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Congregation already has over 500 views and 37 kudos on the AO3 and I only posted it last night. Is this what it's like to be involved in a big fandom and a popular OTP?


Currently working on the sex pollen fic, which i'm taking the whole idea of and warping the hell out of to better fit with a fic I started forever and ever ago, which will look very familiar to [personal profile] anenko and involves a total idiot and a closet dork who is weak to that idiot's dumb ideas. YAY!

Also in under construction - a Firefly fic that I've had sort of done forever. Which I can't make fit any of the tropes, dammit.

I am ATTEMPTING to hit a bingo, so if anyone has any prompt suggestions or even fandom suggestions, I could use them. Here's what I'm going to try and fill:

Day at the Beach
Presumed Dead
Sex Pollen

There are others in there that I want to do (de-aged, space au, apocalypse, genderswap), but they won't hit a bingo for me. And while the purpose of this is to get me back in the habit of writing, it would make me feel very fulfilled and happy to actually hit a bingo.
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Exercise #3:
Brainstorm character names. At least 25 different first and last names, middle if you so choose. This assignment is due by midnight tonight and worth 10 points. Be creative! Have fun!

I won't bother you with my list, because the fun part of this challenge was part 2:

Choose five of the names from each other's list and write a short bio about that person. For example: Age, location (in time and space), traits, bad habits, good habits, aspirations, dreams hopes, hates, relationship/family/work status, emotional stability, strengths, weaknesses, where they've been, where they're going. Bios can be as long or short as you want.

So, from Missa's list, the five I chose were Prudence St. Thomas, Jimmy Pickle, Molly Shannon McElroy, Ambrosia McBride, and Thackery Maximillian Everhart, III.

Names names names )

I have to say, I'm kind of in love with Molly Shannon. She's a badass, and I might have to write more about her.

In other news, I've hit threat level: BEARS BEARS BEARS with my yuletide. I just...can't decide where it needs to go. And I swear I've read Mylan's yuletide, but I keep not writing back about it. I am clearly doing a stellar job of this year's yuletide.
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Challenge #2:
Think of the worst job you could ever have. Specifically you could have. Not just garbage man or waste treatment facility, but something you would be horribly suited for and would find utterly distasteful based on your own aesthetics.

Something outside the box.

Now write 200 to 400 words about the character who loves that job.

I'm not quite sure I did it justice (especially compared to the Divine Ms M's take on it), but hey, I WROTE IT.

it took someone like Anna )

I can remember when I could sit down and bang out a thousand words without blinking, and now it's a struggle to get past 200. *sigh*

In Yuletide news:
THERE ARE NO BEARS. HA. I started it - it looks like it will be plotless, because I rarely actually write plot - just character stuff, but I have started it, and I like what I have, and while I still need to review canon to make sure I have a solid grasp on dude, I feel like it might work out just fine.

...that might change by the weekend, but hey, at the moment, there are no bears. None.

Goodreads: So, yesterday while I was avoiding my challenge and my yuletide, I finally got around to joining Goodreads, and in a sweeping moment (read: HOURS) of great life choices, rated over 500 books. Because I have emotional problems. Regardless, friend me if you like: ALIA READS ANYTHING NOT NAILED DOWN (IF I CAN PRY IT UP, IT'S NOT NAILED DOWN)
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So, the lovely Rinalin has graciously agreed to become a writing coach for myself and literarylemming, as we have both signed up for challenges and have atrophied writing muscles. To that end, she is setting us daily assignments and possibly awarding us points. I'm hoping I can collect enough points for a pony, but we'll see.

Yesterday's prompt was:
Free write 200 words (or longer) about at setting for a world where the everyone lives to be 150-175 years old. Elaborate on specifics (what room, building, city you'd set your scene in) or the world itself: how government, entertainment, finances, family units etc might function or dysfunction.

And here's what I came up with:

At age 30, Brandy still lives with her parents. Of course she does,
she's still just a child. People rarely move out into their own places
until they're at least 32 or older. And even then people will shake
their heads at the ridiculous choices kids make.

Brandy was born to a mom and a dad, she has 4 half siblings and 2
whole siblings, mostly from her parent's earlier marriage contracts.
She had heard in the old days, people frequently coupled up and stayed
together until they died, but she couldn't even imagine something that
strange. The very idea made her shudder - who would want to be forced
to face and deal with only one person for years and years and YEARS?
The marriage contracts made much more sense - 10, 15, 20 years with
individuals who were past the age of consent (35 or 32 in extreme
cases with parental permission), children or not, as you wanted.
Partings were usually amicable - nothing like the horror stories of
the past of couples who went through divorse. Divorce? Whatever it was

Brandy's first-mother had dropped her off at school this morning, and
been on her way to her third-career. Her mother was still young - she
was only 64, so for her to be on her third-career was unusual, but
mother had rolled her eyes and said something about first-career being
a grave mistake - "much like your second father" - and brushed off all

Awesome and plotty? Not really, but I like it, and I'm WRITING AGAIN.

I was greatly amused by the difference between mine and M's submissions, as hers was dark and involved the end of life and felt very creepy, and mine's all "carefree and stupid at 32!!"


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