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TITLE: Paragraph Indent
AUTHOR: alianora
A/N: Remix of Sans Serif by knittycat99
SUMMERY: He loved Kurt so much, and he wouldn't hurt Kurt for the world.

Loving Kurt was like breathing. )


Jan. 29th, 2007 10:29 pm
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sign ups for this years [ profile] remixredux are open! COME AND PLAY. ESPECIALLY YOU PEOPLE WHO WRITE INSIDE FIC.

as part of signing up, im going through lots of old posts, making sure fic site is up to date, and i came to the sudden, and odd, realization that there is at least one entire post that had somehow gotten flocked.

i have no idea how.

but, it has two "Five Things" on it, and its HERE, so id love any feedback you might have floating around.

also, go to be signing up. right now.

[ profile] magelette and [ profile] storydivagirl, i forwarded on an email to you two about another ficathon. AN EARTH 2 FICATHON. So you better be signing up. like, now.
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[ profile] remixredux fics went up with names ages ago, so i have no idea why i didnt post info on here about it?

My roswell fic, Who was remixed by the fabulous [ profile] bitchygurl (loki) of popgurls and also the rosfic, Not Even the Rain. She came up with Slipstream (The Change My Memory Remix), and it is amazing. go, read, and gush. you can find the rest of loki's stuff here.

i remixed an Xmen story by Wren, Love Given Up, and came up with the Give It Up Remix

muchos gracias to [ profile] musesfool, who organizes, runs, and chases down late authors with the pokey stick. she is amazing, and we adore all she does.

if you want to know more about the Remix idea, go here

Remix This

Apr. 28th, 2004 11:46 am
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I finished it! I finished it!

my bedamned [ profile] remixredux fic is FINISHED! and i emailed it last night! its gone! its done! it doesnt completely suck!

of course, i cant share it with you yet, as we have to wait until the [ profile] remixreduc archive goes live on May 15, but its done, before the deadline, and while it is short, it is, in fact, over the 500 word minimum. barely. by like 20 words.

but its done! and i never had to remix such a badly written fic ever again! i never have to cringe while imagining Logan's reponse to being called "Wolfie!"

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So, im rereading through the story im remixing for [ profile] remixredux, and im correcting run on sentences, stupid mistakes (signs of live? what the hell?), and a really really frustrating tendency of her Jubilee to call Wolverine, "Wolfie."


i hope whoever is remixing me doesnt hate me as much as i hate her right now.

Wolfie? Wolfie?

Somebody lend me a fork. I need to stab myself in the eye.
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Another Gilmore Girls plot bunny attacked. I had no choice in the matter. But this one is Lorelai, and is, of course, a missing moment. cause thats what i like to write.

Cheeseburger in Paradise )

now, i have decided that i know why im writing gilmore girls fic NOW, when ive never written in the fandom before, and havent written ANY fic for umm..over a year. and thats all roswell fic. and i have lots of those.

so, im writing gilmore girls, specifically because i cannot write my damn [ profile] remixredux fic. i cant. i really cant. i currently have maybe 200 words. and thats counting the headers.

now, the remix is a hellishly cool idea, and i was really excited about it, because i get to play in someone else's sandbox for a little while. and because it would open me up to writing in some new fandoms. ones that i like, but have never tried writing in.

i sign up, say that i would love to remix roswell, harry potter, or xmen movieverse. i know i said movieverse, because i went back and checked after i got my assignment.

the person im remixing? not movieverse xmen. at least, not that i know, because we havent actually been introduced to the character she is writing about! and Logan? would not go for someone who wears that much yellow, mmkay?

whats even more annoying is that she only has a couple of completed stories to choose from to remix. and so im struggling with a story i dont fully understand, because i dont really know the character, a story i dont like, because i had only this one and a bad parady of Rocky Horror to choose from.


why, oh why, didnt i remember to list roswell first as what i wanted to remix? i got all giddy, because loki (of "Not Even the Rain") is also remixing, and wow, wouldnt it have been cool to remix one of hers?

and then i get worried, because i write roswell too, and what if shes remixing something of mine? which would she choose? would she think it sucked?

and see, chances are, shes not anywhere near anything of mine, roswell or not, so im giving myself hives over nothing.

anyway. rant over. please return to your regularly scheduled insanity, and i will return to procrastinating on my remix by writing gilmore girls, and uploading things to and at some point, i really need to add this new stuff to the Spiral.

but feedback for "Cheeseburger in Paradise" would be lovely, if you want.


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