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This is absolutely one of my favorite scenes in both seasons of Hana Yori Dango and the Final movie. HANDS DOWN.

Domyouji left Makino with her family with a very fancy dress to wear to meet him at prom after graduation. On her way, she gets stuck in the mud, runs out of gas, and encounters general mayhem that really wrecks the plan to go to prom.

Hey, seeing as she caught his attention by punching him, I don't think missing prom is going to ruin their relationship at this point.

Spoilers for the finale of HYD Returns!

It's sad that I find him so attractive, isn't it? Seeing as he's wearing gold lame.

That's a declaration of war, huh? )
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I am LOVING the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, which I wasnt expecting! But then the drama part of my flist kept talking about it, and posting caps, and squeeing, and really, if you promise me that the female protagonist kicks the male lead IN THE FACE during the first two episodes, YOU TOTALLY HAVE MY COMPLETE ATTENTION.

It has a very different feel then the jdrama - or maybe Im projecting, because I know the story. Hmm.

Anyway, in the jdrama, Domyouji comes across as PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL. He beats people up while screaming with rage! He knocks down one of the bitches! He is REALLY trying to get Makino to just GO THE FUCK AWAY. F4 seems more afraid of him..or at least unwilling to make him angry. His woobification takes a while. I didn't fall for Dorkface until ep 4, when he's in the rain and he's waiting and then I began to flail and HAVENT STOPPED YET.

In the kdrama, Jun Pyo is just..a bully. He's a BIGGER bully then the others, but he's just a bully. And just because he's bored. I havent seen him hit anyone yet, and Ive seen Jandi smear him with ice cream and kick him in the face! Instead of giving her a makeover to make her GO THE FUCK AWAY, he gives her a makeover to tell her she can be his SECRET GIRLFRIEND and he'll totally say hi to her in private. Because he can tell she's in love with him. LMAO FOREVER. His friends? LAUGH when they see a girl half his size school him WITH HER FISTS. When he declares she must be in love with him, they crack up! They think it's hilarious to see him get taken down several pegs. I already love him! He's a total dork! He has no social skills! He has NO IDEA why on earth Jandi wouldnt like him!

I already love this show, and Ive only seen two episodes!

It doesnt hurt that Jandi (Makino) is AWESOME. Girl is hardcore, and I love her for it. She doesnt even want to BE at this stupid school! *glee*

I need icons.

Soon, I will write up a post about why my head hurts SO FUCKING MUCH from beating it against a table while watching Why Why Love (HINT: THE END HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE BEGINNING. OUT OF NOWHERE), but why Mike He and his hair continue to charm me, and why Kingone REALLY needs a drama where he gets the girl already!

Also, soon, I will write up that epic post about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and why i have no shame at all in admitting i love its silly, goofy, world-ending wonderfulness! *spins in glee* (Hint: Sailor Jupiter is hot. Mamoru is hot. Turtle guy is too cute for words. Serenity blows shit up!)
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Title: Comedy of Eros
Fandom: Hana Yori Dango
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Domyouji and Makino can't get something as simple as basic biology wrong, can they?

Domyouji, I think..I think I'm ready for us to go to the next... )
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I love you, Dorkface!

underneath the cut, all there is is spoilery SQUEEE.

Smile of Venus )

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Ive been wanting to do this for a while, because really, Dorkface is FANTASTICALLY evil. So much so that for the first two episodes, I ABSOLUTELY HATED HIM and thought he was ugly. A..and then? Um. Well, and then, he kinda became totally completely adorable. AND THEN REALLY HOT. But, still evil.

So, here, I bring to you PICSPAMTASTIC PROOF that Domyouji Tsukasa, referred to here with complete and honest and GENUINE LOVE AND AFFECTION as "Dorkface," somehow manages to be both evil and completely woobiefied. I DONT KNOW HOW HE DOES IT.

Spoilers for s1 like WHOA. And there is a disturbing number of caps under here, because i have no self control when it comes to Dorkface, he makes me keysmash endlessly, so click the link and then GO MAKE A SNACK.

Don't be so full of it! )
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I spent FOUR HOURS last night working on a Hana Yori Dango picspam of Dorkface AND IM NOT EVEN HALFWAY DONE. WITH SEASON 1.


and yet, I keep insisting on working on it. and on LOCATING MORE CAPS FOR IT.

when I wasnt doing that, i was randomly working on one of THREE SEPERATE fics for HYD, in which I am desperately trying to get Dorkface and Makino laid, and IT IS COMPLETE FAIL. i know i can write porn. i have alot of very porny (and one very silly) idea, SO WHY CAN I NOT MAKE IT WORK?

Clearly, Japan is trying to kill me.

Speaking of Japan, very randomly over the weekend, [ profile] anenko and i got together, decided the world needed a comm for posting fic/vids/recs based on jdramas, kdramas, and whatever other asian dramas there are and created [ profile] brokemycaps.

Please note that i DID NOT choose the name.

Come on over and join, please! THE WORLD NEEDS MORE JDRAMA FIC.

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Things Ive decided about Hana Yori Dango:

1. Domyouji has a thing about taking Makino's stuff. Partially it's because Domyouji has little concept of personal possessions (he once literally took off his shirt in public and gave it to Rui, because Rui said he really liked it) and is kinda a klepto because of it, but mainly it's because he just likes having something that is hers. He wears her scarf, he pockets a toy she's had since she was a baby, and she looked for her favorite thrift store jacket for three weeks before she saw him wearing it when he came to pick her up one day.

2. F4 were all raised by nannies, and the nannies were all friends, so they would dump the boys together. Ironically, their parents pretty much hate each other.

3. Domyouji put together his first puzzle when he was 3. He still remembers the hum of accomplishment of fitting that last piece in and seeing the whole picture.

4. Puzzles with missing pieces freak Domyouji out. Like, alot. Like, ripping apart the room and sending someone out to buy an identical copy of the puzzle so he can get those last two pieces in before he can sleep kind of freak out.

5. As a child, Domyouji Tsukasa was quick to anger, fast with his fists, and a royal pain.

This didn't exactly change as he got older.

His fashion sense has actually gotten better. Which is a whole level of frightening.

Also, [ profile] literarylemming is trying to blame INNOCENT LITTLE ME for things that I had no part in! I NEVER TOLD HER THAT THERE SHOULD BE A TOMA SONG!

...ok, so I might have encouraged the idea, but she had it ALL ON HER OWN!

So, for those of you who have also had your brains eaten by Japan, The Toma Song!!

Also, I am in no way responsible for the condition of your brain after it has been exposed to Japanese entertainment. I DENY ALL RESPONSIBILITY.

...also, I desperately need more fic. Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi (WHICH IS ON SO THE GOOD CRACK), Gokusen, Summer Snow, Arashi...I NEED IT. Fics and vids and fanmixes and icons and banners and wallpapers and picspams and screencaps and pretty and music and dramas and ....*hyperventilates*
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Im having a crap day. I need to see pretty.

Hana Yori Dango is currently the prettiest, so I bring you some very of the boy pretty

holy crap, that's a lot of pics! )
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Emails last night to [ profile] literarylemming:

Subject: Hanadan

So far, Ive watched the majority of episode 6 through my fingers. I
watched half of that with my fingers in my ears, too.

Im only six minutes in.

Dorkface is SUCH a dufus. and he's back to being an asshole.
*facepalm* i love him, then i cringe. i hate him, then i melt. damn
him and his complicated self!


I honestly did not find Dorkface attractive for the entire first
episode. I decided Rui was hotness personified. And then...and
then...i dont know what happened..i really really dont, maybe it was
the wibbling? the woobie face? the jigsaw puzzles? the strut? OMG
THE STRUT. there is one little tiny scene in ep 4 or 5 where its just
Dorkface, walking, and his hips? omghiships. they just..ooh. shiny.

but Rui remains hot like burning. with those teeth! and the hair!


Subject: The Winner

Rui is the prettiest. But Dorkface has my heart in so many ways.
But..but...RUI. and my heart is all torn apart and im all flaily!
SEVEN! Download faster!


Subject: Update

you MUST get to this episode, like NOW, because I desperately need to



Non Email:

I think it's fairly clear that i have a problem. His name is Dorkface. And he's a jackass and a woobie and I simultaneously want to cuddle him and punch him in the face. IT MAKES NO SENSE.

Spoilers through ep 6 )


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