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TITLE: Paragraph Indent
AUTHOR: alianora
A/N: Remix of Sans Serif by knittycat99
SUMMERY: He loved Kurt so much, and he wouldn't hurt Kurt for the world.

Loving Kurt was like breathing. )


Jun. 1st, 2012 10:54 pm
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While I was walking, I was thinking Glee, as I do, and then I veered Firefly-ward, which, as I do, and suddenly there is an AU in my head where Kurt is the brilliant mechanic who still loves pretty clothes, Blaine is the doctor who is on the run, and Puck is public relations. I haven't figured out where everyone else fits in, although I think Mike as the pilot and Tina as a warrior woman work ENTIRELY TOO WELL.

I would rather stab myself than have Schue or Finn be the Captain, Rachel could be the Companion, maybe...And who would be River? DECISIONS.
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Title: Hold the Frame
Author: alianora
Rating: PG
Spoilers: through Furt
Summery: The Kurt Hummel School of Dance gains an unexpected addition.
AN: This would never happen. It's not plausible or logical based on Karofsky's freaky actions in Furt. But I really wanted to see Karosky speechless and kinda wanting, and I really wanted Kurt to be a bitch and take advantage of the fact Karofsky can't do anything nasty at this point in time. And then they had to have feelings and ruin all my fun.

This is your dance space, this is my dance space. )
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I'm writing! ...sort of. I mean, I have put words down onto paper ( do you phrase that in computer language?), but they're teeny, and they've only been posted on tumblr, and are pic or gif inspired. Regardless, I share so I don't have to go searching for them later when i weep about how i havent written anything in over a year and i should quit fandom.

Both Glee, but whatever.

Sexy and I Know It inspired )

West Side Story, Krupke, handcuffs )
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Tumblr is broken, and all I can figure is either Glee was really fucking awesome, or really fucking sucked, and fandom brought down tumblr. Again.

Which sucks, because i was at play practice and usually the download links go up on tumblr first, and I NEED MY GLEE DAMMIT.

Someday, I'm going to write a survival guide to dealing with Glee. I love it, but it's crazymaking. It becomes easier when you embrace these facts:
1. Everyone on Glee is an asshole. No exceptions. Not even Burt. (Ok, maybe Burt.)
2. Continuity is for suckers.
3. RIB will pee on everything you love.

Now, to find a download!
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Instead of doing anything useful like going through source material for my yuletide fic or writing ANYTHING AT ALL EVER, I am instead going through all of my requests at the various glee memes and collecting the ones that never got filled.

For you! So you can write them for me for Solstice/Wintermas/Giftmas! YOU'RE WELCOME.

This is JUST from the fluff meme. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? )
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Yeah, i have good intentions of writing fanfiction, but then yesterday we won a bid on a house (!!!!!) and signed a contract and now I'm freaking out, and then there is Glee, which has me gnawing on the furniture waiting for THIS TUESDAY WHICH MIGHT VERY WELL KILL ME.

if you don't know what's going to happen, I won't spoil you, but for fuck's sake, don't go to my tumblr, because i'm reblogging every single perfect screencap and early release and manip and EVERYTHING and OH MY CHEESUS I MIGHT DIE.

I might die even more because starting this Tuesday, I have rehearsals for the Vagina Monologues, which i'm crazy excited to be involved with again, BUT WHY MUST THE PRACTICES BE ON TUESDAY? AND WHY MUST THEY START *THIS* TUESDAY? AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET A GLEE DOWNLOAD LINK WHEN I CAN'T GO ON TUMBLR TO AVOID RUINING EVERYTHING FOR MYSELF? *weeps*

ps. holy shit, we bought a house.
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A Letter

May. 9th, 2011 09:55 pm
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Dear Glee fandom,

You know, I've let a lot of things go. People think different, like different things, people at the kink meme have a thing for rape, and I'm ok with that! See me being accepting?

But, seriously, if I have to read one more damn prompt that somehow conveys the idea that Artie is surgically attached to his wheelchair, I'm gonna cut a bitch.

HE CAN, IN FACT, GET OUT OF THE CHAIR. He can sit in a REGULAR chair. He can sit on a sofa! He can even sit in a NORMAL CAR, which he can get in COMPLETELY WITHOUT HELP. It's called transferring and involves the fact that the arms of the chair fold up and he has arm muscles that he uses to MOVE HIS OWN BODY.

The prompt I just read wanted New Directions skinny dipping. And wondered how Artie would skinny dip in a chair. "How does a chair get naked?"






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