Sep. 4th, 2010 10:07 am
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-Came through Earl fine. A little rain and a little wind, and a night spent in a hotel. Yippee. But, we're home and fine.

-Recently begun shipping Jun/Sho, and am reading everything I can find for them. I tend to enjoy the AUs more then Arashi themed stuff, and I dont know why. I find this entire thing strange, as I ship Ohno/Nino and Aiba/Jun on most occasions.

-Can't stop lusting after TaeYang. I started out watching Big Bang on occasion, and now I have several TaeYang icons, have both his albums, downloaded all of his videos, even friended him on Facebook, which is so deeply shameful i cant even talk about it.

Also, the fact that most videos of the live performances of Look Only At Me don't show the hip roll when he sings, "Lady" makes me sad. Because it is very of the hot. Yes. I need gifs of it. And possibly a life size poster.

This is made even sadder by the fact I'm pretty sure I'm taller then he is.

-Big Bang's "Beautiful Hangover" vid doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but DaeSung needs to be licked all over. Also, what the heck part does TOP play in this odd little storyline? He's dressed to the nines, but I can't figure out what his character is.

DaeSung nearly licks TaeYang's ear at one point in the vid, which I fully support.

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I started gibbering when i saw the amazing hotness of Aiba in [ profile] topazera's [ profile] sparklehole post of his solo of Pikanchi. SERIOUSLY. GIBBERING.


side view of Aiba. He has one arm stretched out and his hair is blown back from the wind/dancing Aiba's face, looks like he is snarling close up of Aiba's face and collar bone, faded coloring Aiba looking to the side while dancing. Faded coloring
Aiba flying in on wire, no text Aiba flying in on wire, text says Peter Pan Aiba flying in on wire, text says Flying

Comment and credit, etc. If you have any further suggestions for text for that last one, please give. Im still not completely satisfied with it.
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This is a dream I had a while back, that I just found in an email to [ profile] literarylemming and [ profile] rinalin, which I am posting here because it (and my brain that came up with it) still makes me boggle.


Very weird.

Want to know what’s weirder? Last night’s dream. In which I was involved in a competition to win Sho’s hand in marriage.

It involved scaling poles and searching the ceiling. I was in second place. And then his mother is there while the person in first place did…something, and we all sat around and watched inside a crowded store. And his mother was smiling at me, and emphasizing how the person who won would be the one who FOUND THE RING.

And there, behind me, was the ring. One of the plastic, adjustable wedding rings you buy at Michael’s to use on wedding favors. And then the first place girl said something about BOTH rings, so I’m hiding the one I have on my finger (on my ring finger, and beside it on my middle finger is my actual engagement and wedding ring, but that didn’t occur to me that it was weird) and looking around frantically for the second ring, and I found it TOO, so I won.

But nobody seemed particularly happy about this, and Sho was very polite, but I got the feeling he thought I had stumbled into it and wasn’t really interested in marrying him, but he signed me a very nice card about how it was his fault that he had misplaced the ring.

Let me be clear that, as far as I knew, he was in no way disappointed that he would have to marry me, he was disappointed that he thought I didn't want to marry him but was going to feel obligated to.


what about you? Any entertaining dreams lately?
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I can't even..begin to tell you the insanity that is Yatterman. I can't explain it. I definitely cannot explain this SCENE, except that it exists, and even though I've watched it multiple times (this scene, not the whole movie), i am still boggled.

To start with, I watched Yatterman for one main reason:

Do you blame me? Look at his LIPS.

I knew going in that it was A) a kid's movie, and B) based on a earlier Japanese anime. The key part here is KID'S MOVIE. Everybody got that?

Ok, onward!

really, do not blame me for any brain breakage )
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I suck at memes, honestly, but i generally make an attempt before giving up completely, and two seperate people have given me stuff they associate with me that i should explain, or whatever, so here goes.

comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

[ profile] ayekamn, who i've known since high school, associates me with:

intelligentsia, fanfic, your sisters, live-action asian shows, that you call your son Lord Voldemort )

And [ profile] princess_dexter associates me with:

ships, so bad it's good asian entertainment, your family, writing, beautiful asian men )

There! That took a while, but it was fun! Anybody else want to play?
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Im having one of those moments where I stare at my icons and think to myself, "i should delete everything." and seeing as I have 140 icons at last count, I AM NOT ABOUT TO DO THAT, but if you want to take a look at my icons and tell me which you like, hate, or think i should replace or never ever let go of, or whatever, my overtired brain would really appreciate it.

because right now, Im really tempted to delete everything and replace them all with countless Arashi icons. And while Japanese boy bands are a shiny, gay filled, rainbow symbol full of love, I need other things too. For some reason. Im not sure what, but im sure there is one.

My obsession with Japan, let me show you it.

the first episode of Long Vacation:
something about super bouncy balls, i dont know )

the first ep of Strawberry on the Shortcake:
ABBA is playing. i shit you not. )

Ive told myself I cant download any new dramas until Ive watched at least ONE WHOLE SERIES of something already downloaded. Maou, obviously, doesnt count. And neither does the last ep of Yoiko no Mikata, because I have the rest and that one just got released. And neither do the episodes of Arashi shows I download, because THOSE ARENT DRAMAS.

Also, in news that doesnt speak Japanese, I watched Dr. Horrible's Sing A Long Blog:
wow, look at my wrist, I have to go. )

We also watched a *cough*illegallydownloaded*cough* copy of WallE last night:
Get ready to have kids! )

Otherwise. Um..we're taking kiddo to his first playgroup tomorrow. Wish me babysitters.
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GREETINGS fellow lj-ers! It has while? since i last posted. That would be because 1) moving sucks, even after you've technically moved and 2) the only things Im feeling fannish about are in Japanese. And Mandarin. And sometimes Korean.

Don't look at me like that. It really isnt my fault.

Let me put it this way;

American shows I am watching/planning to watch:
So, You Think You Can Dance

Asian shows I am watching/planning to watch:
So I'm Not Handsome
Yamada Toro Monogatari
Rolling Love
Strawberry on the Shortcake
Honey and Clover
Devil Beside You
My Bratty Princess
Success Story of a Bright Girl
Brown Sugar Macchiato
Nobuta wo Produce


Also, which should I watch next? *tilts head thoughtfully*

I have officially given up on Fated to Love You. I just cant bring myself to watch any further - I accidentally read an entire summation of the manga/season, and DOES NOT COMPUTE CANNOT HANDLE ANGST OF THIS MAGNITUDE MAYDAY MAYDAY. it's a ROMANTIC COMEDY. QUIT IT WITH THE SOUL DESTROYING ANGST.

I finished Smiling Pasta, which was cute and adorable, even though parts of it made me roll my eyes at the cheese. (They have to win a quiz show to prove themselves as being worthy of the title "Most Blissful Couple." And if they dont, IT WILL BE HORRIBLE! *facepalm*). But, he's adorable, she's adorable, and she's not so self sacrificing that I want to hit her in the head much, and he's not as much of an asshole to her as several Ive seen, even when he's being as asshole. Recommended!

Im looking for caps or icons for Smiling Pasta, if anybody has seen any.

Now, Maou started last week, and I've been OH SO PATIENTLY WAITING for it to be hardsubbed, which i finally downloaded LAST NIGHT at which point I immediately went "EEEIIIIIIIIIIIIII," and watched as soon as I could convince the child he REALLY WANTED to go to sleep.

Maou, which stares OHNO SATOSHI of Arashi, the lovely boy who is happily grabbing his crotch in my icon. He's spacey and vague and, of course, he should be cast in a drama as a PSYCHOPATH. awesome! Also starring Toma, who played Nakatsu in Hana Kimi. He's a rather obsessed young cop. He runs alot. Also, he's pretty hot.


spoilers and all that )
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In new reports, IM NOT DEAD! i AM, however, just barely back online after cross country flights and living in hotels for FOREVER, which sucked but is now complete. YAY!

We have landed firmly in Emerald Isle, NC, which is completely awesome and fabulous and HI WE LIVE A BLOCK FROM THE BEACH!

We're about an hour and a half from Wilmington, i think, if that helps you picture anything better..or if you need help stalking, although I HAVE A KAYAK AND I WILL USE IT AS A WEAPON IF NEEDED, so stalk wisely.

Voldemort seems happy, even going so far as to SLEEP THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT FOR ONE WHOLE NIGHT. which he then taught us how bad of an idea it is to brag about things like this, as he woke up 3 times the next night. dammit.

anyway! brandus is employed, although we're waiting for the actual contract to be signed and stuff, im proofreading (20,000 words of BDSM gay porn. YOU ALL WISH YOU WERE ME.), and Voldemort is enjoying destroying anything he can get his little hands on. We're having a fabulous time!

Ive spent my time offline in no actual productive way - i could have written fic, or made vids, or even reorganized my mp3 player - instead, i watched DRAMAS!

I got all the way to ep 9 in Fated to Love You before I got panicked about the introduction of angst and ran away...i like my romantic comedies to have some angst, sure, but this is a lot less like "Hey, you got chocolate in my peanut butter!" and much more like "I WILL RIP OUT YOUR SOUL AND BEAT YOU TO DEATH WITH A SHOVEL," which is much less fun, let me tell you.

Instead, im watching Smiling Pasta, which is much more fun with much less angst, and its all angst you know will be overcome, so its all ok!

Ive also watched two eps of Regatta, which I fell into after watching the entire Arashi rowing saga from Mago Mago Arashi (MastuJun has a hissy! Aiba stops smiling! Nino fells left out! Sho fails at sports! Ohno feels like he is failing as Leader! IT IS COMPLETE AWESOME.). Regatta is fun, i think, although when dude decides to come back to rowing and tells the female team manager to stop trying to row herself, he tells her she shouldnt row because "its not a cute sport for a girl," and for a second i was honestly staggered by hopeful mental images of her telling him where to stick it. instead, she smiles and gets out of the boat. seriously, sometimes, its HARD being an American watching Asian stuff, because its so easy to get ANGRY about things like that.

Ive downloaded a disturbing amount of things, and ive found myself drifting away from jdrama and clicking more on twdramas. interesting.

Also, has anyone had any success with Bambino? i cant get through the first ep, because Ban is a little too smirky and seems like he KNOWS he's cute and adorable. plus, he's about to screw up dinner, and Im not sure I can handle it.

Also, Arashi fans, please stop me from writing dorky fic. Sho absolutely does not need to go on The Bachelor for any reason. I dont care HOW funny it would be to watch him fail with women. He fails with women on a daily basis. HE DOESNT NEED MY HELP.


May. 17th, 2008 08:49 pm
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So, hypothetically, if one were to be wanting to vid..

and if one kept thinking how hilariously funny a vid full of Arashi dorkiness to "Turning Japanese" would be...

That...that would be very wrong, wouldn't it?


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