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2013-04-22 02:57 pm

My Brain, Seriously

For no apparent reason, spurred by no readily available explanation, I am currently writing Hana Kimi Nakatsu/boy!Mizuki porn. I have over 1000 words already and, other than being naked (which doesn't count, as they STARTED naked), they haven't gotten far in the sexing.

Because my brain is FABULOUS and doesnt need to have seen canon or read any fanon in years in order to decide to porn people!

I need to post my gleemix fic here as well. It's on the AO3, but I like having everything here, too.

Until then, have a snippet of what I hope will turn into decent porn:


Without letting himself even consider what he was doing, Nakatsu slapped the small sign up on the door of Mizuki and Sano's room and tightened the towel around his waist.

The last time he had done this, he had merely slipped in for a second to grab the shampoo - before he had really known Ashiya, before he had started having thoughts about Ashiya - it hadn't occurred to him to look at that point. The lock was still easy to pick - a stiff piece of cardboard slipped swiftly up the crack in the door, and the steam wafted out around Nakatsu's ankles as he stepped up into the small bathroom.

The dim shape of Mizuki was behind the curtain, although he had gone still when the door slipped open. "Hello?" Mizuki's soft voice called out, nervousness edging his already high tone higher. The figure reached for the curtain, and Nakatsu took a breath, letting his eyes close for a second.

"Hi!" he chirped, and threw open the curtain. Mizuki froze, one pale hand slipping to his face, and the other one dropping in an attempt to cover himself. Nakatsu ignored Mizuki's startlement, ignored the flush on his cheeks, ignored the droplets of water slipping down Mizuki's skin in order to barrel forward with this insane plan. Nakatsu stepped forward and pulled the curtain behind him, warm water pattering onto his chest and dripping onto the towel still wrapped around him. Mizuki stepped backward, eyes wide, and Nakastu grinned a trifle maniacally. "It is much better to share a shower," he scolded the smaller boy, keeping his eyes on Mizuki's face through sheer force of will. "We must be kind to Mother Earth!"

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2012-04-01 08:41 pm

Random Updates

Job hunting sucks, and yet, i cant seem to find the energy to care all that much about being non-renewed. maybe this means my meds are working properly. or that i just dont give a fuck, idk. the father person randomly offered to pay for me to go back to school, which would be cool if i had any idea what i wanted to do.  i've always been interested in library science and being a librarian, but i dont want to go back to school for something i feel like i dont know enough about. any librarians on the flist who can talk to me about it?

i want Glee to come back. there is nothing on to watch/fangirl. I miss writing. I have no motivation to do anything. maybe my meds ARENT working.

i've been watching Yamapi's Route 66 trip, which is seriously kind of awesome, in a very understated way. Pi speaking English and encountering random people and eating his way across the US. it's amazing. He has one suitcase, plays with glowsticks alone in his hotel room, and stays in many strange places. Also, if i walked into the laundrymat and saw this, i think I would die:


The other caps I have no excuse for, except pretty.




Also, I am completely bored with all of my music. Suggestions? Links? Anything?
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2010-06-28 02:55 pm

VID: Everyday Superhero (multifandom jdramas)

Title: Everyday Superhero
Song: Everyday Superhero by Smashmouth
Vidder: alianora
Fandoms: Dare Yori mo Mama wo Aisu, Gokusen, Hana Yori Dango, Otomen, Mei-chan no Shitsuji, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Yasuko to Kenji, Love Shuffle
Summery: Girls (and Pinko-san) kick ass!

Download link coming soon!
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2010-03-14 12:46 am

Why I Need Any More Hobbies Like I Need a Hole in My Head

Here's what i've done in February and half of March, so far, not including things like work, sleep, stare blankly, and read Percy Jackson:


Drama K.O. - 37 complete episodes in 5 different shows, all Japanese.


Sleeping Bride - a boy finds a girl sleeping in a hospital, and the nurse tells him she's Sleeping Beauty. He comes regularly and tells her, "Wake up, I'm a prince," and kisses her. And then one day she wakes up. Very sweet.

The Great Happiness Space (Tales of an Osaka Love Thief) - documentary about a host club. Fascinating! By the end I felt for everybody, both the hosts and their clients.

Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea - Voldemort has only seen this is Japanese, and has absolutely no problem telling me what is going on and who everyone is. Adorable!

My Neighbor Totoro - my kid fell in love with it in English, but I could only find the subbed online. He doesn't seem to care either way.

Saigo no Yakusoka - Arashi's SP where they are all stuck in a hostage situation. Very entertaining, and I honestly wasn't expecting the twist.

Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari - short SP where Sho plays a guy who tries to discover a talent for music through magic candy. Worth it for seeing him molest lollipops.

Yankee Bokou ni Kaeru - Sho is a yankee who in the first fifteen minutes has set a teacher's hair on fire and removed one of his own toenails with a knife. Based on a true story.

Kamikaze Girls - I love Ichigo and her complete inability to leave Momoko alone. Was wildly disturbed when I discovered Momoko was in Yatterman as the dominatrix who really just wanted to be a housewife and have babies.


1/2 Prince - wip
The first crossdresser in virtual gaming. Wonder how long it will take everyone else to find her out? Enjoyable.

Aishiteruze Baby - complete
High school boy tends to small child - a trope to which I am very very weak. Cute, but the ending isn't very strong at all.

Dengeki Daisy - wip
Daisy is the name of someone on the other end of her text messages, and the only thing she has left after her brother dies. Far more interesting and entertaining than it sounds. Our girl has guts, and she's willing to protect what's important to her.

Koukou Debut - complete
I tried. I did. And [profile] princess_dexter says I should try again, but omg i can only stand so much stupid. I liked it until the kiss, and then I just wanted to hit her in the head repeatedly and shriek "WHY ARE YOU AN IDIOT?" Also, I am sad to say that the boy doesn't do much for me. Will probably try again after I've read everything else in existance.

Kimi wa Boku no Toriko Nare - wip
A maid with a deadly weapon: a mop. This is a weird one, but I'm interested to see where it's going. He's got secrets, and I want to know them!

Kingyo Sou - complete
HELLO I LOVE THIS PLEASE READ NOW NOW NOW. A girl falls in love with a deaf taiko player, and it's this beautiful story. This is the first time I cried WHILE READING MANGA. There's one scene where she is SO upset, and she's turning her face away from him while she's crying and talking, and he's desperately trying to see her face so he can figure out what she's saying, but she doesn't want him to, and he doesn't understand and OMG MY HEART. Beautiful and hopeful and a very sweet love story.

Suki-tte Ii na yo - wip
Good thing he likes unusual girls, seeing as she just kicked him in the face. Very realistic, it feels to me - deals with sex and relationships and our protagonist is not your typical shoujo girl. No cheerful smiles in the face of adversary here! She's blunt and withdrawn and kind of bad tempered, and he likes her because of it.

SOLD OUT - complete
Save yourself some time, and just punch yourself in the face. She goes to buy a dress, the salesman compliments her, she loudly declares she loves him and then the stalking commences. MINDBLOWINGLY STUPID. Comes with the quote: "I'LL FOLLOW YOU LIKE A GOLDFISH'S POOP!"

Special A - complete
Another dense heroine! But this one I don't actually want to hit repeatedly! She's been competing with him since they were kids, and she ALWAYS comes in second place to him. Hilarious and silly, with random bonus gender bending in later chapters! I find him very adorable, as he's been in love with her forever, but 1)he never confesses, and 2) she's as dense as a board, so when he does, she tells him he's her best friend. Plus, I really like the fact that she is capable! She is smart and athletic and can do amazing things.

You're My Girlfriend - complete
short work from the Special A mangaka. She has good intentions, but always seems to say the absolute wrong thing. He can't resist giving girls makeovers. Together, she thinks he's gay and he just wants her to have friends! Fun and silly.
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2010-03-08 08:22 pm

Drama K.O.: Buzzer Beat

Eps originally watched: 0/11

Technically, this shouldnt really be a part of K.O., but I watched it during the month of it, and I marathoned the whole thing in 3 days, so I'm counting it. Plus, I've been meaning to watch it, so it totally counts.

I really enjoyed this drama! I mean, there is TONS of plot!
four guys flexing bare chested. Yum!
Very important, life changing plot.

But more than that, it's an actual real love story that feels natural. Naoki and Riko have one fight in the entire series, and the whole thing isn't a series of completely avoidable misunderstandings that just require TALKING to fix. Plus, there is actual physical contact, and physical affection, and a couple of fully functional families! It's like it's not even a drama! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

That said, cuteness, under the cut.

Love makes you strong )
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2010-03-04 10:12 pm

Drama K.O.: The Quiz Show 2

Eps originally watched: 1/10

FINISHED! I had only watched one ep of this previously, but it seemed like something that required little brain activity, plus has the side benefit of Sakurai Sho as a crazy man, plus I was still in the mood for jdramas, so i went with this one.

Under the cut for caps, thoughts, and random pervyness.


Im pretty sure I am officially calling it quits with Drama K.O. It still has another 4 days or so before it's officially over, but im tired. im not close enough to done with anything to get anywhere. but hey, i succeeded in watching things i ahd been avoiding! *strikes BABY pose*
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2010-02-24 08:31 pm

Drama K.O.: Long Love Letter

Eps Originally Watched: 4.5/11

Really, you'd think this show would be MADE for me. I mean, post apocolyptic world, Yamapi, and giant telepathic mutant spiders. And yet..and yet..I mean, I liked it, don't get me wrong, but it's definitely not my favorite anything.

Asami and Misaki are ADORABLE, truly, and I was invested in their love story. I was interested in what was going on back home, and how there seemed to be some sort of communication going on sometimes between the future and the past. But geeze, could the entire crew GET any dumber? They dont even remember there is a POOL. Crazy-sensai remains crazy and keeps trying to kill people or light them on fire or make her own harem of attractive underage boys, but they just let her run loose! WHAT THE HELL.

Caps and random thoughts )

Overall, I feel like this had so much POTENTIAL, but it never quite came together as a whole for me. I did like it, and it is now totally fucking K.O.'d!
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2010-02-08 09:15 pm

Drama K.O.: Stand Up!!

Eps originally watched: 3/9

I honestly thought I had seen more of this show - at least 5 episodes, so I was expecting to be able to rip through the rest. Unfortunately, I opened ep 6...then ep 5...then ep 4..THEN double checked to make sure I had actually seen ep 3.

I wont lie, this was a difficult show for me. It was hard to me to watch more then about 10 minutes at a time until after ep 6. Nino's character is total fail and dork, and not in a fun way to me. Yamapi amused me, as did Oguri Shun and..the other guy, whose name I don't recall. So, there are our four main characters (not counting Chie), all of whom are 17, and who are (according to rumor) THE LAST FOUR VIRGINS IN SCHOOL. The entire plot revolves around their attempts to lose their virginity.

Nino...Nino is not my favorite. I find it hard to see the character behind the little RAT BASTARD that I know Nino really is. So Im generally constantly expecting him to go back to being an evil little ferret that he is in real life.

Overall, it's not the best show if you have an embarrassment squick. One of the major plotlines is Shou (Nino's character) being in love with his teacher..and his teacher pretty much leading him on for the first several episodes. I cringed A LOT.

But finally, this happened:

and i VERY GRUDGINGLY admitted that it's possible i had a twinge of sympathy. maybe more than a twinge. I MIGHT HAVE GOTTEN TEARY, OK?

So, if i wanted to hide through most of this drama, what DID i like about it?

The boys. They're adorable in their stupidness, in all honesty. And they are good friends. They're very close.

VERY close.

VERY VERY CLOSE. And yes, that IS Nino and whatshisname staring at Yamapi's penis.

What else did i like? Chie. She's adorable, and she's strong. I had issues with her final storyline and how it was handled, but her, i loved.

Stand Up!! K.O.'d!

Next: Long Love Letter
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2009-12-21 10:58 pm

Fiver: Drama Heroines

[profile] princess_dexter asked, forever ago, about my Top Five Drama Heroes. Which I fully plan to do. At some point. But for now? My Top Five Drama Heroines.

Also, Im betting there are some surprises on here for most people. Like, I really really love Mei-chan, but Mei isn't on my list. For various reasons. I got a little wordy describing why I love these ladies, so..sorry? Also, to no one's surprise, I really really like ladies with strength and smarts.

1. Makino - Hana Yori Dango
Girl is BAD.ASS. She's got crazy guts. She punches Domyouji in the face and remains entirely highly wildly skeptical of continued professed love for her. Actually, she thinks he's insane. She stands up to Darth Mama, who is scary enough to make anybody pee their pants - but she isn't stupid. She walks out of there going OH CRAP WHAT DID I JUST DO? She doesn't back down, she doesn't give up, she loves her family, and will do anything to keep them safe and fed. And all this while being courted in weird ways by a man who should probably be considered a psychopath.

2. Momo - ToGetHer/Superstar Express
Momo, for all that she is a shut in and hates being in the public eye, is no shrinking violet. She's fierce in her own way, standing up for what she thinks, and does NOT let Mars walk all over her. Add to that, she has a very big heart, and is always willing to help the people she is close to. She's independent in a quiet way, and, while she doesn't give any bullies well deserved beat downs, she doesn't let them break her, either.

3. Ji-Eun - Full House
jdKLASJAKJDSAKLS THIS STUPID SHOW. And yet, I love this girl, as much as I want to punch myself in the face for saying it. Yes, she's immature and her squabbles with Young-Jae are nothing short of pulling each other's pigtails and kicking each other in the shins, but she is hilarious, tough, and frequently wears completely inappropriate heels. SHE LAUNCHES HERSELF OFF THE GROUND TO HEADBUTT YOUNG-JAE IN THE FACE. She drops Young-Jae's grandmother while trying to help her, and the cherry on the top is the fact that she is a FANFIC WRITER.

4. Mako/Sailor Jupiter - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
I know Usagi is the headliner here, and I love her very much, too. But there is something about Mako that I find so completely compelling. She's cheerful, tomboyish, and takes care of herself. She's a 14 year old who lives on her own, cooks for fun, and is so thrilled to have close friends, even though she is hesitant to get close to anyone. Plus, I find her really really hot. She has this little freckle right above her lip, and my occasional gay breaks through, and I SERIOUSLY want to make out with her and kiss that freckle.

5. Yuki - Summer Snow
Summer Snow is a more realistic, quieter show than I usually go for. There is nothing even resembling crack about it. And yet, one of my favorite ladies. She's another quiet one, having struggled with a severe heart condition for her entire life. It very much restricts the activities she is able to do, and yet, she decides to do something crazy and takes a class in scuba diving. She wants a job, She loves her father, volunteers with sick children at the hospital, and is willing to risk her health in order to actually live. Also, the quality is kinda crappy on these caps, plus, they are tiny, so you get two
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2009-05-24 04:31 pm

Random things ive been wanting to post

- [personal profile] emothy has put together an AWESOME drama fic resource - DORAMA DIRECTORY - links to as many fics based on dramas as could be found. i can EASILY lose a few hours reading everything linked here.

- [ profile] ladycleo2001 made a fabulous vid for my beloved Mei-chan no Shitsuji. Hopefully, she wont mind that I embed it here (and if you do, ladycleo, please let me know), but go and comment on it here

- [ profile] princess_dexter wrote me a Mei-chan ficlet in my comments forever ago, and has YET to post it properly, so Im giving up and linking to it here, because it's AWESOME and needs love.

Read it HERE!

- ALSO ALSO speaking of Mei-chan, [ profile] dorama_watch is taking nominations for the next thing to watch HERE, and picspams are being encouraged. I HAVE ALREADY NOMMED MEI-CHAN. What kinds of picspams would make you want to watch it? *ponders*

- and, as always, should you want to go to a place that will add to the ever growing list of asian doooooom, [ profile] rainscene is here for you. she pimps ALL KINDS of dramas and movies, and your social life might never recover, but MAN, is it a fun way to go!
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2009-02-21 10:57 pm

Don't Go Getting All..Bendy

A question: is "Nanny 911" or "Supernanny" streaming online anywhere where I could watch and watch and watch? Brandus hates Supernanny like barbed wire, but I am unable to look away.

We both started out working with seriously fucked up kids in a residential treatment center for kids with emotional and behavior issues, which, from what I can tell, is why I love it and he hates it. I like to watch crazy children and remind myself that it's because the parents have no fucking idea what they are doing. Brandus gets ANGRY about how stupid people are and begins to froth at the mouth.

Good times!

I..just checked out the ABC website, and it would like to know if I would like to turn in an application for their hit show, SuperManny. I..have no idea what this is, and whether Im screaming with laughter or cowering in fear. Also, I can stream eps there, but I am morally opposed to streaming from the actual network. Or something. Really, id prefer something like hulu, only with Supernanny (or SuperManny too, possibly).

Ive also been entertaining myself with the slashy slashy goodness adorable story of boys doing synchronized swimming in Waterboys 2. This is the drama set after the movie, and the adorable gay boy who is in love with Chiaki-sempai is back as a teacher and he is the most effeminate thing ever, AND THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING JAPAN. Really, it's an excuse to watch adorable boys in tiny swim trunks get wet, hug, strip each other down to their undies, and occasionally WHOOPS lose their suits in the pool.

I am halfway through the fifth episode, and the current synchro team and their darling gay coach come out to compete in what they come to find out is a girls synchro naturally, they somehow get their hands on makeup, girls suits, and sparkly hair things, and i am forced to pause the episode while I cry with laughter at them. I will screencap and share it with you later, because HEEEE.

Also, I spend my freetime dreaming up ways adorable gay boy coach said goodbye to Chiaki-sempai. Ill give you a hint, they start with him getting bent over the starting block of the pool, and end with PORN.

I never said I was right in the head.

Ive also downloaded My Girl, so [ profile] princess_dexter should be happy, and am downloading Mei-chan no Shitsuji, and watching on ep 5 of Uta no Oniisan. And Invincible and Shan Bao Mei has supposedly had the next two subbed eps up on torrent, so I am hopeful a direct download link will follow shortly. I NEED BOOB JOKES DAMMIT. Why does everything Im interested in watching right now have to be IN PROCESS? It is much easier to watch a show when the whole thing has already aired AND been subbed and I can glut myself on it at will.

Also, if you want drama pimping, you should be checking out [ profile] rainscene. [ profile] darkeyewolf has taken it upon herself to share the goodness of many many dramas, and just as a taste, the Hana Kimi pimp post, which is full of sparkles deep thoughts andnaked boys thoughtful commentary and many hot droolworthy PLOT ADVANCING pictures of Oguri Shun half dressed. And just as much crack as you could possibly want.

But, it is a dangerous, dangerous comm. My list of doooooom keeps getting longer and longer with all the cool things the get pimped that i wanna SEEEEE. She even makes the soul destroying ones sound awesome!

I still can do no more then flail about Nodame Cantabile, and Im still a big slacker who hasnt posted about the many ways Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is awesome. This should probably be remedied.

But first, I have to see if my adorable slashy boys make convincing girls in swimsuits.

ETA: They failed miserably when one of them lost their falsies in the pool. Whoops! No breasts! And hey! these girls have PENISES!
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2009-02-14 09:45 pm

My Afro is Natural

Today, I watched Waterboys, mainly because a) it sounded cracked, and b) it has Tamaki Hiroshi in it. Tamaki Hiroshi is Chiaki-senpai in Nodame Cantabile, and I wanted more of his extremely attractive self.

This is how he looks in Nodame Cantabile. Sex on toast.

Tragically, this is how he looks in Waterboys.

Yes. With the afro. DEAR JOSS WHY?

Fortunately, halfway through the movie, this happens:

And we end up with this. Mmmmm.

Overall, a cute movie. Rather forgettable, probably, but very cute. And no, Tamaki Hiroshi isn't the main character, but he does still get to have his very own gay boy crushing on him - just like in Nodame!

Isn't he adorable?

Also, Struessman is in this as well, as the dolphin trainer who ends up training these guys. I have no pictures of him, though.

I'll probably end up watching the Waterboys drama, too, but Tamaki isn't in it, so I'm not feeling the need to watch it right now.

Instead, im back to easing my way through Proposal Daisakusen - im up to ep 5, and Im wondering about the times in between when Ken wasnt back in time. Did he go back to his casual ways? Because Im betting he is going from super sweet (when he is back in time) to being thoughtless (when he's just..his normal past self), and I bet it makes Rei CRAZY. he likes her, he doesnt like her, he likes her...i wonder how she kept from slapping him for five episodes?

although, the 'graduation' he threw for her as baseball manager was pretty much the awesomest thing ever. and his FACE when she found the button! HIS FAAAACE. *flails*


I'll leave you with this vivid image:
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2009-02-11 08:10 pm

A Stinky Weird Girl

Hi! My name is alia, and I am completely in love with the live action Nodame Cantabile!

I inhaled this drama. I watched 7 eps on Saturday, and the others, including BOTH two hour specials, on Sunday.

I have now read every fanfic i could find on, have gone through all of [ profile] anenko's delicious recs, and am now so desperate for more that i am actually reduced to reading the manga.

I DONT LIKE MANGA. it makes me twitch.

and yet, here I am - READING MANGA.

god, it's the Hana Kimi thing all over again. I READ THAT WHOLE ENTIRE MANGA FOR FUCK KNOWS WHAT REASON, SEEING AS THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE TIME I WANTED TO HIT THINGS. but hey, Sano in handcuffs for absolutely no reason other than to give me good dreams kinda made it worth it.

so far, all i have to say is Nodame is much cuter live, and Paper Fan looks...a hell of a lot like himself.

I want to squee and flail about things from the live action, but i cant, because im REWATCHING IT. in between pages of manga.


AND! I found out they are doing TWO MORE SPECIALS. but i have to wait MONTHS for them. *weeps*

I also want to lick Chiaki all over, but that's to be expected.

NOTE TO SELF: Research musical terms for porning purposes.
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2009-02-07 11:31 am

Another Pointless Update - Now Featuring Things from America!

I havent been posting, because I basically took a break from all drama watching for the past two weeks or so. The last thing I watched was ep 5 of Invincible Shan Bao Mei, and I would have totally watched more of that, only I can't find more completed subbed eps anywhere, so no more boob jokes for me.

I did watch a couple of things..Hell's Kitchen, Bones, Mulan, and High School Musical 3, so you see, i DO still watch stuff in English!

The best was Mulan, and Ive been reading Mulan/Shang fanfic since, but even though it's about China, IT IS STILL IN ENGLISH SO IT COUNTS.

Today, i watched the first ep of Nodame Cantabile, and Im already in love with it. Not to mention that Chiaki is already totally in love with Nodame, he just doesn't realize it. but he gives her these incredibly fond smiles when she does crazy stuff, and he cleaned her house and cooked and told her that next time he would cook her something better, and then he washed her hair and I died while he was drying it. I really did.

it might sound weird, but i would have been totally happy for it to end at the end of ep1. with him looking at Nodame fondly while she spun in circles or wore a tea cozy as a hat, or whatever other insane thing you could think of. this wont stop me from watching on, but really, just him coming to a place where he's more at peace with himself, and where he totally love Nodame and takes care of her, even though he denies it - that makes me happy.

In other American news, Im attempting to upload all 13 eps of The Inside to THAT ONE COMM. I managed to fuck up my post twice, so Im crossing my fingers that they arent going to send this one back to me, too. if anyone is interested in the links, let me know, and ill post them. if you HAVENT seen The Inside, it's a creepy procedural crime drama featuring an awesomely fucked up main character and Adam Baldwin as an FBI agent named Danny Love. I adore it, although i suggest you dont watch it in the dark when you're alone, as you might wet your pants. "Declawed" creeps the ever loving fuck out of me, for one thing. and then there is the Ponyman, and the fact that he's a pedo and is only know as the Ponyman should tell you several things about him and how creepy he is. gah.

also, ive come to a theory about my tendencies towards dramas and which ones i like the best - based solely on how long it takes me to start porning up the show in my own mind.

For example: Why Why Love, Mike He's mullet and Rainie - still no mental porn, and no desire to do so. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - I believe I was porning Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon having public secret identity sex by ep 17. You'd be amazed at what a cape can cover.

must think more on this theory.
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2009-01-22 10:26 pm

The Word of the Day is No

Things I do not need to do:

1. Cap Why Why Love for the purpose of showing how Mike He KILLS me with the faces he makes

2. Cap and icon Hana Kimi tw

3. Cap Invincible Shan Bao Mei to show off the crack and the tiny rocket pasted over Nicholas Teo's crotch in a naked picture DAMN YOU [ profile] princess_dexter.

4. Download any new show

5. Make a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon fanvid to "Everyday Superhero," WHICH I FINALLY OWN IN UNPROTECTED FORMAT

6. Start watching anything right this second, as it is time for bed
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2009-01-18 03:39 pm

I See Your Eyes Through My Eyes in Your Eyes

A collection of random thoughts, strung together with numbers and called a post.

1. What is the age of consent in Japan? Is there such a thing? Because I was going to write porn, and realized that, according to American standards, one of my characters is underage. But the other character is possibly several hundred years old, so does it really matter? Nonetheless, inquiring minds and fans of PGSM porn want to know!

2. I watched all of the twdrama Why Why Love, and while a good bit of it was adorable, the last three episodes made me want to punch myself in the face. It was a fun experience, though, as I watched it more or less "with" [ profile] princess_dexter, and we emailed back and forth about it. Have a fun selection of emailed comments!

cut it out, already )

3. Randomly, I watched a weird little Korean movie called "He Was Cool," last night, and Im still mulling it over and trying to decide if I liked it. It was cute, and I adored the premise-

A cute young thing in high school accidentally posts a message to a mean voc school bully. He calls and threatens to kill her. While trying to get away from school without getting her ass kicked, she climbs over the wall and falls right on top of the bully and RIGHT ON HIS LIPS. When she pries herself off, he tells her that was his first kiss, and now she has to take responsibility and marry him.

It's uneven, with them getting together..ish, about halfway through, and then weird things happening. As they do in movies. And he alternates between bully and woobie, and she alternates between AAAH SCARY BOY and AWWW SWEET (scary) BOY. and there are misunderstandings and lots of people getting beat up.

so, i dont know. Anyone else seen it? any thoughts?

4. Note to self: get off ass and write up Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon post.

5. I have no idea what drama to watch now. Im in a weird mood where i dont want to start anything new, drama wise. And Im running low on asian movies. Any recs for romantic comedy asian movies?

6. Brandus cut Voldemort's hair. There is one patch that he missed that sticks out, and instead of fixing it, I laugh. Because I am such a good mother.

7. I missed wishing people happy birthday on here, although I did it privately. Happy birthdays, [ profile] rinalin, [ profile] anenko, and [ profile] teffy! I hope I didnt miss anyone...

8. Korean Hana Yori Dango continues to be COMPLETELY AWESOME. I havent watched ep 4 yet, but ep 3! the ducks! his amusment at her irritation! how BIG he really is in comparison to her! how he isnt trying to torment her to make her cry and quit school - he's just trying to get a rise out of her! Rui pretty! he practically makes a confession to her there at the bar, and then he gets all embarrassed and runs away! and then she pukes on him! *cracks up*
alianora: Sakurai Sho from Arashi, hand over one eye (KHYD: Jandi is a Ninja)
2009-01-15 07:52 pm

Icons Icons Icons!

Ive been stuck at home for the past two days with Fever McClingypants, so while he was napping and in between Sesame Street songs, I made icons.

It's impossible to watch tv you are interested in with a kid around. Especially if that tv is in a foreign language and requires enough concentration to read subtitles.

So, icons! Comment and credit, no alternations, blah blah blah.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon:
-The World Destroying OTP-

-Jupiter/Mako is HOT-

-Serenity flings explosions, which is quite possibly my favorite part-

-Dark Mercury/Nephrite, my secondary OTP-


TW Hana Kimi: You know what would make this show even better? MORE MAKEOUTS.
alianora: Sakurai Sho from Arashi, hand over one eye (MOVIE: Weighed and Measured)
2009-01-13 08:41 pm


I am LOVING the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango, which I wasnt expecting! But then the drama part of my flist kept talking about it, and posting caps, and squeeing, and really, if you promise me that the female protagonist kicks the male lead IN THE FACE during the first two episodes, YOU TOTALLY HAVE MY COMPLETE ATTENTION.

It has a very different feel then the jdrama - or maybe Im projecting, because I know the story. Hmm.

Anyway, in the jdrama, Domyouji comes across as PURE UNADULTERATED EVIL. He beats people up while screaming with rage! He knocks down one of the bitches! He is REALLY trying to get Makino to just GO THE FUCK AWAY. F4 seems more afraid of him..or at least unwilling to make him angry. His woobification takes a while. I didn't fall for Dorkface until ep 4, when he's in the rain and he's waiting and then I began to flail and HAVENT STOPPED YET.

In the kdrama, Jun Pyo is just..a bully. He's a BIGGER bully then the others, but he's just a bully. And just because he's bored. I havent seen him hit anyone yet, and Ive seen Jandi smear him with ice cream and kick him in the face! Instead of giving her a makeover to make her GO THE FUCK AWAY, he gives her a makeover to tell her she can be his SECRET GIRLFRIEND and he'll totally say hi to her in private. Because he can tell she's in love with him. LMAO FOREVER. His friends? LAUGH when they see a girl half his size school him WITH HER FISTS. When he declares she must be in love with him, they crack up! They think it's hilarious to see him get taken down several pegs. I already love him! He's a total dork! He has no social skills! He has NO IDEA why on earth Jandi wouldnt like him!

I already love this show, and Ive only seen two episodes!

It doesnt hurt that Jandi (Makino) is AWESOME. Girl is hardcore, and I love her for it. She doesnt even want to BE at this stupid school! *glee*

I need icons.

Soon, I will write up a post about why my head hurts SO FUCKING MUCH from beating it against a table while watching Why Why Love (HINT: THE END HAS NO CONNECTION TO THE BEGINNING. OUT OF NOWHERE), but why Mike He and his hair continue to charm me, and why Kingone REALLY needs a drama where he gets the girl already!

Also, soon, I will write up that epic post about Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and why i have no shame at all in admitting i love its silly, goofy, world-ending wonderfulness! *spins in glee* (Hint: Sailor Jupiter is hot. Mamoru is hot. Turtle guy is too cute for words. Serenity blows shit up!)
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2008-12-20 07:15 pm


My favorite scene so far in this stupid show?

"Ah..a bird."

*cries laughing* and right after she accidentally told him she was Sailor Moon, which, by the way, both of them are ignoring just as hard as they can!

really, my favorite thing on earth is to see cool guys suddenly become wildly uncool. it makes me SO HAPPY.

really, i think this is why i love asian entertainment. the cool guys usually end up being wildly dorky somehow, and this fills me with glee!
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2008-12-19 10:20 pm

Why Is She Dressed Like a Unicorn?

Oh, Japan. JAPAN. can we discuss some things? about how and why you continue to break my capslock and destroy my dignity? and why, exactly, did you create something as cracktastic as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon? AND WHY DO I CONTINUE POSTING ABOUT IT?

Why does Sailor Mars get SHAFTED? She's wearing PUMPS, and the other girls all get to wear cool shiny BOOTS. but nooo, Mars, who can LIGHT YOU ON FIRE, is wearing cute little high heels! perfect for kicking off in a fight!

Why do i think about these things?

Also? she thought turtle guy was Tuxedo Mask, but Im busy shipping turtle guy with Amie-chan. Because i can. Also, i KNEW that Tuxedo Mask would figure out who she was before she figured out who he was. And it's fate. Also, the other guy's plush turtle backpack is being filled up with life energy.

And currently? Usagi is about to compete in a competition - where she has to do her best IMAGINARY UNICORN IMPRESSION. to this end, she's wearing hooves.

if she wins, she gets a fabulous prize of a plushy unicorn! and an autographed picture of singer chick.

let me say that again.


Japan, you are SO VERY WEIRD.