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Eps originally watched: 0/11

Technically, this shouldnt really be a part of K.O., but I watched it during the month of it, and I marathoned the whole thing in 3 days, so I'm counting it. Plus, I've been meaning to watch it, so it totally counts.

I really enjoyed this drama! I mean, there is TONS of plot!
four guys flexing bare chested. Yum!
Very important, life changing plot.

But more than that, it's an actual real love story that feels natural. Naoki and Riko have one fight in the entire series, and the whole thing isn't a series of completely avoidable misunderstandings that just require TALKING to fix. Plus, there is actual physical contact, and physical affection, and a couple of fully functional families! It's like it's not even a drama! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

That said, cuteness, under the cut.

I have to get this out of the way. I have to. It is a moral imperative.

Riko, who played Mars in Sailor Moon live action, smiling
girl who played Venus in Sailor Moon live action
Sadly, they don't interact AT ALL, but still! REI! MINAKO!

Also, I hate Naoki's girlfriend. HATE HER. She is two faced and mean. Seriously, she's smiley and sweet to everyone, and then rolls her eyes after saying tons of supportive stuff to Naoki. Like, at one point, she calls him, and finds out it's his mother's birthday, so she asks to speak to mom - and then after cheerily wishing a happy birthday, hangs up the phone, and ROLLS HER EYES and makes the most disgusted face. Seriously? Plus, you know, the whole cheating on Naoki with a skeezeball. I totally get that she didnt like how things were going, but you know what? IT'S CALLED "TALKING." Try it! HATE HATE HATE.

Now that is out of the way, the adorable secondary ship! I loved hearing Mai cheerfully bossing Shuji around, and Shuji is just too cute. And then they end up living in the same apartment, and seriously, it's kinda like the actual typical drama plot got handed to them!
Shuji and Mai standing close together, facing each other

Plus, there is this whole exchange, which just cracks me up. Ah, Shuji and his belly button fixation. And the second one comes about the day after he tells her he's fallen for her, and there is some kissing, SO WE CAN JUST IMAGINE HOW HE KNOWS ABOUT HER BELLY BUTTON.
Naoki and Shuji walking down the street, subs say: I have this navel fetish
Shuji standing against a wall, looking shell-shocked, subs say: I can't tell anyone Mai has the most wonderful belly button in the world

ALSO! Mai and Riko have an AWESOME friendship - AND they pass the Bechdel test. They talk about tons of stuff - and yes, it's heavy on love and boys, but they also talk about dreams and jobs and there is one completely hilarious scene where they are both practicing their music in their rooms, and Shuji is sitting in the living room and makes a comment about it. And then the music in both rooms abruptly ends, both doors fly open and Mai and Riko rush towards each other to tell each other something.

Ok! the main couple! Naoki is crazy nice, and I love his family. He cooks on a regular basis and he keeps being described as "gentle." He's a sweetheart. And Riko is awesome. She's hilariously funny. at one point she gets drunk, chases after a couple of guys who are dumping trash in the park, and Naoki ends up carrying her home while she threatens to throw up on him. They meet when she stands up in the middle of a practice game and yells out that he's an idiot and he BETTER make the shot. IT'S AWESOME. She walks around without her bra on at home, and talks about it, and after Shuji moves in, she walks out, feels up her own chest, and says, "I forgot my bra." Seriously. Hilarious.

Naoki looking worn out, piggybacks a drunk, passed out Riko with his backpack slung on his front

This entire scene is amazing. He's at training camp, and everything with two-faced girlfriend has finally fallen apart, and then Riko calls and she plays him a piece on her violin, and he just loses it.
Naoki holding phone, his eyes are very shiny
holding phone, Naoki's face beginning to crumple from emotion
holding phone, Naoki's head down, trying not to cry
holding phone, close up of Naoki's face with eyes closed, tears on his cheeks
on phone, Naoki crying, subs say: Sorry, it's out of battery

She hears that he is crying, but he hangs up the phone. So she leaves at midnight, and takes the bus AND THEN RUNS THE REST OF THE WAY, to training camp to check on him. And it's not this huge sweeping moment when they both realize their love or whatever, it's just a seriously sweet moment.

intense kiss between Naoki and Riko
Naoki and Riko making out

Totally cute scene where he gets trapped in her room and falls asleep on her bed. She comes in to check on him, and he just grabs her and wraps her up.
lying together on the bed, she's laying on his arm, he's stroking her hair
spooning on the bed on top of the covers, clothed

They're just so freaking cute! And it's casual touches, like this is all perfectly normal in a relationship! SERIOUSLY ASIA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THIS ISN'T ALLOWED!
Naoki with his arm around Riko's shoulders, heads together
Riko sitting on the ground between Naoki's legs, his arms wrapped around her

Ok. Im done.


Naoki relaxing in a pink tinted bath, his coach is getting in
Naoki takes pink tinted, strawberry flavored baths. Which he shares with his coach.

Shuji and Naoki stand in front of a mirror shirtless. Subs say: Isnt your chest bigger than a woman's?
Naoki feels up his own pecs and agrees that he has boobs
Teammates compare their chests, and everyone agrees Naoki's has better boobs than most women.

Naoki leaning his head back in the bath
Naoki getting out of the bath, hair wet and body dripping. YUM.

Seriously. Cute drama, with tons of shirtlessness (I think Yamapi must have it written into his contract for this show that he become shirtless or stripped down to a tank top at least once an ep), REAL relationships with couples and families and PEOPLE, and a really cute main and secondary ship. PLEASE TO WATCH.

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I stumbled upon this, and I don't know how, but your summary/review made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the amusing time on your blog, LOL.


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