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Instead of doing anything useful like going through source material for my yuletide fic or writing ANYTHING AT ALL EVER, I am instead going through all of my requests at the various glee memes and collecting the ones that never got filled.

For you! So you can write them for me for Solstice/Wintermas/Giftmas! YOU'RE WELCOME.

This is JUST from the fluff meme. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? )
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Fanfic is defeating me. I have this fic I've been working on (Glee, Kurtofsky), and...they wont do what i want them to do. and if im not looking at it, then i can rewrite the scene, but every time i open the doc, i end up stuck again. gah. it's one of those issues where it's going in a completely different direction than i want it to, and i cant seem to make them cooperate.

why do fictional characters have to be so attitudinal? and stubborn? DAMMIT BOYS, STOP BITCHING AT EACH OTHER AND BE ADORABLE. *glares*

Also on the fic list:

1) Burt reads some very educational pamphlets. Carole is..supportive. And by supportive, i mean, dirty minded.
2) Kurt derails Karofsky's post kiss discussion prior to the death threat and invites him for coffee. Plot not included, but..i want it to go somewhere. but there are so many random series-of-coffee-date fics that im kinda reluctant to attempt. maybe there is a bakery close by. they could bond over cupcakes. or something.
3) in order to feel safe enough to come back to school, Kurt insists Karofsky get therapy. They end up in couples counseling. there would be a lot of bickering and it would be adorable and so therefore i will never successfully write this. maybe i should throw it up on the fluff meme, just so someone else might see it and get inspired. rah.

I am stuck and therefore, i shall leave you with the fact that i should most likely not ever be left in charge of any child. especially my own, because this is what brandus and i do for fun:
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In list format, for your enjoyment. With more cussing then anticipated.

1. I desire SPN/Gilmore Girls crossover fic. Because you have to know that the exact same thing that attracted CuteDean to Rory would attract Sam to Rory. By which I mean, her ability to lose herself so much into a book that she didn't notice a fight going on right in front of her. I know I've read one or two; but I want MORE. I want fic where she's involved in the supernatural bullshit, and Sam wants both her and that and yes.

Any links to whatever you've read would be awesome, regardless.

2. I keep meaning to sit down and do some massive Thinky Thoughts posts about Glee, which is a show I seriously cannot figure out and gives me an eye twitch, because nothing is consistent from one ep to the next. Included in these thoughts:

Rocky Horror - this episode HORRIFIED me. and not in a fun way. I have no problem with anything the kids did, but it was all focused on Schue, which bores me, and omg how creepy can he BE? As a teacher, he creeps me the fuck out with how he acts AT SCHOOL. Toucha Toucha Touch Me was FABULOUS except for my horror that they were doing this AT SCHOOL and he has no issues being "sexy" on stage in front of a bunch of teenagers. It's the same reason I love the mp3 of Toxic, but cannot watch the performance again. It's just ...creepy.

Rachel - how much is personality, and how much is it desire to please, and how exactly do her dads treat her and how does her varied heritage play into any insecurities she has? Also, she'll never make it on Broadway.

Sam - I am torn. He's so freaking CUTE with Quinn, and I don't want her heart broken, but dammit, i want him to be Kirk's boy! I WANT I WANT I WANT.

Artie - obviously knows NO ONE ELSE in a chair, as regardless of how frustrated I get with Glee's portrayal of the other characters and the complete lack of awareness over wheelchair manners, I came to the conclusion that he also hasn't schooled the others in wheelchair manners. Like: GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CHAIR ASSHOLE, I CAN PUSH MYSELF. And THIS IS A MALL, IT HAS AN ELEVATOR. INSTEAD OF DOING THE SAFETY DANCE, I WILL COME *WITH* YOU TO GET YOUR FUCKING PRETZEL.

Also, I really want fic where he gets hooked up with a Murderball league and (pardon the pun) starts standing the fuck up for himself. I can picture it, but I don't know enough about Murderball to be able to write it, I think.

Puck - is awesome. The end.

3. I've watched some dramas, but haven't had thinky thoughts about them. except i loved Yankee-kun to Megane-chan and how they resolved it. Also, I desire drama-based fic. Also also, at various points I shipped Shina with every main character. He had chemistry with EVERYONE!

4. I cannot stop watching kpop boyband videos. Send help and hot Korean boys in eyeliner!

Dear Fandom

Oct. 2nd, 2010 01:21 am
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I have story ideas, and I want to know why I cannot locate fics that are written about these things! HELP ME OUT.

Glee, and almost all about Noah Puckerman )
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Things which are awesome:

1. Awesome Ladies Ficathon - 55 pages and COUNTING. Please to take a look.

Ones Im hoping will spark something in my own brain, but please feel free to write for:

-bones, temperance brennan, but if i were that kind of grateful, what would i try to say?

-Firefly, Kaylee, the day she built a weapon and the only person she showed it to before destroying it

-Constantine, Angela, down the wrong tunnel

-Evil Dead Trilogy, Sheila/(Ash), Hail to the queen, baby

-Vorkosigan Saga, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, someday we may see a woman king, sword in hand, swing at some evil and bleed.

-Real Genius, Jordan

who needs sleep?
well you're never gonna get it
who needs sleep?
tell me what's that for?
who needs sleep?
be happy with what you're gettin'
there's a guy who's been awake since the second world war

-gilmore girls, paris gellar, paris/jess--

what she read, all heavy books, she'd sit and prophesize
it took a tattoed boy from birkenhead to really really open her eyes

-The Neverending Story, the Childlike Empress, I am on a lonely road and I am traveling

-Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, The Red Queen, nobody knows me at all

-">Mulan (any version of the legend) | Mulan | "men don't mess with chicks with swords"
(my brain insists on reading this as "men dont make passes on girls who wear glasses," only, you know, with swords. my brain should probably have come up with "you cant get a man with a gun," but i dont examine my own brain too closely sometimes. just for safety)

2. This video:

Things which are not:

1. lack of motivation

2. lack of chocolate
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I want fic where characters of your fandoms go to Walmart, or Sams, or Costco, or Target, or other huge superstores for whatever reason.

I have had a couple of days where Ive been wanting a long, wandery trip through a large anonymous store where i could get lost for a while.


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