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Title: Everyday Superhero
Song: Everyday Superhero by Smashmouth
Vidder: alianora
Fandoms: Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu, Gokusen, Hana Yori Dango, Otomen, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Yasuko to Kenji, Love Shuffle
Summery: Girls (and Pinko-san) kick ass!

Download link coming soon!
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I am working on a vidding project, which involves me skimming a great deal of source materials for the clips i want, and WHY did I decide to put Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in this vid?

I just watched the bubble of love for the 3rd time in a row, and i've only gotten through 4 episodes! i love this show SO MUCH. it's like candy! or pringles! you cant watch just one!

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[profile] princess_dexter asked, forever ago, about my Top Five Drama Heroes. Which I fully plan to do. At some point. But for now? My Top Five Drama Heroines.

Also, Im betting there are some surprises on here for most people. Like, I really really love Mei-chan, but Mei isn't on my list. For various reasons. I got a little wordy describing why I love these ladies, so..sorry? Also, to no one's surprise, I really really like ladies with strength and smarts.

1. Makino - Hana Yori Dango
Girl is BAD.ASS. She's got crazy guts. She punches Domyouji in the face and remains entirely highly wildly skeptical of continued professed love for her. Actually, she thinks he's insane. She stands up to Darth Mama, who is scary enough to make anybody pee their pants - but she isn't stupid. She walks out of there going OH CRAP WHAT DID I JUST DO? She doesn't back down, she doesn't give up, she loves her family, and will do anything to keep them safe and fed. And all this while being courted in weird ways by a man who should probably be considered a psychopath.

2. Momo - ToGetHer/Superstar Express
Momo, for all that she is a shut in and hates being in the public eye, is no shrinking violet. She's fierce in her own way, standing up for what she thinks, and does NOT let Mars walk all over her. Add to that, she has a very big heart, and is always willing to help the people she is close to. She's independent in a quiet way, and, while she doesn't give any bullies well deserved beat downs, she doesn't let them break her, either.

3. Ji-Eun - Full House
jdKLASJAKJDSAKLS THIS STUPID SHOW. And yet, I love this girl, as much as I want to punch myself in the face for saying it. Yes, she's immature and her squabbles with Young-Jae are nothing short of pulling each other's pigtails and kicking each other in the shins, but she is hilarious, tough, and frequently wears completely inappropriate heels. SHE LAUNCHES HERSELF OFF THE GROUND TO HEADBUTT YOUNG-JAE IN THE FACE. She drops Young-Jae's grandmother while trying to help her, and the cherry on the top is the fact that she is a FANFIC WRITER.

4. Mako/Sailor Jupiter - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
I know Usagi is the headliner here, and I love her very much, too. But there is something about Mako that I find so completely compelling. She's cheerful, tomboyish, and takes care of herself. She's a 14 year old who lives on her own, cooks for fun, and is so thrilled to have close friends, even though she is hesitant to get close to anyone. Plus, I find her really really hot. She has this little freckle right above her lip, and my occasional gay breaks through, and I SERIOUSLY want to make out with her and kiss that freckle.

5. Yuki - Summer Snow
Summer Snow is a more realistic, quieter show than I usually go for. There is nothing even resembling crack about it. And yet, one of my favorite ladies. She's another quiet one, having struggled with a severe heart condition for her entire life. It very much restricts the activities she is able to do, and yet, she decides to do something crazy and takes a class in scuba diving. She wants a job, She loves her father, volunteers with sick children at the hospital, and is willing to risk her health in order to actually live. Also, the quality is kinda crappy on these caps, plus, they are tiny, so you get two
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WHY do I keep picspamming this show? Why have I just spent the past several days randomly downloading all of the extras I can find about this show? WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY DIGNITY?

My shame has a convenient tag here, should you wish to see the other picspams and meta and fic (YES FIC. ORZ. There are many things wrong with me). AND, i still have so many things i want to picspam from it! Ami/Nephrite and the steer horns! Dark Mercury's transformation sequence! Jupitar's transformation sequence! HOLY TOAST HELP ME.

Otherwise, please make sure you have your transformation bracelet and hang on!

To refresh everyone's memory, this is Usagi:

This is not:

Neither is this:

Everybody caught up?

I'm not wearing my contacts )
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I wont repeat what I've already said about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, except that I adore it in all of it's very silly amazingness.

So, to catch up everyone who doesn't know, Usagi, a fourteen year old spaz, is secretly Sailor Moon! She keeps having bizarre encounters with a hot man in a ridiculous get up who calls himself Tuxedo Kamen.


I also.. )
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, as [ profile] anenko said in her picspam, is pure cheese wrapped around bad special effects and hilarious battle scenes. And it will end up breaking your heart.

You get two picspams for the price of one, here, because, in my own head, they are connected. The first is echoed in the second. The first makes me cheer like a lunatic, and the second leaves me in tears.

...[ profile] anenko and [ profile] princess_dexter are laughing their asses off at me right now. I can feel it.

Spoilers for major plot points for the second half of the series and includes a ridiculous amount of caps.

You will not touch him. )
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Title: Both Hands On the Wheel
Fandom: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Summery: Saying thank you isn't something he is used to doing. Especially not to a human.

no power windows, no power breaks, no power nothing )
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Ive been stuck at home for the past two days with Fever McClingypants, so while he was napping and in between Sesame Street songs, I made icons.

It's impossible to watch tv you are interested in with a kid around. Especially if that tv is in a foreign language and requires enough concentration to read subtitles.

So, icons! Comment and credit, no alternations, blah blah blah.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:
-The World Destroying OTP-

-Jupiter/Mako is HOT-

-Serenity flings explosions, which is quite possibly my favorite part-

-Dark Mercury/Nephrite, my secondary OTP-


TW Hana Kimi: You know what would make this show even better? MORE MAKEOUTS.


Dec. 20th, 2008 07:15 pm
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My favorite scene so far in this stupid show?

"Ah..a bird."

*cries laughing* and right after she accidentally told him she was Sailor Moon, which, by the way, both of them are ignoring just as hard as they can!

really, my favorite thing on earth is to see cool guys suddenly become wildly uncool. it makes me SO HAPPY.

really, i think this is why i love asian entertainment. the cool guys usually end up being wildly dorky somehow, and this fills me with glee!
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Oh, Japan. JAPAN. can we discuss some things? about how and why you continue to break my capslock and destroy my dignity? and why, exactly, did you create something as cracktastic as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? AND WHY DO I CONTINUE POSTING ABOUT IT?

Why does Sailor Mars get SHAFTED? She's wearing PUMPS, and the other girls all get to wear cool shiny BOOTS. but nooo, Mars, who can LIGHT YOU ON FIRE, is wearing cute little high heels! perfect for kicking off in a fight!

Why do i think about these things?

Also? she thought turtle guy was Tuxedo Mask, but Im busy shipping turtle guy with Amie-chan. Because i can. Also, i KNEW that Tuxedo Mask would figure out who she was before she figured out who he was. And it's fate. Also, the other guy's plush turtle backpack is being filled up with life energy.

And currently? Usagi is about to compete in a competition - where she has to do her best IMAGINARY UNICORN IMPRESSION. to this end, she's wearing hooves.

if she wins, she gets a fabulous prize of a plushy unicorn! and an autographed picture of singer chick.

let me say that again.


Japan, you are SO VERY WEIRD.
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omg *crying* they just beat the bad guys by singing karaoke! she got stuck in the bear costume and couldnt transform! the actual bad guys do nothing but stand around and try to look pretty!

You win! You win, Sailor Moon! ILUVYOUFOREVER.

and i laugh EVERY TIME Tuxedo Mask shows up, because his mask fits SO BADLY. and then the bubble! a PINK bubble! and she's SINGING, and he is smiling at her like an IDIOT, and i love how very very dumb she really is! *cracking up*


PS. if this show ends up making me want to watch the freaking anime, i am NEVER speaking to [ profile] anenko and [ profile] princess_dexter AGAIN. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.
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Ive watched two minutes of the first episode of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and I can already tell you that i am going to eat this up like CANDY. The plush cat falls ON HER HEAD and is stuck!

*crying with laughter*


ETA: OMGCRYING the first monster fight and she goes grand jete-ing and twirling down the ramp and i am NEVER GOING TO STOP LAUGHING LMAO FOREVER. and Tuxedo Mask thinks he is JUST.SO.SMOOTH and he's hilariously awkward IN A MASK AND A CAPE and omg i am going to love every second of this crack, arent i? HER PIGTAILS ARE ANIMATED! *cant talk for laughing*


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