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Fanfic is defeating me. I have this fic I've been working on (Glee, Kurtofsky), and...they wont do what i want them to do. and if im not looking at it, then i can rewrite the scene, but every time i open the doc, i end up stuck again. gah. it's one of those issues where it's going in a completely different direction than i want it to, and i cant seem to make them cooperate.

why do fictional characters have to be so attitudinal? and stubborn? DAMMIT BOYS, STOP BITCHING AT EACH OTHER AND BE ADORABLE. *glares*

Also on the fic list:

1) Burt reads some very educational pamphlets. Carole is..supportive. And by supportive, i mean, dirty minded.
2) Kurt derails Karofsky's post kiss discussion prior to the death threat and invites him for coffee. Plot not included, but..i want it to go somewhere. but there are so many random series-of-coffee-date fics that im kinda reluctant to attempt. maybe there is a bakery close by. they could bond over cupcakes. or something.
3) in order to feel safe enough to come back to school, Kurt insists Karofsky get therapy. They end up in couples counseling. there would be a lot of bickering and it would be adorable and so therefore i will never successfully write this. maybe i should throw it up on the fluff meme, just so someone else might see it and get inspired. rah.

I am stuck and therefore, i shall leave you with the fact that i should most likely not ever be left in charge of any child. especially my own, because this is what brandus and i do for fun:
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I started Miss No Good a while back, but even with my love for Rainie, it was ENTIRELY too painful. Too cheesy. Too over the top.

And then a few days ago, I wanted to watch something, but didnt want to start anything new, so I hopscotched my way through the rest of the first ep using my trusty fast forward key, and now Ive seen ep 3, and I no longer want to claw my own face off.

Anyway! There is a kiss!, that's misleading. There is not a kiss. There is a MAKEOUT.

And because Asian dramas NEVER have enough kisses, much less full out MAKEOUTS, I had to spam it for you. Im sure you understand.

Did I mention they were drunk?

You forgot to close your eyes )
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So, last night with [ profile] dorama_watch, I watched the jmovie, Heavenly Forest (Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru). Tamaki Hiroshi is in it, and I was promised a cute sweet love story, so I was down with that and jumped on aboard!

I will warn you that if you watch it, YOU NEED TO BRACE YOURSELF AT THE 75% MARK. You should see what's going on by then and probably can figure it out yourselves, but up until then, it was exactly what is said on the box - adorable love story between Tamaki Hiroshi and a cute little bed headed spaz.

...and no, her name isn't Nodame.

Really, though, how am I supposed to resist this man?

Anyway, I capped this scene because 1) it was a cute set up of a kiss. She asked him to kiss her for a picture for a competition. her theme was "lovers," and 2) i was honestly expecting to cap it and post it over at [ profile] drama_hunt (which is an AWESOMELY fun new comm that [ profile] anenko is heading up for posting picspams of various cliches in dramas - SO FUN!) for the "awkward kiss" tag. The tag that is used when two lifeless pairs of lips are touching, but no one seems to be enjoying makeout city.

But! Pleasant surprise!

it's not the hottest kiss in history, but it is, in face, a DECENT KISS. by jdrama standards, it's downright OBSCENE.

Shizuru and Makoto are friends, although Shizuru is totally in love with Makoto and has been for about 2 years. He likes photography, and taught her how to use a camera and develop the film. Shizuru asks if he'll help her with her project for the competition. Her theme is "lovers," and she'd like to take a picture of him kissing her.

...this all sounds very contrived, but it really doesnt come off that way. It's very straightforward and very sweet.

Anyway. They meet in their forest, and Shizuru has the camera set up. Makoto is very nervous and twitchy. It's adorable.

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Smiling Pasta is a very adorable, very silly idol drama from Taiwan. It's about a normal girl who can't keep a boyfriend for more then three months, who ends up in a pretend engagement to a pop star after they accidentally bump into each other on the street.

Xiao Shi always gets dumped by her boyfriends. Always. And when she does, she has her own personal raincloud that follows her around and rains only on her.

Dumping by boyfriend in first episode:

rain rain go away )
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Have any of my fellow asianaholics seen Romantic Princess? All I know is it has a girl who wants to be a heiress.

And Wu Zun dancing (and kissing!) in the rain:

Watch Romantic Princess - kiss (1)  |  View More Free Videos Online at

And then Wu Zun kisses some more!

Watch Romantic Princess - kiss (2)  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Really, im shallow enough that those two little clips are enough to make me want to go download the whole drama, but i was curious to see if any one had seen it. Anybody?
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I am tempted to cap and icon Boy Meets Boy, a dialogue free Korean short film about adorable gay boys, but am currently resisting.

it is adorable, except for the WTF random chick with feathers who sings about the dangers of picking guys up off the streets. NO I AM NOT KIDDING.

if you're thinking about it, i saw it at *MYSTERY COMM* and at jdramas, and i would recommend not wasting your time with the directors cut, as it increases the WTF singing!feathered!chick to THREE random songs.

Also, after having Brandus wave the dell catalog around in my face and then getting an email about a sale for president's day, i did my part for the economy and bought a brand new laptop. HOLY CRAP Y'ALL. Madmartigan is almost 5 years old, and he is in sad shape - the keyboard is missing so many keys i have a USB keyboard that sits on top of it that i use - the rubber feet are all gone - the casing over the hard drive is broken away, as are other pieces of the external case...poor Mad. *pets him soothingly* I wibbled and thought and double checked my savings account, and i had the money. And y'all, Madmartigan was EXPENSIVE. And I basically at least doubled RAM, tripled hard drive space, doubled processing speed...for a quarter of what i paid for Mad. if i had waited, the price would have gone up nearly $300 when the sale was over. the money I saved is going to go towards upgrading my Photoimpact software and getting a licensed copy of Page Four. *purr*


She (yes, a she - I dont know her name yet, though) should be here in a week or so. WHEEE!
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Ive watched five eps of Invincible Shan Bao Mei, and am completely enjoying it.

1. It is made of crack
2. The current plotline is the size of Shan Bao's boobs
3. Nicholas Teo has a smile that can cure cancer

[ profile] princess_dexter expressed interest, and when I mentioned the rocket penis, SHE REALLY NEEDED A PICSPAM.

This show is nuts, y'all. Dont go in and say I didnt warn you. I cant even judge if it's a GOOD show. it just amuses me, and it involves boobs. YAY BOOBS!

the deadly flat chested ghost! )


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