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So, my reply page and reply box on lj has been borked for quite a while, but i've never gotten around to figuring out why and it's well past time I took care of that.

It's currently a long list of choices or links or whathaveyou, and frankly, it's ugly and not-user-friendly and i hate it. and while i'm not on lj nearly as much as i was, i can't help but think that having a usable reply box might make it easier for people to actually, you know, reply to posts.

So, any ideas? My knowledge about themes is pretty non existent, but I would like to keep my banner and colors. I'm assuming it's a theme issue, but I really have no idea.

Suggestions? Insults? Whatever?
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I finally got Deepest Sender to work again. It involved messing around with my profile settings in Firefox, deleting DS, reinstalling it, swearing a lot, deleting it AGAIN, and then finally deleting all record of DS off of my firefox profile, then reinstalling.


Everything tech wise went a little pear shaped all at once, too, and I want to give serious thanks to Darren from Bad Wolf Software for going round and round with me through email to figure out what the heck was going on with my PageFour software, which is an awesome word processing program that lets me have seven different fics open and in progress in one single window. And yet, for some reason, it was refusing to acknowledge the fact that I had more than one notebook, and i had to search and find every single story in progress. NOT COOL. But with Darren's help and a LOT of uninstalling and reinstalling and looking through settings and files, it is now FIXED.

Which means that NaNoFinito (my get-off-my-ass-and-finish-those-fics plan for November) is officially a GO. I still need a master post for that, and if anybody else wants to play, I'd love the support and cheerleading.

ALSO! [ profile] yuletide noms are coming up! We're only getting to nom three fandoms this year, and holy crap I just don't know. I've decided on two, but the third? NO FUCKING CLUE. [ profile] anenko and I have had several conversations about it on tumblr, and GAH, I just dont know!

One is definitely Wedding Wars, which is a very cute made-for-tv movie from 2006 starring John Stamos as a gay man who goes on strike for gay rights. Sean Maher (Simon Tam from Firefly) is his partner, and they are just SO ADORABLE I can't stand it. And there is no fic for it. Anywhere. I'm begging you, GO DOWNLOAD IT.

(CHEEEEEEESY video, but it's all I can find.)

I've more or less decided on nomming Long Love Letter as my second, which is a very very weird, futuristic jdrama that involves time travel and giant telepathic spiders. And who doesn't love telepathic spiders?

(This MV tragically lacking in giant telepathic spiders.)

And then, MAAAAYBE Dare Yori mo Mama. Which is a weird jdrama about reversed gender roles with CANON GAY. MAYBE. Because the world needs more Pinko-san and adorable boy kisses.

(Yeah, no mvs. At all. Have a cute pic!)

Or maybe something else. Hana Kimi tw? PGSM? I have no idea...HALP.


May. 21st, 2011 07:58 am
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Apologies for not posting much recently, words aren't coming easily to me. I'm not even answering my email if i can help it. i've been hanging out a lot on tumblr instead, because pictures are easy and reblogging is easy and liking something is easy. words are hard.

which is frustrating, because i have 2 incomplete Kurtofsky fics, a Burt/Carole thing floating around my head, and I want to write little Samcedes ficlets from Prom Queen and Funeral and bits and pieces of other stuff. Like, Mercedes cutting Sam's hair.

But. Words. Words are ok, more or less, but stringing them together is currently pretty impossible. and i am frustrated.

in other news, we are yet again discussing moving. but brandus refuses to commit to a PLACE and is just like, we'll move! then we'll find jobs! and then an apartment! and im sitting here going NO. THIS IS NOT HOW THINGS WORK. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SCHOOL DISTRICTS ARE ON A HIRING FREEZE?

so. any thoughts on Colorado or Washington state would be helpful.



Apr. 17th, 2011 08:29 pm
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No, really, I need a beta for a Glee fic. Help would be much appreciated. It's short, I swear!
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I need a beta for a random little Glee fic. It's Kurtofsky, with spoilers through Furt. Karofsky characterization help much obliged.

Probably wont actually need the beta til tomorrow, but i figure if i already have one lined up, i'm less likely to lose steam.
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I'm thinking of getting a third tattoo. A text tattoo. I haven't decided what or what font, but I have some ideas. All of these are from various ee cummings poems.

I've only begun to search for quotes, but here's what I like so far.

-trust your heart
if the seas catch fire

-and live by love
though the stars walk backward

-you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

-the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

-little by little and was by was

-your eyes have their silence

-the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses

Cheesy, in places, and nothing Im contemplating seriously yet.

But, I'm curious, what are some quotes or sayings (lyrics, bible verses, whatever), that mean enough to you that you would ever consider engraving them into your skin?

I need the distraction. Please.

ETA: other distractions accepted. Also in need of: tumblr tags to search, awesome fic (currently reading anything not nailed down in Glee and SPN Dean/Castial or gen), fun vids, manga recs, cute animal pics...whatever...


Feb. 21st, 2011 06:45 am
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A very random question:

Would anyone be willing to record and upload Let's Make a Deal for me today? I have a friend appearing on it and he's been making cryptic hints about whether he wins or not, and I would really love to see it!
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So, inexplicably, I find myself in the mood for some Buffy fic. But not any Buffy fic, I find myself craving Spike/Xander "how they get together" fics.

I've gone through the AO3, and am cringing through The Pit, so any recs, thoughts, or links would be SO MUCH APPRECIATED.
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My family is asking for Santa letters for me and the man and the kid.

The kid is pretty easy, I know what I want, but when I ask the man what he wants, he shrugs.


So, I call on the power of the flist! Any suggestions for gifts for my fam to give him?

The man:
-doesn't use aftershave
-has tools and doesnt need anymore
-likes videogames, but tends to buy them himself the instant they come out
-doesn't wear ties
-watches all of his movies/tv shows streaming on Netflix

I'm glad I don't have to worry about what to get him, as he bought himself an iPad this summer and called it his winter holiday present. Much as i have a Nook, which is my winter holiday gift, bought at the same time.

Gah. HALP.
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Does anyone on my flist (besides lightgetsin) use a screenreader to access lj/dw? Or does anybody on the flist have low vision and so need alt text for pics and things?

Im asking because Im trying to make my picspams more accessible, so I'm going back and adding in alt text for every pic. I need someone who might be willing to look over the one i've already done and let me know if i am being descriptive enough, coherent enough..etc. It would be really awesome if someone who uses a screenreader would be willing to look it over, but I'm not sure who else on my lists have visual impairments.

..I might not have anyone, but darn it, I'm going to make things accessible ANYWAY, just in case. so there.

also, hi! I've been gone for a while due to travel and puking kid and whatnot. fun fun!

ALSO: regardless of how well you know me or whatever, if you happen to notice at any point that Im not making something accessible to some member of the disabled community, leave me a comment or send me an email, as i might not notice on my own.
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We're headed down to Georgia for the Fourth, which i am very excited about. It's been a long time since I've been able to go, as the Fourth is also the FIL's birthday, and even when we dont go see him, he gets all butthurt about us doing anything else on his birthday.

Regardless! I am looking for stuffs to take with, as the lake doesnt have internets, and I need new crack things to watch. Suggestions? Dont have to be parent friendly, but it would be helpful if it wasnt TOO NSFW. They wont be watching, but they might be in the room while Im watching. And it needs to be downloadable tonight, as we're leaving tomorrow.

Suggestions very welcome - i have no real preference as to language or country of origin, but as always, asia has been my happy place. TV, movies, vids, whatever.

Also, I find myself humming "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor" and would really like the mp3, if anyone has it lying around.

Or anything else to listen to - podcasts, audiobooks, whatever - for the 10 hour trip in a car with a 3 year old. Please?
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Hi, so I'm supposed to "help out" by signing for a Deaf family tomorrow at the rec center, and instead of practicing or going over what I'm supposed to sign, I am instead watching videos of people signing songs on youtube and FREAKING OUT because this is a family who is, you know, FLUENT in ASL, and I am COMPLETELY NOT, and I can't even figure out half of what these people are signing even though it's to the words to the song and HI FREAKING OUT I WANNA CALL AND WIMP OUT.

The reason the rec center asked is because i approached them about teaching Singing Time classes so if i suck what will i do and the family is fluent and im going to make an idiot of myself and i hate everything so im going to go take a xanax and try to go to bed. But if i take a xanax NOW, I still have to be up in 6 hours and what will it do to me all day tomorrow? I need my brain to finish translating and going over signs and gah i hate EVERYTHING. What was i THINKING? I can't do this!

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Things I am looking for, oh mighty flist:

- Nicholas Teo singing "Little Turtle" from Smiling Pasta
- S.H.E.'s Boom Boom Boom (actually, anything S.H.E., but that song in particular)
- Big Bang stuff - i have a random assortment of songs, but...i need more
- G-Dragon stuff, because i need help omg
- MBLAQ, because they're hilariously lulzy
- clearly, i need more asian ladies on my playlists. please to be helping? i like upbeat stuff. I like S.H.E. and 2NE1, if that helps at all.
- anything else you want me to listen to for whatever reason

Otherwise, what I have been doing:

I got sucked into Big Bang a couple of weekends ago. I blame [ profile] uisceros and this post primarily. I can now recognize almost everyone 95% of the time.

I find G-Dragon alternately hot and 12. it's disconcerting.

It makes me grin like an idiot every time T.O.P. spells his name in a song, and I think it's "Always" where they say, "Bang 'em," but everytime I hear it I have to laugh and clap my hands in sheer joy.

I downloaded some icons. i was looking for G-Dragon, but ended up with several of Young Bae. um..oops? So, if you have links or whatever to additional icons of Big Bang awesomeness, please to share.

also, send help, i cant stop listening to Garu Garu GO! and the Japanese version of Baby, Baby.

I watched You're Beautiful, and while the first several episodes were cringe inducing in entirely too many spots, once the show really got going, it was fairly awesome. it's crack, of course, because HELLO, it's a show about a nun crossdressing to join a boyband, but there is also a lot of sweetness and a lot of truth underneath the insanity.

Tae Kyung is amazingly wonderful, completely uptight, totally anal, and a SERIOUSLY good guy underneath all the repression and mommy issues. i really liked that he never denied his feelings. yes, it took him a while to figure it out, but once he got that he did like her, he didn't avoid it. and there wasnt any of the "I WILL DENY OUR LOVE TO PROTECT YOU" from either side, which was awesome.

Mi Nam/Mi Nyu was as dumb as a brick for a while, but once she started sticking up for herself a little bit, i liked her SO much more. and i could wave away a lot of her stupidity by her being very sheltered and joining the convent as that seemed like the most logical place for her to go.

the fact that all three of the guys loved Mi Nam/Mi Nyu was annoying as crap, but mentally it has lead to happy places where the real Mi Nam and Shin Woo experience porn in several ways, so hey! it's all good! the real Mi Nam was pretty fucking awesome, too, and I loved that how they did the reveal! I wish we had seen more of him!


again, additional icons would be lovely. links?

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I think I've glutted myself on manga for the moment, and cannot concentrate on any that I look at. I think I'm done for a bit.

So naturally, last night I followed links from links to more links and ended up in Harry Potter fanfic, which is the first time in a long while Ive read a)hp and b)fic.

And now I have a hankering for more. I'm not particular as to fandom or ship, though if you know something you think I would like, feel free, but otherwise, oh mighty flist, please to rec me a fic you have enjoyed lately, in any fandom that strikes your fancy. I'm looking for things to hold my easily diverted attention for a while.


Oct. 18th, 2009 07:02 pm
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I'm feeling the rather astonishing urge to write.

This is new, as it's been several months.

I'd love some nonfandom specific prompts - quotes, a line or two of poetry or lyrics, something.
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Last week was awesome, as I was in Seattle with the fabulous [ profile] rinalin, and we did tons of fun things, like go to the Jim Henson exhibit, stomp around the Sci Fi museum, go up the Space Needle, and watch a lot of tv.

I made her watch ALLLLL of Mei-chan, and she's promised me porn. Im very excited.

We also made our way halfway through Dollhouse, and a few episodes into Stand Up!! so, we got both American AND Japanese fun in. YAY!

We also made our way over to the Japanese book store/grocery store while we were there, and Rinny got seduced by manga, so I promised when we got back to her place that i would direct her to the online places where I wept bitter tears of agony over myself while reading every single chapter of Hana Kimi.

Yes. Bitter tears. Im not really a manga or a comics person.


So, I hopped onto my laptop during some down time and sent her the link.

And then, while I was waiting for her to get it, I absently was clicking around on the tags on the side, hit "gender bender," and promptly got sucked into reading W Juliet.





*weeps betrayed tears*

Y'all...I even....i even looked to see if it had been made into an anime.


*weeps more*

FORTUNATELY, IT HASNT BEEN MADE INTO ONE SO I DONT HAVE TO MAKE THAT HORRIFIC ANNOUNCEMENT. ive read it all. and all of W Juliet 2 that i could find.. what do i read?


*also, apologies for the upcoming spam. i have picspams to do.

Book This

May. 12th, 2009 03:45 pm
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Hello, my people, i am BORED with every single book i own.

I need some suggestions, as I havent bought anything in forever, because we have no money, nor have i gone and sat in a bookstore for a while, because there are none near here and because we have no money.

I like fantasy, sci-fi, YA, and any combination thereof. Ive read every book set in Valdamar, Pern, Tortall (except for Bloodhound, but i havent found it yet) and Damar. Ive inhaled the Vorkosigan books, liked David Eddings older stuff, reread Jane Yolen's weird stories more times then I can count. I like fairy tale retellings, i like shippiness, i like interesting characters with a snarky bent.

Any suggestions?
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A question: is "Nanny 911" or "Supernanny" streaming online anywhere where I could watch and watch and watch? Brandus hates Supernanny like barbed wire, but I am unable to look away.

We both started out working with seriously fucked up kids in a residential treatment center for kids with emotional and behavior issues, which, from what I can tell, is why I love it and he hates it. I like to watch crazy children and remind myself that it's because the parents have no fucking idea what they are doing. Brandus gets ANGRY about how stupid people are and begins to froth at the mouth.

Good times!

I..just checked out the ABC website, and it would like to know if I would like to turn in an application for their hit show, SuperManny. I..have no idea what this is, and whether Im screaming with laughter or cowering in fear. Also, I can stream eps there, but I am morally opposed to streaming from the actual network. Or something. Really, id prefer something like hulu, only with Supernanny (or SuperManny too, possibly).

Ive also been entertaining myself with the slashy slashy goodness adorable story of boys doing synchronized swimming in Waterboys 2. This is the drama set after the movie, and the adorable gay boy who is in love with Chiaki-sempai is back as a teacher and he is the most effeminate thing ever, AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING JAPAN. Really, it's an excuse to watch adorable boys in tiny swim trunks get wet, hug, strip each other down to their undies, and occasionally WHOOPS lose their suits in the pool.

I am halfway through the fifth episode, and the current synchro team and their darling gay coach come out to compete in what they come to find out is a girls synchro naturally, they somehow get their hands on makeup, girls suits, and sparkly hair things, and i am forced to pause the episode while I cry with laughter at them. I will screencap and share it with you later, because HEEEE.

Also, I spend my freetime dreaming up ways adorable gay boy coach said goodbye to Chiaki-sempai. Ill give you a hint, they start with him getting bent over the starting block of the pool, and end with PORN.

I never said I was right in the head.

Ive also downloaded My Girl, so [ profile] princess_dexter should be happy, and am downloading Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and watching on ep 5 of Uta no Oniisan. And Invincible and Shan Bao Mei has supposedly had the next two subbed eps up on torrent, so I am hopeful a direct download link will follow shortly. I NEED BOOB JOKES DAMMIT. Why does everything Im interested in watching right now have to be IN PROCESS? It is much easier to watch a show when the whole thing has already aired AND been subbed and I can glut myself on it at will.

Also, if you want drama pimping, you should be checking out [ profile] rainscene. [ profile] darkeyewolf has taken it upon herself to share the goodness of many many dramas, and just as a taste, the Hana Kimi pimp post, which is full of sparkles deep thoughts andnaked boys thoughtful commentary and many hot droolworthy PLOT ADVANCING pictures of Oguri Shun half dressed. And just as much crack as you could possibly want.

But, it is a dangerous, dangerous comm. My list of doooooom keeps getting longer and longer with all the cool things the get pimped that i wanna SEEEEE. She even makes the soul destroying ones sound awesome!

I still can do no more then flail about Nodame Cantabile, and Im still a big slacker who hasnt posted about the many ways Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is awesome. This should probably be remedied.

But first, I have to see if my adorable slashy boys make convincing girls in swimsuits.

ETA: They failed miserably when one of them lost their falsies in the pool. Whoops! No breasts! And hey! these girls have PENISES!
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Have any of my fellow asianaholics seen Romantic Princess? All I know is it has a girl who wants to be a heiress.

And Wu Zun dancing (and kissing!) in the rain:

Watch Romantic Princess - kiss (1)  |  View More Free Videos Online at

And then Wu Zun kisses some more!

Watch Romantic Princess - kiss (2)  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Really, im shallow enough that those two little clips are enough to make me want to go download the whole drama, but i was curious to see if any one had seen it. Anybody?
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A collection of random thoughts, strung together with numbers and called a post.

1. What is the age of consent in Japan? Is there such a thing? Because I was going to write porn, and realized that, according to American standards, one of my characters is underage. But the other character is possibly several hundred years old, so does it really matter? Nonetheless, inquiring minds and fans of PGSM porn want to know!

2. I watched all of the twdrama Why Why Love, and while a good bit of it was adorable, the last three episodes made me want to punch myself in the face. It was a fun experience, though, as I watched it more or less "with" [ profile] princess_dexter, and we emailed back and forth about it. Have a fun selection of emailed comments!

cut it out, already )

3. Randomly, I watched a weird little Korean movie called "He Was Cool," last night, and Im still mulling it over and trying to decide if I liked it. It was cute, and I adored the premise-

A cute young thing in high school accidentally posts a message to a mean voc school bully. He calls and threatens to kill her. While trying to get away from school without getting her ass kicked, she climbs over the wall and falls right on top of the bully and RIGHT ON HIS LIPS. When she pries herself off, he tells her that was his first kiss, and now she has to take responsibility and marry him.

It's uneven, with them getting together..ish, about halfway through, and then weird things happening. As they do in movies. And he alternates between bully and woobie, and she alternates between AAAH SCARY BOY and AWWW SWEET (scary) BOY. and there are misunderstandings and lots of people getting beat up.

so, i dont know. Anyone else seen it? any thoughts?

4. Note to self: get off ass and write up Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon post.

5. I have no idea what drama to watch now. Im in a weird mood where i dont want to start anything new, drama wise. And Im running low on asian movies. Any recs for romantic comedy asian movies?

6. Brandus cut Voldemort's hair. There is one patch that he missed that sticks out, and instead of fixing it, I laugh. Because I am such a good mother.

7. I missed wishing people happy birthday on here, although I did it privately. Happy birthdays, [ profile] rinalin, [ profile] anenko, and [ profile] teffy! I hope I didnt miss anyone...

8. Korean Hana Yori Dango continues to be COMPLETELY AWESOME. I havent watched ep 4 yet, but ep 3! the ducks! his amusment at her irritation! how BIG he really is in comparison to her! how he isnt trying to torment her to make her cry and quit school - he's just trying to get a rise out of her! Rui pretty! he practically makes a confession to her there at the bar, and then he gets all embarrassed and runs away! and then she pukes on him! *cracks up*


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