER AGAIN.

Also starring: The least convincing girl pretending to be a boy EVER!

Romeo, Juliet, and something about butterflies )

[ profile] dangermousie has made it very difficult for me to wait to download the new Korean Hanadan with these caps from ep 5. Jun Pyo being protective and tending Jandi's hurts and *swoon* My kink, let me show you it.

The cap with him putting medicine on her knee and then blowing on it almost kills me. JUST THE CAP. I HAVENT EVEN SEEN THE SCENE.

...i was going to talk about something else, but I dont remember what, so Ill leave you with a pic of Wu Zun I found while I was looking for pics of him with a sword. Sometimes he gets hungry on stage? I dont even know.

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I am LOVING the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, which I wasnt expecting! But then the drama part of my flist kept talking about it, and posting caps, and squeeing, and really, if you promise me that the female protagonist kicks the male lead IN THE FACE during the first two episodes, YOU TOTALLY HAVE MY COMPLETE ATTENTION.

It has a very different feel then the jdrama - or maybe Im projecting, because I know the story. Hmm.

Anyway, in the jdrama, Domyouji comes across as PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL. He beats people up while screaming with rage! He knocks down one of the bitches! He is REALLY trying to get Makino to just GO THE FUCK AWAY. F4 seems more afraid of him..or at least unwilling to make him angry. His woobification takes a while. I didn't fall for Dorkface until ep 4, when he's in the rain and he's waiting and then I began to flail and HAVENT STOPPED YET.

In the kdrama, Jun Pyo is just..a bully. He's a BIGGER bully then the others, but he's just a bully. And just because he's bored. I havent seen him hit anyone yet, and Ive seen Jandi smear him with ice cream and kick him in the face! Instead of giving her a makeover to make her GO THE FUCK AWAY, he gives her a makeover to tell her she can be his SECRET GIRLFRIEND and he'll totally say hi to her in private. Because he can tell she's in love with him. LMAO FOREVER. His friends? LAUGH when they see a girl half his size school him WITH HER FISTS. When he declares she must be in love with him, they crack up! They think it's hilarious to see him get taken down several pegs. I already love him! He's a total dork! He has no social skills! He has NO IDEA why on earth Jandi wouldnt like him!

I already love this show, and Ive only seen two episodes!

It doesnt hurt that Jandi (Makino) is AWESOME. Girl is hardcore, and I love her for it. She doesnt even want to BE at this stupid school! *glee*

I need icons.

Soon, I will write up a post about why my head hurts SO FUCKING MUCH from beating it against a table while watching Why Why Love (HINT: THE END HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE BEGINNING. OUT OF NOWHERE), but why Mike He and his hair continue to charm me, and why Kingone REALLY needs a drama where he gets the girl already!

Also, soon, I will write up that epic post about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and why i have no shame at all in admitting i love its silly, goofy, world-ending wonderfulness! *spins in glee* (Hint: Sailor Jupiter is hot. Mamoru is hot. Turtle guy is too cute for words. Serenity blows shit up!)
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Hi, my new job officially starts tomorrow.

Ok, so, technically, ive been working for a week and a half, but i have STUDENTS tomorrow. PreSchool students. With disabilities.

I still need to do lesson plans, i still have furniture that hasnt been removed from my classroom, and I have no plates or snacks.

I would panic, but I am soothing my soul with dramas.

Today, I have watched:

Proposal Daisakusen - episode 2
Ken might just be the biggest idiot on the face of the planet. Luckily, he seems to be doing it in an adorable way. But, seriously, he thought Rei was pissed because she loves coffee milk. You are DENSE, boy. I do really like how this is going, though. He's trying to make her smile, picture by picture, and changing things in little ways. I like it. Not something I feel the need to marathon at the moment, but it's very sweet.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - episodes 1 and 2

Why Why Love - episode 1
You know, KingOne is very pretty. It's too bad he just cannot compete with the power of Mike He and his hair. I CAN already tell you that everyone in this drama is going to need to be punched in the face at least once - Im psychic like that. And it's going to be so CHEESY. But, Mike He! And his hair! And he is already pretty much completely adorable in his jerkish way. And Rainie, of course, is lovely. Also, she's very spunky, which I approve of, and she has a female friend! Admittedly, female friend needs to be punched in the face, but, female friend!

PS KingOne pretty!
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I did finish watching Hana Kimi tw, and i DID enjoy it, for all that I sometimes wanted to force Ella to look in the mirror and say, LOOK! LOOK WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO YOURSELF! STOP MAKING MONKEY FACES. The monkeys don't like it!

There was a number of glossed over storylines, or storylines that seemed..wildly incomplete..hey, look, it's Quan's brother who he hasn't spoken to in years! Let's have him come and be hostile, and then GO AWAY before anything is resolved! Let's have Rui Xi have some boy force himself on her and be SEXUALLY ASSAULTED! But it's ok, the boy who did it is a good guy, and he was really shocked to find out you were a boy! Wow, does he feel silly! Good thing Quan showed up to pull him off you before he got your pants off!


cut for wordiness and spoilers )
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There have been several picspams of pretty pretty people on various ljs lately.

[ profile] princess_dexter'shovember
[ profile] wildwesternwind's little asian addictions
[ profile] itsplashes' top 20

now, these are all beautiful, beautiful things full of hot, occasionally shirtless men. but you know what? i feel like the ladies need a little loving.

This isnt a countdown. Dont expect these to come at any regular interval. Dont expect them all to be asian - although, right now? Asia RULES, so suck it. Anyway, hot chicks are awesome.

Girlcrush: Ella Chen

Who is she: One third of Taiwan girlband S.H.E., actress in the tw version of Hana Kimi, hot ass chick with attitude and an affinity for crossdressing.

Why I love her: She is gorgeous and hilarious, and it took about three Behind the Scenes of Hana Kimi for me to totally fall in love with her. She shows off her undies. She tells the world that her mom gropes her boobs and thinks they are pitiful. She pats Wu Zun on the ass. She pats Wu Zun on the dick. She pretends to dance around a stripper pole. She says that she wears nothing but an apron around the house. She makes out with her hot bandmates. She seems like someone who would be totally awesome to hang around, because you know she'd be the one in the corner telling dirty jokes and betting on who would get drunk and naked first. And then she'd take a shot of tequila and take her top off.

I'm really a very virtuous girl )
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What? WHAT? WHAT? 15 episodes and I get NOTHING?

No kissing? No hugging? NOT EVEN A REAL LOVE CONFESSION?!




And no, the other kisses dont count! There wasnt one single kiss where both were fully there and participating - I AM VERY UNHAPPY.


*wails pathetically*
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Im halfway through ep 5 of the tw Hana Kimi, and I have to say (and i really really dont want to), that although, on the whole, I care about the jdrama characters more - like, all of the jdrama characters, i love like burning, whereas i..really dont care about many of the tw characters - tw's Quan and Rui Xi's relationship have Japan's Sano and Mizuki's asses KICKED.

Im five episodes in! Kisses! Hugs! Flirting!

About episode three, Quan starts..messing with her. He calls it "teasing," i call it "flirting." Im just waiting to see how long it takes him to realize that. He's getting all up in her space and messing with her, he's catching her full on CHECKING HIM OUT when he's changing, and he's GRINNING about it. FLIRTING. Ive seen more than one hair muss that was more of a face caress, and the kiss...

oh, the kiss.

i have mixed feelings about the kiss, because yes, he was drunk, and she was unwilling, and that's BAD, because she was so upset and i dont blame her, but that KISS. I kinda maybe rewatched it maybe 10 times, counting the number of times they've replayed it for me, too. Because, SERIOUSLY. if she was actually kissing back, instead of making the monkey frown of horror (REALLY, I DO NOT BLAME HER. SHE IS VERY UNHAPPY AND HAS THE RIGHT TO BE. VIOLATED. I GET THAT), that kiss would have been saying UNF BABY. With just Quan doing the kissing, it STILL made me say NGH, so obviously, that boy is doing SOMETHING VERY VERY RIGHT.


And the hug! He jumps! He makes it! IN FRONT OF ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, she throws herself at him and he grabs her and she's standing on tippy toe and they're hugging and they're grinning and hugging and grinning and i think i died from the absolute CUTE. and then she gets yelled at to get off the field, and they pull back and are HOLDING HANDS for a second and beaming at each other and seriously, DEAD FROM CUTE.

so, as much as I lovelovelove Sano and Mizuki, I gotta say, the passion these two have is miles more than what we saw from Japan.

And while I love Mizuki..Rui Xi kinda kicks her ass, too. Seriously! Girl is fierce. When she gets pissed, it's awesome. At one point, she is getting stupid nasty notes left on her desk, and when she gets sick of it, she SLAMS her hands on the desk and she starts barking orders and AWESOME. I like my girls with attitude, and Mizuki never really pulls off that much of an attitude. And, at a different time, eyebrow boy (the..high jump rival, whatever his name is), is needling Quan and Rui Xi really does not put up with that shit, which cracks both me AND Quan up. I think i love her.

Now, dont get carried away, there is alot i dont like about the show, and most of it has to do with what i disliked about the manga. like, OH MY GOD DONT YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT AMERICA? WE CELEBRATE VALENTINE'S DAY HERE TOO. THIS IS NOT A NEW THING JEEZUS. but, again, that's the manga's fault. as is the fact that Quan is back to highjumping by ep 4. NO! I WILL NEVER HIGH JUMP AGAIN! YOU ARE A STRANGER AND WEIRD! to I WILL JUMP FOR YOU BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN MEEEE in 2 weeks? Um. Bullshit? Yeah, that's the term.

Plus, honestly, the other characters? i just dont care. In the slightest. I mean, tw Nakatsu's funny, but I dont love him like I do Nakatsu himself. And the others barely register. I cant even TELL you who the hell the other two guys probably are. I know one is Nakatsu and one is Kayashima, and the others? Eeh. Don't care. And i get really bored if it isnt about Rui Xi and Quan, so ive been doing some skimming, which is exactly how i got through the manga! Lots of skimming! and the doctor's scenes are SO BORING OMG.

In contrast, I love almost every single kooky character in the jdrama. Nanba is a lot less..creepy than Senior Nan, and YangYang is funny, but I liked Nakoe better because we got to know him more. plus, the conflict wasnt wrapped up in a split second for NO APPARENT REASON. i mean, the dorm heads themselves are AWESOME, all of dorm 2 kicks ASS, and Sekime is my baby. I love the jdrama cast and characters! this just isnt..gelling as well for me.

but, again, im not a manga fan at the best of times, and it might just be that I cant figure out who is who thanks to the name changes. Who ARE those two guys supposed to be? *ponders* and i refuse to go look at the manga again to figure it out.

Honestly, the only thing that came out of the manga that I really enjoyed was this:

cut for your pleasure )
There are so many many ways for me to say, UNF.

ETA: SHE TOTALLY WAS JUST CHECKING OUT HIS ASS IN HIS SWIM SUIT. And he *knows* she did it, and he just..grinned! *hands*

ETAA: I find myself really noticing that she isnt a boy. I mean, she and Quan go for a walk, and i find myself staring at their crotches and comparing.

I would be worried about being a perv, but i embrace it, so hey. but seriously, girl NEEDS to be stuffing her pants. or else the other boys are going to start to talk about how tiny she must be.
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See, i COULD be relaxing in my chair right now, watching Yamapi fuck up another time with another picture opportunity in Proposal Daisakusen, but I have found that i cannot concentrate on things like "plot" at this moment in time, as I spent ALL DAMN DAY rearranging my new (NEW? DID I MENTION THE NEW JOB? AS A FUCKING SPECIAL ED PRESCHOOL TEACHER? HAVE I MENTIONED THE UNCONTROLLABLE WEEPING THAT ONLY STOPS WHEN I THINK ABOUT MY SHINY NEW PAYCHECK?) classroom to pass insane standards about how many types of paint i have out and how close the reading center is to the block area.

So, instead, i am trying (again) to watch the tw version of Hana Kimi.

Now, with apologies to [ profile] princess_dexter, i LOVE the jdrama version. And I love Sano. And I am very very fond of all the boys and Mizuki and have a crush on Nataksu, maybe, but i dont tell [ profile] rinalin about that, because then she'd never let me talk about Sano. I LOVE YOU, RINNY!

Anyway, so the tw hana kimi does not equal the jdrama hana kimi. the tw follows the manga much more closely. And Ella looks..extremely boyish. And Im not a manga fan, and i had to skip the entire first chapter when i was reading it because I JUST COULDNT SEE HER HUMILIATE HERSELF LIKE THAT. And no, i dont care than Mizuki was an ink drawing, IM JUST NOT MADE OF THAT STERN OF STUFF. I have a very well honed embarrassment squick and HATE watching people do stuff that would make me cry if i did them, because i would die of sheer humiliation.

So, so far, ive gotten five minutes in, which, believe it or not, is better than the first time i tried to watch this show, and ive only had to pause it twice!

Moving on:

HELLOOO TW SANO. You arent as pretty as Oguri Shun, by my standards, but you are very very pretty. Of course, the face Ella is making at you right now is very tragic and makes me want to run away. Three pauses.

Pause count: four. I got through watching the whole "I like you!" scene by watching the subtitles through my fingers with only one headphone in. Also, does she ALWAYS walk like that? All...lumbering and weird?

10 minutes! Im so PROUD of myself. Also, tw Nakatsu has known tw Mizuki for less than five minutes and is already trying to get him/her to take off his/her pants. I FIND THIS IMPRESSIVE. Admittedly, within the first five minutes of the jdrama, Nakatsu had already groped Mizuki's boobs/chest, not..sure who's winning, here. LMAO LMAO FOREVER HE JUST DROPPED HIS OWN PANTS.

Pause count: Six. I know that it's in the manga, but Im going to have to shoot her because no one is allowed to be this stupid. Yes, of COURSE you and Sano are sharing a bed. Gah. GROW A BRAIN PLEASE.

Also, I feel the need to point out that those pants are tight enough to show off what she don't got, if you know what i mean. I think you will need to start stuffing your pants, girlie.

*cracks up* I can already tell that Nan's gay lover admirer is going to be a FAVORITE. His little bitchy foot stomp is ADORABLE.

OK OK I FIND HER ADORABLE GEEZE. All it took was for her to block the wind from sleeping boy. CUTE. Also, i really have to learn their tw names.

Cheesy running sequence=FABULOUS

Pause count: seven. HIS EYES ARE OPEN. THIS WOULD IMPLY THAT HE IS NOT ASLEEP. Perhaps you should learn the difference before talking about how handsome he is? TO HIS FACE? oh..well, he is asleep? DID YOU FORGET TO CLOSE YOUR EYES, BOY?

You know, i cant even imagine how that scene where she faints and Quan picks her up was filmed - "Ok, now grab her boob." "WHAT?" "GRAB HER BOOB. How else will you know she's a girl?" "Can't I fake it?" "No, we want a full on boob grab on national television. Go for it."

HOLY CRAP, she can hit.

I find myself, not so much distracted by the overacting, because it's a twdrama, and they kind of thrive on that, but on Ella's tragic unattractive overacting FACES. They hurt me. Physically. I am in pain every time she screws up her face in thought. MAKE HER STOP.

Ok fine. it's cute. ill watch more.

But tomorrow, Yamapi and fairies and time travel. Or I shall attempt. Maybe i should write my yuletide, huh? WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT?
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AHAHAHAHA, i have been whining and bitching and moaning and OMG POSTING FIC about this stupid stupid show, but today? TODAY? I get to share something completely joyful and blinding with my beloved flist.

Not only did [ profile] princess_dexter lovingly devote her November to counting down her 20 hottest asian guys (tag title=hovember), which you should really go check out, because YUM -

She also dedicated a long period of time, her retinas and probably many many tears of pain to chronicling, in detail, the sheer HORROR that is Young-Jae's, the male lead's wardrobe in the kdrama, Full House.

You should check it out.

It kinda makes me scream with laughter, want to dig out my eyes with a rusty spoon and rewatch the damned show omg ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

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Title: Maid to Order
Author: alianora
Rating: PG13
Summery: A gift! All tied up in a pretty bow!

I hate everyone, but especially [ profile] princess_dexter, who made me think of it.

I have no dignity left. Just stop me from making tshirts or something, ok? )
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Oh god, I finished watching Full House, and it's possible that the last half hour might just have made every single bit of my endless pain worth it, but now im thinking back on the stupid show FONDLY and i want to rewatch certain scenes and i have BUNNIES and OMG I HAD TO CREATE A NEW TAG JUST TO CONTAIN MY PAIN.

Seriously, this show is STUPID and the writing is completely nonsensical in some places and the drama is POINTLESS and drawn out for no reason, but there is just something adorable about the love story and asljkaklsal HATE.

and you cannot convince me (and [ profile] anenko agrees with me) that there was not sexing going on in that tent on the pier. YOU CANNOT CONVINCE ME. THERE IS NO OTHER REASON FOR HIM TO BE HIDING (HIDING! OMG SO CUTE!) WITH HIS FACE BURIED IN THE BLANKET THE NEXT MORNING.

Sexing. I dont care that they woke up fully dressed. WRITE ME PORN.

However! I am posting because i have COME TO A REALIZATION.


Don't believe me about the fashion disasters? HERE IS ONE TINY EXAMPLE.

Why the scarf? Why is the shirt slit down practically to his belly button? Why is it SLEEVELESS OH GOD.


It is pretty much stated outright throughout the entire stupid show (omg my life, i hate it so), that bitchface is the one who dresses him. See, she has/works in this clothing store, and every time he wants a fix of bitchface ('cause he's addicted and follows her around LIKE A PUPPY and i hate her a lot), he wanders over to the store to spend too much money on clothes.

so, i figure, she gets sick of him coming over ALL THE TIME (like a PUPPY. it's disgusting.) and she starts running out of actual ATTRACTIVE clothes, so she just starts grabbing whatever horrible atrocity comes to hand and reassures him it is the height of fashion! Trust me, my puppy! And no, i dont want to go get dinner, unless your hot friend is going and you're paying, HERE WEAR THIS.

I am convinced of this. And when you see some of the other crimes against humanity he wears - including a few horrible hats and many shirts that actually make me weep with pain, YOU WILL BELIEVE IT.

This? This, however, is the picture on the wall. of his BEDROOM. It is practically life sized. It lights up. LMAO FOREVER.
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Oh my god, y'all. Full House (the Korean drama, not the one with uncle Jesse) is the dumbest show on earth and i want to kill someone but i can't turn it off. *weeps*

I got through the first two episodes by the occasional use of the fast forward button (SECONDARY CHICK, I AM LOOKING AT YOU), some swearing, and the realization that i had nothing better to do.

after that..i..kinda got into it.

but it starts off SO BADLY.

She! is adorable and a writer and has a gorgeous house and highly suspicious acting friends. SURPRISE! they say. YOU WON A TRIP TO SOMEPLACE NOT HERE! WHAT? OF COURSE ALL EXPENSES PAID? WOULD WE LIE?

and then they sell her house and all her furniture. and steal her savings. and take out a loan in her name.

and y'all, i knew I was doomed about this show when i started FINDING HER FRIENDS FUNNY. i spent the first three episodes or so hissing at the screen when they showed up or were mentioned, and now i just chuckle. OH SO FUNNY! HE JUST TOLD THE BOSS ABOUT THE CONTRACT MARRIAGE! HEE! *facepalm*

what sent me into fits, though, was how the bank people and the realtor just..shrug it off. like it's something that happens all the time! OOPS! Somebody sold your house! Whoopsie! Nothing we can do, no ma'am! I couldnt get over it! I threw things! I swore out loud! My husband thinks Im possessed!

I got through the first two episodes on boredom and swear words. By episode three, I was watching out of vague interest to see how many times Young-Jae and Ji-eun could possibly encounter each other in bizarre ways, figuring out how long it would take them to get their heads out of their asses and realize they loved each other, and horrified fascination to see what horrible crime against humanity Young-Jae would next call an outfit.

I mean it. Seriously. [ profile] princess_dexter is supposedly putting together a picspam of the horrors he wears and calls "fashion," and i will point you there as soon as possible, because this shit has to be seen to be believed.

so, anyway, girl gets put on plane on scam trip, girl meets famous boy and throws up on him, borrows money from him, then comes home to find him living in her house. you know, typical story, whatever.

but this is actually when it starts getting rather awesome, in an OH GOD WHY AM I WATCHING THIS kind of way. see, there is this girl that Young-Jae likes who desperately needs to be punched in the face or hit with a brick or something, because i hate her and frequently fast forward through her scenes. she spends half of her time telling Young-Jae how much she doesnt like him but dont you DARE fall in love with your fake wife, you hussy, and the other half crying over secondary guy, who, for a change, i actually LIKE.

so, there's this girl, and she's a bitch, and Young-Jae follows her around like a puppy, but she likes Min-Hyuk, who is hot but has his secretary send bitch birthday presents, so obviously, he doesnt care. bitch doesnt like Young-Jae, but wants him at her beck and call.

Through series of random events involving the large amount of money that Ji-eun borrowed from dude, the fact that he's living in the house her dad built and she refuses to leave, and the fact she went through his mail and filched an invite to the fancy party that all four of them magically wound up at, hot guy shoots bitch down, bitch is bitchy to Young-Jae and demands to know if he likes her, at which point he proclaims himself in love with JI-EUN, and plants a big one on her right there.


then! he proposes marriage!

no, really. a fake marriage. because 1)he's pissed at bitch who he tried to propose to but she blew him off for the hottie and 2)he's tired of constantly being asked about scandals and who he is dating, and whatever. here's the deal. they get married, stay married for 6 months, she does the cleaning and cooking to pay him back the tons of money she borrowed from him to get home AFTER HER FRIENDS SENT HER TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY SO THEY COULD SELL HER HOUSE, and at the end of the 6 months, she gets a divorce and the house back.

Everybody wins!


She figured out she was in love with him three freaking episodes ago! He throws temper tantrums and demands she clean things and has the emotional maturity of a CARROT and has not yet caught up with the fact he loves her too, even though he had a complete meltdown when she told him they should just get divorced.

and, of course, hottie likes Ji-Eun, bitch has decided she might maybe like Young-Jae and SHE'D LIKE HIM BACK NOW GIVE TO ME I DONT CARE THAT YOU ARE MARRIED OMG BITCHFACE, and Young-Jae is more emotionally stunted then Dorkface and IT IS POSSIBLE I WILL NOT SURVIVE THIS DRAMA.


ETA: He wants her to sit there with him while he eats! He doesn't want strangers bothering her about their marriage! WHY AM I FLAPPING MY HANDS IN GLEE?!

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ATTENTION: I know that being sucked into Asian drama has caused many of you my flist to become remarkably bored. While I promise that i still love Firefly and many other English fandoms, and do, in fact, have full intentions of finishing both Wingtip and Fun and Games, I know that many of you have no interest in Japanese, Taiwanese, or Korean entertainment. EVEN THOUGH YOU TOTALLY SHOULD.

So, I declare today to be DeFriending Amnesty day. Should you have no interest in my current interests at this time, or we never comment on each other's posts, or you just don't like the shirt I am wearing today (AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME WEARING A KEYSTONE CAMP TSHIRT, HUH?), please, feel free to defriend. It won't hurt my feelings.

IN OTHER, MORE ASIAN NEWS! Ive finished more dramas, YAY! (Here is where the defriending really starts...ready? GO!)

HERE is the List of DOOOOM, which includes things Ive seen, things I've given up on completely, and things I want to see. Things shift from catagory to catagory fairly easily, so sometimes things will move from things Im watching to things Ive abandoned to things ive finished. It's magic that way.

anyway, things Ive seen lately or forgot to talk about last time around:

Devil Beside You:
Ahrang's deskwalk continues to be sexy and he continues to be underage DAMN YOU TAIWAN )

Yasuko to Kenji:
Oki's angry faces crack me up completely, as do Erika's fireball eyes )

My Name is Kim Sam Soon/My Lovely Sam Soon:
There is more bathroom humor here then I am normally comfortable with, much less comfortable laughing at )

Coffee Prince:
sexual confusion, gender bending, cross dressing and a doggy! )


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