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Thank you thank you thank you for the kind soothing words the other day. Things still suck, but I've hit somewhere between so-stressed-i-cant-eat and are-you-fucking-kidding-me-with-this-bullshit?

In other news, I've decided to retire from teaching to become a professional Angry Feminist. That way I would be paid to yell at people for their bullshit. I think it sounds AMAZING.
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Whining and frustration and word vomit under the cut, all real life crap.

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May. 21st, 2011 07:58 am
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Apologies for not posting much recently, words aren't coming easily to me. I'm not even answering my email if i can help it. i've been hanging out a lot on tumblr instead, because pictures are easy and reblogging is easy and liking something is easy. words are hard.

which is frustrating, because i have 2 incomplete Kurtofsky fics, a Burt/Carole thing floating around my head, and I want to write little Samcedes ficlets from Prom Queen and Funeral and bits and pieces of other stuff. Like, Mercedes cutting Sam's hair.

But. Words. Words are ok, more or less, but stringing them together is currently pretty impossible. and i am frustrated.

in other news, we are yet again discussing moving. but brandus refuses to commit to a PLACE and is just like, we'll move! then we'll find jobs! and then an apartment! and im sitting here going NO. THIS IS NOT HOW THINGS WORK. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE ON A HIRING FREEZE?

so. any thoughts on Colorado or Washington state would be helpful.

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My father in law died yesterday morning - before Brandus could get there to say goodbye.

I'm torn.

Part of me wants to analyze in great detail the man's life, explaining my feelings and why this sucks and is a relief.

The other part of me is writing porn for Glee.

So, that's my life right now.

My father in law is dead and I have porn.
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-Glee needs to do a Weird Al episode. Yes.

-I need to stop listening to nothing but Glee music.

-Why does the Glee "Christmas" album ignore the fact that Puck and Rachel are both very proudly Jewish? The episode better address it, or else i will have words.

-i have read almost every piece of Kurtofsky fic in existence, and i am SOBBING because i need MORE. Y'all, i've even read the really creepy (and not creepy in a well written way) rape-fantasies that exist on the Pit. I feel dirty. And also, needy.

-I kinda want to write the fic where Rachel can't get to Broadway because she's INSANE, and no one hires a Diva until she's proved she's worth the effort. and then my brain quickly turned to pondering if Rachel would go as far as to audition on the casting couch, if you know what i mean. i mean...she's done other things that show how ruthless she can be, but she be willing to sleep with a director for a part? Hmm.

-my father in law is finally getting serious about dying, and will be gone in a few days. i am avoiding the issue right now.
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I would dearly like to tell my flist my feelings about Glee (conflicted), my feelings about the Grilled Cheezus ep of Glee (REALLY FUCKING UNHAPPY), and my feelings about my face (ow ow ow).

Because I can only focus on one of the three, i shall explain to you about my face. My beautiful, previously undamaged face.

The GOOD news is that my nose isn't broken.

The BAD news is that on Tuesday, I was working with a kid at a table. I leaned over to show him something, and he very suddenly jerked hard my direction, slamming his skull into the bridge of my nose. His only saving grace is that is was an accident. Otherwise I would have thrown him straight out the window.

Like I said, it isn't broken, but I do have a swollen, bruised nose and two black eyes. The black eyes are subtle enough that, instead of looking like I just got a skull to the face, I look like I haven't slept in a week. I'm not sure if that's an improvement.

The doctor said that I would have a four to five day headache and OMG HE WASN'T KIDDING. I worked yesterday, but I drove to work today - realizing on the way that ME DRIVING was a horrible idea after nearly getting in two wrecks in ten minutes - walked in and told the director that i really needed to come home because my head might pop off my body without warning.

I still feel like crap and wanna stay home tomorrow, but I can't. I only have so many sick days, and I need to save them in case the child gets sick.

So, the moral of this story is OW MY HEAD.


Sep. 16th, 2010 09:46 pm
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Voldemort started attending a new preschool yesterday. We loved his daycare, but it was out of the way of both Brandus’ and my commute, plus they had a LOT of staff turnover recently, and we got tired of never knowing who would be in there teaching.

We looked at a Montessori preschool, which would have been awesome, but it was in Jacksonville, where I teach, which is 45 minutes away from our house, so if I didn’t go to work, he didn’t go to school, which wouldn’t work.

So, we kept looking, and agreed, cautiously, on a Christian preschool. Cautiously, as neither of us is what could be considered Christian. Brandus is Buddhist, and I…well..I consider myself pagan, but only in a WOW THIS HERE IS A GREAT UNIVERSE AIN’T IT kind of way.

And, really, when brandus went in to check it out, the director immediately offered that they dont teach religion – they teach the Bible.

Ok, I’m down with that. Bible stories are good to know, Jesus was a swell guy, I don’t mind him singing Johnny Appleseed before lunch. It’s all good.

And it was. Until today. When I went to pick up the Dark Lordling and asked the teacher how his day went, she frowned and told me he had some trouble being rough and keeping his hands to himself. But, after they prayed about it, his day got better.

…..excuse me, what was that?

Look, you want to pray before meals? Go for it. You want to lead a group prayer because someone is sick or in the hospital? AWESOME, I AM ALL ABOUT THAT.

But, my kid shoves someone, so you PRAY with him about his behavior?

Needless to say, my concern was high.

So, on the way home, as I was worrying about this, I decided to broach the waters with the kid.

“Hey, buddy? Has school said anything about Jesus?”

Kiddo is highly involved in destroying a piece of paper, and therefore, says nothing.


He finally grunts an acknowledgment, paper now in 4 pieces, which seems to be satisfactory or something.

“Bud, what has school told you about Jesus?”

He ponders for a moment.

“…Jesus is what happens when you sneeze. ACHOO! So we say, ‘JESUS!’ to me.”

Somehow, I’m comforted.
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*crawls into a hole*

holy crap, so much whining )

Fuck that. Someone gimme some drama or Firefly prompts.
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Hi, so I'm supposed to "help out" by signing for a Deaf family tomorrow at the rec center, and instead of practicing or going over what I'm supposed to sign, I am instead watching videos of people signing songs on youtube and FREAKING OUT because this is a family who is, you know, FLUENT in ASL, and I am COMPLETELY NOT, and I can't even figure out half of what these people are signing even though it's to the words to the song and HI FREAKING OUT I WANNA CALL AND WIMP OUT.

The reason the rec center asked is because i approached them about teaching Singing Time classes so if i suck what will i do and the family is fluent and im going to make an idiot of myself and i hate everything so im going to go take a xanax and try to go to bed. But if i take a xanax NOW, I still have to be up in 6 hours and what will it do to me all day tomorrow? I need my brain to finish translating and going over signs and gah i hate EVERYTHING. What was i THINKING? I can't do this!

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*brightly* so, i havent updated or posted my yuletide reveals or thanked anybody for anything, but everytime i think of what i need to post, i get all overwhelmed and want to go lay down, and watching random movies and Arashi stupidness is ever so much more fun and productive, so i just..dont. and havent. but i will! i think..maybe.

anyway, im posting today, because im kind of freaking out, because there's this thing that i havent talked about on here, that's really kind of huge for me, and ive been working on it for a while, and im freaking out right now tonight, because i just did the second to last piece, and had to POST A VIDEO OF IT ON THE INTERNETS OMG WHY.

so, im flapping my hands and panicking and wishing we actually had something other than bento boxes to pack lunches in, because paper bags are better when you are hyperventilating. the fact that i am a dork and that is readily appearent on the internet is something that has never been a surprise to me, but the fact that i am a HORRIBLY OBVIOUS DORK and then i RECORDED it, is making me want to go hide in the corner shrieking for a while.

regardless, here is my hugely dorky horrible video (that i redid four times because i would suddenly lose the ability to speak coherent sentences somewhere in the middle of Brown Bear, Brown Bear), that i did to apply for my Advanced certification to teach Signing Time classes. the hair is stupid, i never wear make up so i look kind of dead, and i stared at the screen instead of the camera, so it looks like i have no eyes. aaaaaahhhh.

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FOUND: new parts of Wingtip that I thought were gone forever from the crash I experienced several months ago. *whispers* and i think i finally want to work on it again. ALL HAIL GOOGLE DOCS.

LOST: new original fiction I started (or restarted, rather, as the original was lost in the aforementioned crash) and had at least 500 words in, which I was going to brag about and explain that procrastinating on my yuletide seems to be helping in other areas. BOO GOOGLE DOCS. BOOO.



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